Homeopathy – Medicine for the New Millennium – page 103

and affords him no actual relief. His agony impels him to find a solution quickly, and his anxiety renders him gullible to such suggestions.
A strange feature which distinguishes some Argentum nitricum patients from Argentum nitricum patients in general is that they do not want everybody to know about their sufferings. Argentum nitricum patients in general usually like to tell their stories and fears to anybody they meet, even asking the milkman for med- ical advice. These particular Argentum nitricum patients, how- ever, confess their concerns only to people they trust and who they believe may possibly afford some relief to them in their mo- ments of panic. They are afraid that if others know of their prob- lems they will reject them or revoke their affection. This contrast within one remedy is striking.
An Argentum nitricum patient may feel a mild discomfort in his stomach, and the idea of cancer comes to his mind. He literal- ly stops in his tracks and slowly brings up his hand to probe for the dreaded growth, ‘Oh, my God!’ he thinks, ‘Now, here it is – cancer!’ It is an impulsive fear, almost as if he imagines he has ‘caught’ the cancer. This type of anxiety is foolish, almost laugh- able for others, but to the patient it causes great anxiety and is a source of great annoyance to his family.
The patient may reach an intense anxiety with trembling and panic, fear of losing consciousness and flushes of heat. But with all of this fear about his health, in most cases the patient is wor- ried only fitfully. It usually is not a constant fear such as we see in Agaricus, Nitric acid, Arsenicum or Kali arsenicosum. Rather this patient is one who might feel a little catch in his chest while he is walking up the stairs to his apartment and then has an im- mediate fear for his heart. He stops on the stairway and exam- ines his chest and his pulse. Then, he goes inside, quickly con- sumes some of his latest medication, and goes to watch televi- sion, hardly remembering his earlier anxiety until he gets anoth- er symptom and it starts all over again.
The Argentum nitricum patient may become the type of hypo- chondriac who takes every medication he can lay his hands on. When he travels, he takes with him all of his bottles of pills, blood pressure gauge, herbal medications, etc. His bathroom