Vithoulkas Compass

Our Vision

Excellence in homeopathic practice using scientific methods, large scale clinical evidence and state-of-the-art technology.

A new level of performance and functionality in homeopathy software.

VithoulkasCompass is a comprehensive online toolbox organized to support effective practice and help elevate the success rate of any homeopath, from beginner to master.

Conceived from the ground up to offer unparalleled decision support to the homeopath by combining results from an exhaustive statistical analysis of thousands of real-world successful prescriptions, with the experience and method of the internationally acclaimed master and pioneer of classical homeopathy, George Vithoulkas along with a dedicated team of homeopaths and researchers

Every feature of the VC toolbox was designed to empower you in choosing and confirming the correct remedy, while at the same time improving your productivity and honing your skill.

Backed by a team of professional developers and researchers who continuously support and optimize all functions.

Proven track record: used by thousands of homeopaths all around the world with great success since 2011.

Research & Development

A clear R&D strategy and methods have been integral to the VC project since its very beginning. The development team dedicates an important part of its resources in studying and designing possible new features and tools which have the potential to push the performance envelope of homeopathy software.

By combining the knowledge of experienced homeopaths (including George Vithoulkas) with information theory, statistical analysis and computer science, and by regularly testing new solutions, the team is uniquely qualified to serve its purpose. In this endeavor the team’s doctors and scientists are collaborating with prominent homeopaths, clinics and qualified external parties which include Applied Mathematics departments from 2 prominent universities. Undoubtedly VC represents the forefront of current homeopathy research and thus serves the homeopathic community at the highest level.

We aim to continuously share the key developments and findings of our research activities, in the form of research publications and a regular Research Bulletin.


A state-of-the-art software platform in the service of the homeopathic community

  • Totally web-based, no installation required
  • User friendly, simple, intuitive user interface
  • Extensive usage support and help features
  • Optimized for PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones
  • Secured, encrypted and anonymously stored data
  • Regular automatic upgrades and optimizations
  • Fast user support by dedicated professionals

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