The vision

The vision

Apart from the practical issues involved in this project I would like to give you my broader perspective, I call it “the vision” for the future of this Academy.

I envision that this Academy will become a center of real knowledge which will provide an education that will far exceed the technical and strictly “medical” aspect of one’s learning.

Teachers from different countries and different sciences will be invited as visiting professors to impart their knowledge on different health issues and raise important questions for the advancement of the science.

Philosophers or teachers of philosophy will be invited to discuss the meaning of life and death in an intellectually stimulating environment so students will learn to think about the deeper meaning of things. Sociologists will be invited to share their views on future societies and the improvements that should take place.

Artists will also be invited to the Academy to give the students a feeling and meaning for art.

Healers with some reputation that are dealing with health matters from an altogether different point of view, that of the metaphysics, will be invited to impart their knowledge and to relate their experiences.

But most of all the Academy will invite those few special “spiritual” mentors that have perceived another dimension to the meaning and essence of life and are willing to impart to the students, except for their wisdom, their teachings of love and compassion that are needed for one to become a whole human being.

In short the purpose of the Academy will be to prepare the students to become real “healers” and pillars of their society. All these special teachers will not only provide the necessary knowledge for treating disease but will shape the moral foundations of the students in the best possible way and prepare them in becoming the initiates of a “New Society” that will attempt to be free of injustice, of crime, of greed and in turn be more selfless, just and compassionate. Today the world urgently needs such educational centers and I am sure that it has the resources to build them.

If we go back in time we will see how consciousness started forming and why the mind developed in these directions.

The primordial initiative came from the fear of the unknown. Then came the fear of God, the fear of an unknown force that had to be pacified by ceremonies, solemnization and sacrifices.

Then the scientific trend developed making tools and means to survive the forces of Nature. The challenge was the same, to explain away everything with the logical mind, conquering the fear of the unknown. Eventually from these initial basic activities of the human mind five areas of activity emerged that for ages kept the human mind a prisoner in separateness. These are:

– the religious
– the artistic – creative writing etc.
– the scientific
– the philosophical, and
– the mystical, the transcendental and the metaphysical.

50 or even as recently as 30 years ago, each of those groups involved in different disciplines were in confrontation with the other groups, thinking that each one of them independently of others had the highest Truth.

Scientists would not sit down and discuss with “religion” people let alone the mystics. Religious people were in confrontation with the philosophers or the scientists, artists were the most receptive of all of the groups, but nobody took them seriously in discussions, mystics were claiming that everything else except the unification with God is in vain etc.

Each of those groups seems to have filled the gaps, completed their mission and dragged humanity to the state in which we find it today.

Who is responsible for this sad state of affairs,

I think everyone of us was responsible because we did not bring about a real REVOLUTION.

A peaceful revolution of the mind that starts thinking in a totally different way, the revolution that cares, really cares about the fate of this planet. Strangely enough the essence of the revolution lies in the unification of All these fragmentary perception of the truth.

It is my belief that in our time already we start witnessing such a revolution:

In our times there seems to be an obvious trend towards an acceptance of one another’s point of view. We are heading towards aunification of the activities of the human mind.

More and more we witness today the appearance of individuals from one field paying tribute to the ‘truth” of the other group.

The idea of God or of a Cosmic intelligence was abhorrent to some of the scientists, and even those who had doubts could not voice them from fear they would be ridiculed from their colleagues.

But today more and more we see the acceptance of such ideas by the different groups.

This is at the moment almost an undercurrent trend, not too obvious, but still emerging strongly.

Still we are in the beginnings; still there is a need for a lot of steps to be taken in order to become whole human beings and not fanatics of one type or another.

We have separated and disconnected the different functions of the human mind and as a result of such actions we have created a schizophrenic society.

Fortunately the real leadership of these groups is understanding the need for such a unified attitude.

But apart from these leaders there is already a widely spread awareness amongst millions of people that are supporting this quest for Truth.

Our hope is only if the degree of understanding the Truth in a sufficient number of individuals, becomes so high, as to reach the critical point that will cause a massive transmutation, a quantum jump, a radical change in the general consciousness, and form so to speak a planetary super consciousness.

I believe that such a changed state of consciousness is rapidly forming at this time in spite of outwards appearances to the contrary.

There are individuals who work in silence towards this goal.

Such qualities, such experiences should be desirous for the real healer to have in order to be able to interfere with the cosmic flow and re-establish order within the disturbed individual’s body spirit or psyche.

We aspire that the this Academy will become a stepping stone towards this direction.

The reality today is that at this moment finding people with these qualities is sporadic and even then it is very difficult to recognize them due to the confusing “noise’ that is produced by the media which is promoting all the fakes the impostors and the pseudo scientists.

The omens seem to be good: A New generation of Human Beings is prepared at the moment to take over the leadership of the planet, the old structures will soon collapse.

Scientists have more and more seen the limitations of the human mind and as they probe deeper and deeper in to the nature of things, the awe of this wonderful world is overwhelming them and this awe replaces the arrogance and the self-assurance that was there before.

The objective is, that from this multiple schisms of the mind, from this schizophrenic condition in which we eventually put ourselves, to arrive now at that mystical state where we know we Are in harmony with the Cosmos, in tune with God in union with our Real selves.

The world urgently needs schools in which the existing knowledge, which is scattered at the moment will be brought to a focus and will be disseminated in an effective way. What would matter mostly in such schools would be the “gathering” of necessary knowledge from different sources and the exchange of such knowledge. Such a school would be without boundaries, discriminations or prejudices and it would truly be an “Institution for Higher Learning. ” It would be an International School, an intense workshop of learning, run by the best people available on this planet, that will plow the seeds of transformation for a new and collective quantum jump in human consciousness. A Greek island in the Aegean sea might just be the ideal place for such a School.

The scope of the Academy will be to prepare students of medicine, medical doctors, and health practitioners to become proficient in the art of healing with classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy.