The Great Contemporary Problems

This article is dedicated to the wonderful but innocent people of America.

May be the time has arrived that the whole world must sit still for a while and meditate on the question whether we want to follow the “law of the jungle” or there is a possibility of a changed course of action. Shall we accept that it is the unavoidable fate of humans to obey this law of the jungle or we have the possibility to overcome it by a quantic jump in our understanding and consciousness?

The Great Contemporary Problems

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This article is dedicated to the wonderful but innocent people of America.

May be the time has arrived that the whole world must sit still for a while and meditate on the question whether we want to follow the “law of the jungle” or there is a possibility of a changed course of action. Shall we accept that it is the unavoidable fate of humans to obey this law of the jungle or we have the possibility to overcome it by a quantic jump in our understanding and consciousness?

It is absolutely sure that if globalization is not founded on moral values not only will fail but will bring about global calamities.

This assumption is based in the following logical ascertainments:

1. That the law that exists in the natural world is expressed as the “right of the strongest” or the “law of the jungle” as is more picturesquely expressed.

When we observe this “law” in action we realise that if we abandon a garden on which we cultivated useful fruit trees, in a few years, these evolved species of trees become weak and eventually die and their place is taken by wild plants and trees. Nature is not interested to ennoble the species, to evolve them, to make them more useful for humans, on the contrary according to the second law of thermodynamics nature is always tending to bring about a chaotic situation inertness and the lowest state of consciousness.

2. Humans on the other hand, have since long decided to go against this ‘law of nature’, and establish the moral law where the ‘right’ and the ‘just’ should prevail. The help to the weaker and the needy, the support of one another, the individual freedom, the respect of each other and the respect of the human laws are necessary. The declaration of the human rights, the basic rights and freedoms to which all human beings are entitled, – the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equality before the law. – was the result of human experience in order not to allow the law of the jungle `to prevail upon humanity. All these values were established in order to make possible the survival of the human race in separate societies but also to give the possibility for evolution and spiritual development. Humans are the only living creatures in the Cosmos that have the possibility of choosing either to ‘create’ or to ‘destroy’. The technological advancement should have been the means of helping the evolution of humans not the means of their destruction.

It is therefor obvious that as long as the moral laws are not applied, the world will not march towards an evolution and the creation of a “new human being” but on the contrary will go on a chaotic and downward process where the law of the jungle will prevail even if the ‘rulers’ of our times will try to impose some kind of order that suits them.

The human rights declaration were expressed mainly by the European spirit. The moral law, was a law established by humans against the laws of nature. That is why, every time humans are trying to enforce the moral law, nature reacts in a thousand different ways in order to prevent the ‘right’ and the ‘just’ to be established and to prevail.

On the other side of this moral law lies what we see today. For instance Sadam applying the law of the “strongest” in Iraq brought all his people to the brink of total destruction. The American government applying the same law will also bring eventually these extraordinary people of America, to the brink of their own moral extinction.

History has shown that whoever leader (or group of leaders) attempted to impose their will through ‘brutal power’, was eventually enraptured in the arrogance of power and destroyed themselves and their own people. The last example was Hitler and all that the German race is suffering till now because of his brutal behaviour.

History has shown that all empires relying on their military strength rise and fall bringing about huge catastrophes. America seems to follow with impetuous speed their paradigm.

The whole world must meditate on the question whether we want to follow the same processes or there is a possibility of a changed course of action. Shall we accept that it is the unavoidable fate of humans to obey this law of the jungle or we have the possibility to overcome it by a quantic jump in our understanding and consciousness?

This is the main question that is asking this article.

It is well known today that those who have the superpower can bring about a biblical catastrophy using nuclear weapons. They can eliminate whole nations or races. The possibilities of catastrophes cannot even compared to the past. Such decisions can be taken only by those who have the power and therefore they have become arrogant and are under the ‘delusion’ that they are invincible. Such individuals are not interested really for the future of humanity but only for their own survival and imposition.

These are the basic reasonings underlying our belief that if globalization does not rest on moral laws and values not only will fail but will bring about global catastrophes.

In this globalization Americans have benefitted mostly and will be benefitted even more in the future, but are also those who will most easily fall in to the dangerous trap of arrogance.

Is there a solution?

Americans is a young nation, very dynamic, very active very ingenious and technologically very advanced but have not the culture and the sensitivities of old Europe. Europe been faithful to the humanistic values and traditions and applying as much as possible the moral laws that for centuries upheld, has a moral obligation to help and protect America so will not slide to the temptation of enforcing the ‘law of the jungle’ to all parts of the globe, eliminating nations or races.

One could easily imagine what could have happened 20-30 years ago if America, having a great difference in power from the Soviet Union had decided to start a preemptive war against it. Many Americans during these years were upholding such ideas. Was it not better that waited until this depressive government fell by other means of pressure? Was not better that no nuclear war had started? Fortunately by that time America was not showing the arrogance that is showing today.

It is my belief today that in order US is saved from such a moral mistake there must be created again a ‘strong’ opposition, not necessarily the balance of terror, but the fear that the financially powerful may loose their profits. In order to have such an opposing force there is only one solution: to create an “All European Movement of Non Violence.” The reaction in no case should be violence or terror. It may sound weak, and also ineffective but Europe must finally lead the way to a non violent world. If Europe does not do it now who is going to do it?. Those in power are not afraid of the terrorism, they actually wish it in order to justify their continuous imposition of police of the world.

If the young revolutionary spirits of Europe, but also from other countries, do not understand this fact will continue to serve interests entirely opposite to the ones they are thinking are serving.

The real opposition today must come through the correct information and education not from violence. If everyone understands what really matters for the financial ‘masters’ then they can really become effective.

Make a powerful media that will give real and correct information and you will have much more effect than using violence and terror.

The only thing that the financial powerful are afraid are peaceful but massive movements and the reaction of masses with non violence.

Which are the real dangers of globalisation and how they are connected with a global hegemony.

There is no question that we are living already since years in the era of globalization, but without having determined the laws and principles that should have applied and without real understanding of what we are trying to achieve. The idea of globalization is formidable and there is no doubt it is the way our planet should go.

But the big question is: are we ready today or even in the next few decades, for such a fundamental change? Or the idea has been promoted prematurely in order to serve some vested interests of the few?

In order to have globalization applied properly we need, before anything else, to have accepted that moral laws are necessary, not only as verbal ideas but as something deeply rooted in our consciousness so the ‘correct’ and the ‘just’ will be applied automatically in everyday practice.

But are the world circumstances appropriate for such a global state of consciousness?

Things would have been better if this idea had not arrived in the most inappropriate period of world history. Today circumstances are such (the individual interest is above the interest of the community) that globalization can only serve a small group of people, the very rich, while the rest of the people will loose not only financially but also in human values and human rights.

The main reasons for such a possible twist of this excellent idea are:

1. The terrible corruption that expands today all over the globe. It has been left to believe that corruption is a way of life and there is no problem if someone goes against his conscience. American people are the least corrupted but their ‘leaders’ know well how to take advantage of the corruption of the people in different countries.

2. The international media is in the hands of those who promote globalization. Some of them that belong actually to a lower level of decision making (advisors, journalists etc.) believe that this idea will reduce poverty and will bring about a general state of better financial conditions, but those of the higher level that they are the ones actually taking decisions believe they will benefit themselves mostly and will centralise more easy their financial power.

3. The third bad coincidence is due to the fact that for the last fifty years or so there is a fall of human values that is taking place that has undermined the conscience of the many but also of quite a lot of elected rulers in the different countries all over the planet. Even the most honest politicians that had passion and vision, are giving in pscycologically and morally, slowly but steadily, the one after the other, under pressure, obeying the wishes of the powerful (whether nations, or individuals)

Because of those three conditions the people with the greatest financial power have the possibility to buy off people and rule behind the scenes.

Things would not be so gloomy, if there was not another possibility, that if realised the situation will become from very dangerous to mortal.

If these financially powerful people had one more element in common, for instance, that of belonging to a specific religious group, a specific creed, a specific faith, a specific country or race, a specific way of life entirely separate from all others and if on top of these characteristics this group is pervaded by a fear of others, that the rest of the world is inimical to them, then for sure we have a terribly dangerous group, or nation or race that it could, due to the excessive financial power that will attain through globalisation enslave the whole of humanity and form their consciousness the way they want or suits them.

The combination of the financial power with the fear that the others, may eliminate them create a blending of a psychology too dangerous for all humanity This danger should be taken seriously by all so that the world will not arrive at a state where will be trembling under fear from such a group, nation or religion.

The key here is the inimical feelings that such a group harbor towards others that will keep them close as a society and inimical and defensive against any other group. We cannot expect moral actions from such a group, cannot be expected that they will help others, that they will impose justice and promote real freedom. This is the greatest danger of globalisation that it is certain will bring calamities. The enmity, the deep hostility of such a group instead of solidarity and help to the weak and the needy together with justice and freedom will bring instead slavery and catastrophe.

These few powerful people could easily persuade the masses that they themselves are the only ones that know what is good for the whole of humanity and that they are their saviors.

They can realise their plans through manipulation of the Media, through the ‘clever bombs’ and through the different Foundations of Strategic Studies that they employ paid “think tanks” and through which they advance today the clash and the conflict using the diversities in race, nations or religion. In essence they promote the idea divide and rule.

Something like that has already started to happen in to such a degree that if there is no massive reaction from the people, from massive movements, we will find ourselves suddenly enslaved and wondering.

The need for an All European Labor movement of Non Violence

The only guarantee that the free people of today can have, that they may be able to influence the international developments can come from generation of a political movement coming from labor syndicates and the professional organisations of the whole of Europe.

Europe has the duty to help America creating the opposition awe that would prevent its degeneration on account of the arrogance that military power has given to her.

The creation of an All-European movement that will evolve in to a “Pan-European political party of Non Violence” and which will support the rights of all working people is perhaps the only solution at this moment.

Apart from the rights of the working class- the syndicates and also the associations of all professionals- will also support the right health policies, the protection of the environment, the ecology of the planet, the forms of friendly, ecological energies etc.

All free spirits that live today in this planet must unite and form a new party that will guarantee human rights.

Surely the change will come from the young. What is the type of the young people we are talking about? Someone I am sure will define this new type of young who are appearing in this planet perhaps sparingly at the moment but who are coming in the near future, the young who have no connection with the way of thinking and acting of the old revolutionaries or of the all time capitalist (See the article planetary consciousness).

Perhaps the big change that is preparing in this planet will not come from the globalization but from the inner change of the young that would have understood in depth the problems that are facing today our conflicting societies and will then become conscientious pacifists.

The European Union must also realise the power that will ensue from its total unification, that absolutely needs the unification of the whole of Europe and the ex-soviet union countries even if such a unification require the greatest of sacrifices. Only in this way can be created the opposing awe to America which is developing fast and is evolved in to a world policemen. Only in this way America will be saved.. The old assumptions that America is the demon of every evil must be forgotten and rejected and the target should only be not only the saving of America from its dangerous arrogance but mainly in the realisation and the application of the moral laws that have as a consequence coming again of human values and culture.

In such a massive movement the central committee of the PanEuropean movement will give directions as to what should be bought from the working people in the international markets. Industries should be supported that co-produce with the workers, the alternative solutions should be preferred. The only thing that the powerful are afraid are the loss of their colossal financial structures that give them today the power. If this movement manages to scare them, then the mentality may change and the system may become more fair.

The labor party should have its own mechanisms of information to which the general population must listen as long as sufficient justification is given for the reasons that this or that policy should be followed.

But the real opposition should come from everyone of us, but in order to be able to think the people must be educated. Education today is such that does not allow the general population to think for themselves or rather predisposes it to think only technocratically without soul and without vision.

It is almost certain that in the near future the governments all over the planet they will not be able to resist to the pressure of the superpower, since it has the ability to make them conform under the fear of retaliations.

At this moment we are thinking of Americans as the superpower but the reader should have in mind that may be, in time, there is going to be another superpower developing like China or the Asians and the people should be prepared to face such dangers as well. Only the massive movements of non violence, if they are organised well and correctly will be able to have an effect.. So even if such a political party does not control any government the ruling parties of Europe should wish to have them in order to use them as a leverage for pressure.

The powerful of this earth must understand that in the proportion that a war conflict is unequal and unjust to the same proportion all human and cultural values will regress something that was attained with much effort pains and sacrifice so far. The American government, in the way that deals with politics today will degrade American people to the level of a “heartless robot” either with or without their consent.

The fact that the ordinary people of America do not react stronger to such decisions of war are mainly due to the fact that they do not have correct information so as to perceive the real problem.

The American people seem to have a government that can take ‘big’ decisions but not ‘great’ ‘ones as our times require. The wars that is seeking to start today and will seek in the future are so ‘justified´ and so ‘moral’ as it is when a professional boxer is hitting brutally and without mercy a small and weak man under the pretext that this little one was endangering him. The “great” the magnanimous decision should have been to help this weaker man even if it appears to threaten him.

I am not at all hopeful that such change in consciousness could come after 50 or 100 years

Sadam must go and must go quickly without any delay (nobody can understand why they left him in 1991?) not only because he is dangerous for others but also for his own people., But the way America is trying to get rid of him is not acceptable from the majority of people and countries of this planet. The way that is trying to do it appears to be devious and will constitute a moral stigma, that America will need a long time to wash it out. America who is going to have a march in this war, without practically any casualties as the whole operation will last only for a few days –in spite of the pretended states of emergencies- is interested primarily to show its teeth to the world and at the same time to be profited in different ways. Is not really interested for the fate of Iraqi people or the safety of Israel. But has America thought of the side effects that such an activity can cause, the fear that will be generated to all people of the planet and their eventual preparation to defend themselves not knowing when their turn will come, or the hatred of individuals all over the world that will be generated against the American people?. Do they realise that a domino situation can be generated that will end up in a blood shed of unimaginable proportions?

On the contrary if America was agreeing together with the other countries that Iraq should be democratised and be freed from the tyrant without the spill of the blood of innocent people, the whole world would be with America and will admire and respect it. Actually America at this junction has still a great trump in her hands to overturn the negative political climate that has being developing against her if she can use the power that amassed in the area to get Sadam down without war, just by the threat of war, and not profit alone from such action. Could America understand today what is really in her interest on the long run in this difficult turn of the human history? Could America understand that a magnificent gesture of peace would be tremendously appreciated by all people and would elevate her in their consciousness to a symbol of protection of peace freedom and moral values?

Anyone can imagine the positive dynamics that will be generated from such a decision that is just and is approved by the whole world.

On the contrary with the brutality and arrogance that is showing today not only looses friends every day but at the same time leads humanity and itself in to a chaotic situation. Such a chaotic state will come either after this war or after a few decades if she continues with such tactics.

In conclusion we can say that if America has profited already from globalisation is easy to project that is going to be profited even more in the future. If the profits are not distributed with her own volition and equally to the people of the world, humanity will be doomed to go through a very painful catharsis. The greatest tragedy will be if profits will be generated primarily from selling sensitive military technology.

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