Speech for the Berlin meeting in 2000

This speech was prepared for the monumentous meeting in Berlin where 1500 homeopaths attended.

It is a hard critic of the nonsensical ideas that are circulating at this moment under the name of homeopathy.


Speech for the Berlin meeting in 2000

This speech was prepared for the monumentous meeting in Berlin where 1500 homeopaths attended.

It is a hard critic of the nonsensical ideas that are circulating at this moment under the name of homeopathy.

I consider that as we are still a small profession we should be very serious with our work, if we want the world to take us seriously.

That means that we should strive to attain the highest possible standards in our profession, in our science in our art.

If we are noble and dedicated the world and the medical authorities will take us seriously.

I am afraid that some of us have stopped been serious and the medical authorities are getting the wrong messages because of such irresponsibility and this is something I would like to discuss with you today.

1. It is well established that most changes that take place in a society are done by defying, opposing, contesting and challenging the established views.

2. That all challenges and changes are not necessarily correct, neither they lead to correct results for the long term benefit of the society. This is too obvious when we see the state in which they are today the societies and the turn that these inovatives movements have taken.

3. That if a small group like us is going to have any long term effect in our medical systems in contemporary societies, then we have to act with extreme care and precision, with the least possible mistakes but most of all united like one person, with one pointed mind, absolutely dedicated to the ideal of curing the sick..

4. We have to remember that ours is a peaceful revolution -in which we fight for the long term benefit of our societies- therefore there should have no causalities, no victims, no unnecessary fights, only constructive criticism and optimal results in treating cases.

Actually we have the right to sacrifice only ourselves.

Our struggle for proving our point of view and establishing a better system of Medicare is not going to be successful soon because we have not implied or even understood in the least the importance of the above points.

In order to implement these ideas we need to do only one thing: to sacrifice our egotism our selfishness and our need for excellence under any conditions.

The biggest dangers and our weakest points in this struggle are.

a. The overwhelming “individuality” and the desire of almost any newcomer to homeopathy to strike a …. new path a… better path!

Everyone wants to be a pioneer, everyone wants to challenge some established views, everyone wants to bring new ideas. Why is that, I have long pondered this point and ~I came to a sad conclusion: that the reason is because Classical Homeopathy is very difficult in its application.

Therefore the newcomers are seeking possible shortcuts and the opportunistic teachers are ready to provide the myth or the overt lies.

The biggest danger that our profession is facing today springs from this eagerness to provide the shortcut, the “final solution” the easy solution of every problem the unbelievable.

New provings are seen the light every day and instead of clarifying issues they are confusing them further. Why? because they are not done according to the instructions of Hahnemann and therefore are not telling a true story. They are telling a “myth” in order to impress rather than educate.

b. Everyone wants to be a leader and to have followers, no one wants to follow even when others have better ideas, are better educated and better equipped..

c. We have the problem of doctors versus non doctors.

In the past this problem was not so acute as not many doctors were interested to take up homeopathy, especially classical homeopathy, today more and more doctors are turning in to homeopathy. Some years ago homeopathy was mostly in the hands of non doctors, today there is a clash which is going to be more and more vicious as to whom is better equipped to practice homeopathy.

The lack of vision

It has come to my attention lately that there is lack of vision in our ranks. Vision means caring for the real benefit of others and the improvement of the science irrespective of the cost, the sacrifices and the efforts.

It is legitimate and understandable that every one should take care of his material needs as well as his own spiritual evolution but this should be balanced against the benefit for others as well.

We must realize that our science will only reach where we aspire to, where we place the vision, where lies our highest ideal.

If we teach our students to do or apply ridiculous things we will only reach the ‘ridiculous’, if we potentize the …Berlin wall, or the …National Anthem of France and we encourage our students to follow such nonsensical ideas, homeopathy will be identified with the ridiculous and the nonsensical and a golden opportunity will be lost. I consider it as the greatest of misfortune for our science to have journals promoting such ideas and that these journals have a number of readers.

It is also customary for one who is a successful prescriber to feel that by doing so he has fulfilled all his duties towards our science. Such a person obviously lacks vision. Since we are a group with specific needs for our development within the societies and primarily within the medical establishment then I feel it is necessary for everyone of us, who is seriously interested about this science, to devote some of his time and skills in to a common effort to improve it.

I feel it is necessary to have departments of education and research in the medical universities, and these departments should be manned by those most talented and willing to do the job.

I do not want to tire you with details about such organization at this moment but only to show a path where the ambitious can excel.

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