Homeopathy – Medicine for the New Millennium – page 104

cabinet is stuffed with every imaginable remedy. Impulsiveness also characterises this form of hypochondria. Every new med- icine of which he hears sends him anxiously searching for the product. He tries this new preparation for one week and again becomes disappointed.
He may in his anxiety make a circuit from doctor to doctor, fre- quently asking for an electrocardiogram or some other test to be run. His doctor, who may well have become a ‘friend’ in con- sequence of the frequent visits, may ask him not to return as he finds no reason for concern about his heart. Finding no answers or solutions, the patient may become disappointed and sink into a gloomy state, a kind of apathy.
When he is with company, he can escape this mood and enjoy him- self. Argentum nitricum is always better with company, ready to communicate his thoughts and feelings to others and forget his sufferings. But after the social engagement, while he is alone, the gloom returns, and he sits and broods over his state of health, con- vinced again that something is seriously wrong with him.
A fear of hospitals is another common fear of this remedy. At a certain period of his pathology the anxiety about his own health and the fact that he is going to face sick people (a reminder that he may get the same disease) make it impossible to enter a hos- pital; the prospect generates panic.
Another strong feature of this remedy is fear of fainting (Lac caninum). This fear is connected with his fear of death and anx- iety about health. A faint feeling comes as he walks or drives his car, the panic overwhelms him to the point that he has to stop and ask for assistance since he cannot drive or walk further.
In some cases, because of these fears, the patient does not want to leave the house by himself and desires to be with somebody at all times. He fears that something may happen to him if he is out somewhere without company and has no one to assist him.

As alluded to previously, impulsiveness is a major aspect of the Argentum nitricum pathology and it is one of the main remedies for this. At first, one may see only a suggestion of impulsiveness