Can Medicine or Religion save the planet from a major catastrophe?

The state of affairs in the world is at the moment going towards the wrong direction. The planet is heading for a major catastrophe, with wars all over the planet and especially with depleted uranium ammunitions that create genocides, with global hatred between nations, with global ecological destruction, with global diseases, with global criminality and with global immorality.

Can Medicine or Religion save the planet from a major catastrophe?

by George Vithoulkas

(A reply to an article in the journal LINKS Dec. 1999 issue)

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I want also to expand on: The importance of information in creating a planetary conscience

The state of affairs in the world is at the moment going towards the wrong direction. The planet is heading for a major catastrophe, with wars all over the planet and especially with depleted uranium ammunitions that create genocides, with global hatred between nations, with global ecological destruction, with global diseases, with global criminality and with global immorality.

The question is: can something be done to change the direction of such destructive course?

The analysis that follows reaches the conclusion that there is a level of planetary consciousness as well as a dark side of our conscience we can call planetary subconsciousness. Those who understand the way these levels are formed and functioning can manipulate them and rule the world leading it to destruction.

The only way that humanity can be spared from total annihilation is to enter collectively in to a higher state of consciousness that transcends the present situation, through correct information and understanding.

Breaking of the cosmic laws

The human being is only a small link in an infinite chain of forms and energies from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

All these forms and entities impose their laws in one way or another upon the Humans who become the playground for all these infinite complexities.

Certainly we are not aware of all the laws under which we are living. There are laws of the virus and the microbes, the delicate balance on which our own life depends, as well as the laws of the outer space, that are not known yet to the human mind but one thing is certain: ignoring or resisting or disregarding these laws consciously or unconsciously is not a wise thing to do and will definitely have inescapable side effects.

There is a harmonious flow of energies that combine to create the forms that we are perceiving and experiencing as matter.

The whole of the Cosmos obeys certain laws and principles in order that the function of all these infinite complexities will continue co-existing in an orderly and symbiotic way.

Humans have long decided that we can break these laws; that we can disregard them and still not get caught and not pay the price. But as a result of these actions we have created human calamities and especially the diseases of our times.

Disease is the net result of the disturbance of the harmonious flow of cosmic energies.

The disturbance originates from certain serious transgressions of these laws activated by thoughts, feelings or actions adopted by humans out of their free will.

Humans were -from the early beginning of their existence- allowed to participate in the concept of right or wrong. The Human being is the only living entity in the planet that has a free will and can decide whether he would like to follow the path of justice or injustice the path of freedom or slavery, the path of love or hatred. All this, of course, is symbolic, but the essential fact remains that man is free and able to employ constructive or destructive forces and ideas upon this planet.

Humans are the only living entities that are potentially able to destroy other humans; their own race, an act that we cannot find in any other living creatures. Animals kill in order to live, but never to destroy their own species.

Humans, apart from destroying each other, can also destroy the environment in which we live.

It is therefore easily understood that only humans and the environment connected with them are primarily in danger and actually affected by disease.

Chickens that are mass produced and live in factories frequently fall ill, and constantly need antibiotics, but not the chicken who are living freely in nature.

The end result is that wild life in general has much less disease than the environment that is controlled by humans.

So the obvious conclusion should be that humans have created disease situations, much more than anyone or anything else, in the Cosmos.

Humans have- beyond any shadow of doubt -disturbed by their misdeeds this hyper-Cosmic order, this Divine Harmony one could say.

The True Healer is now called upon to restore this Divine Harmony within humans, to annihilate the evil of disease that we have created and brought upon ourselves.

The question arises whether such a healer should be in harmony with the Cosmos in order to perform such a high task or if anyone could do the job.

Is it possible to imagine that this Divine order could be restored through the medium of an evil man though he may pretend to practice medicine?, or through one who cares little about others and cares only about himself?

It will be easy for one to see that conventional medicine, though appearing to do good, are using violent means, through chemical drugs, hormones and surgery. It is as if the aggression of the whole world is having a representation in conventional medicine as well.

Conventional medicine by treating people with chemical drugs are destroying the ecology of the microcosm within the human body, creating side-effects and chronic conditions and therefore transferring the problem on to another deeper level which can be more serious and disturbing. This is why we cannot consider them as real healers, but rather as craftsmen who merely patch up a cracking wall, totally ignoring the fact that when the earthquake will arrive the whole building will collapse, unable to withstand the stress of the tremors.

So another type of healers should emerge.

Actually at the moment almost all true healing has taken place outside conventional medicine, through homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy etc or even by simple people with simple herbal prescriptions or even by faith healing.

This is the other side and the possibilities for peaceful development.

With Homeopathy we have entered another dimension in healing; Homeopathy is a quantum jump in healing methodologies, a dimension that is altogether of a different and I dare say, higher order than the chemical one used by conventional medicine. We have transcended the material chemical medicine with their dire consequences and side-effects and entered a higher state, that of “energies”. We have managed to harness and manipulate these energies in order to combat diseases.

But we must be careful: If previously with the materialistic medicine there was a need for some kind of moral or ethical control over the medical doctors who handled the materialchemical- drugs, now with this new dimension in healing the need for integrity, sincerity, and morality is even more imperative.

We should have healers that are really men of God, not in outward appearances or belonging to a certain religion, but really religious with fear of God in their deepest recesses of their consciousness.

Is such an individual easy to find today or does the structure of our society denies or excludes such types of people?

In order to find out we should ask questions like: What is the level of our consciousness today? Is it high enough to allow the manifestation of real healers with a higher consciousness? Is our current social and political structures promoting the development of a spiritually higher species of human being, or on the contrary is excluding them?

Obviously there is a global need of individuals that except of their ability to heal should also possess a religious nature.

But before we can examine the relation ïr the interrelation of medicine and religion and try to see whether these two important activities of the human mind and psyche should co-exist within an individual, I think that we should take a quick overview of the moral and spiritual state in which our planet is today.

Only then we can examine the role of religion in medicine; whether these two activities, the scientific and the religious could be connected and symbiosed within the same individual, or whether they stay as far apart as possible in order that religious thoughts or feelings will not impede the so called ”progress” in medicine.

I am sure that the majority of the people gathered here today believe or want to believe that those entrusted with the mission of healing should also be religious people, pious people, people of God. They should be like the Initiates of the ancient times ; of a higher spiritual order, for, during this time spirituality and medicine were two functions which were indivisible.

I want to make clear from that I also have the same aspirations; to see the whole of the planet in a better spiritual state than the one in which it is found today and that medicine should not be separate from religious and moral feelings and thoughts.

I want to see the tremendous exploitation that is taking place from man to man through ‘medicine’ ended and the desire of sick people to regain their lost health no longer a matter of aggressive exploitation mostly by the pharmaceutical companies.

But in order to have such a state of affairs, it is my firm belief, that a transformation of consciousness is necessary.

Is such a transformation possible?

Let us examine what exactly is the present situation.

We are all familiar with the general and rather abstract concept that there is such a thing as a planetary consciousness.

But it is already very difficult to define the term consciousness let alone the expression planetary consciousness.

I will therefore try to give a short definition. Consciousness is the degree to which each one of us participates in the understanding of objective Truth. No body has the absolute truth but each one of us participates in a relative degree to the truth. The more we approach the understanding of objective truth the higher the consciousness we have.

Therefore all the individual degree of consciousness that each one of us have, our understanding of truth, shapes and builds –taken collectively- the planetary consciousness. It is the collective net result of the degree of consciousness of each one of us.

I will give an example: If for instance, every one in the planet was agreeing that all animals or all wild trees should be eliminated then this belief would be very strong and will constitute a solid part of our planetary consciousness, then, our actions, would be directed accordingly.

But If not everyone, but the majority, thought in this way then again the planetary consciousness would be shaped accordingly but not as powerfully or solidly. If everybody believes that illegal drugs are good for us and should be legal then there is nothing to stop it from happening. But if there are enough people to resist such a concept, the decisions will be of a different order. Another example will be for instance, if people felt hatred for each other, the planetary consciousness will be one of malice and hatred. There was a time when people were driven to believe that communism represented a major evil and should be eliminated even with nuclear weapons while the communistic world were believing that capitalism was really the culprit sucking the blood of workers and they should rather be eliminated through radical means. These examples show clearly how the media could shape the general consciousness and the dire consequences that we would experience, in case there were not enough people to put a break to such decisions by influencing people through their higher state of consciousness that balanced the situation and the final act of destruction was avoided…

So if a few persons or a specific group had the financial power to manipulate and direct the media in order to shape the planetary consciousness the way they liked it they could actually rule the world.

A small scale of a similar experiment was done through the propaganda campaign of the fascist regime of Hitler, who fortunately did not have the world media power to influence the whole world at the time.

Today we are in a terrible danger of the same thing happening in another subtler way by a new group of financially powerful individuals whether Greek, German American or Jewish that could dominate with their propaganda the media of the whole world.

If we want to take a quick overview of the collective consciousness operating today, which, incidentally, has been mostly formulated by the media, we only have to look upon the news and the pictures sent out via T. V. programs, the newspapers, the journals, the radios etc. What we witness through the media is that the planet is full of wars, murders, crimes of all kinds, competition, and misinformation. The final result of all these atrocities is that the individual has the impression that in order to survive in such a hostile world has to be, in constant defense; therefore he also has to kill before is killed.

This is what is really happening today on all levels of our society; between individuals, between families, between companies, between casts of people and between nations.

The overall picture that is projected today of our own consciousness through the media is a sad one, as if nothing noble, nothing correct, nothing inspirational or uplifting was happening in the world. If this side of planetary activities were promoted by the media you could be sure that the picture of the world would be different

Not that the planet does not have at all times its forces of goodness, of justice, its spiritual peers with love and wisdom, its real religious people and its saints, but such people are hidden away and stay away from the planet’s media, therefore their immediate or direct influence on the masses is necessarily minimized.

If there were no individuals that could resist the power of the present day media, the whole of the planet would be on fire at this moment. Those who understand and resist, form a balancing force to the evil activities, that tend to shape negatively the planetary consciousness.

This consciousness is never static but always moving up or down, and can change from day to day. Such a change is linear for most of the time but it suddenly can change dramatically in a quantum jump manifesting as a new state of consciousness that has transcended the past.

The manifestation of planetary subconsciousness

I believe that at this moment the planet is passing through its darkest period in its spiritual history, and therefore the negative forces are uppermost and in control.

Therefore the quality of thoughts and feelings that are manifesting in our daily life today, constitute collectively, the negative quality of our planetary consciousness that we are experiencing today and also signaling the degree of truth or illusion within which we are living as a whole race.

I will explain in a while what I mean by this:

I would like to introduce today the idea that the planet as a whole except of its planetary consciousness has also a planetary subconsciousness as well as a planetary hyper consciousness. If we attempt to touch upon the practical aspects of such ideas and to try to explore the mechanics of how such a planetary subconsciousness, is formed, what is their influence in our daily life, how can we trace them, perhaps then we can find out their origin and also the ways through which they influence our every day life.

The investigation of such a matter is not simple of course and cannot be exhausted in a talk of this kind but I will try to outline my main ideas.

It is certainly true and is obvious that much of what is happening today in our world springs from ideas and decisions that have been taken in secret organizations and from centers of political power that are not obvious or open.

Which are these centers?

1. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people at this moment working in secret services and societies like the CIA, the Mossad, the KGB… etc etc. Every country is trying to organize as secretly and as efficiently as possible these centers of information and power.

One can easily imagine the type of people who join such organizations with all their inferiority complexes, their inefficiencies and shortcomings and yet with a thirst for personal power; a thirst to dominate others, to exploit others, to use power over others with a total disregard for human values and yet, with great hypocrisy, will claim that what they are doing is for the good of others and for the benefit of their countries.

One can imagine therefore the type of decisions that can be taken by such individuals.

The fact is that these individuals work for material gain only. They serve the interests of a small privileged group of leaders ignoring the urgent broader issues that the planet is facing.

These are the centers in which decisions such as “let us break down our enemies” “let us divide big countries into small ones so that we control them more easily and eventually swallow them etc etc.. ” are taken.

People are sitting around a table usually in the basement of a government building -to be symbolic- and openly discussing these ideas.

In the name of blind nationalism they are ready to plan and execute the greatest crimes, mass murders, wars, planning sometimes the elimination of whole nations or ethnic groups. Everyone tasted the fruits of the first rehearsal done by Hitler. They are the ones who fire the nationalistic hate of a certain nation against another, and take delight when they manage to bring two nations or even two ethnic groups into conflict and war. You can imagine the degree of consciousness such people possess, yet their attitudes and decisions are to be crucial and catalytic as they will be projected to the centers of executive offices in the governments.

Fortunately, such an activity from time to time comes out into the open by way of confession in the same way that a mentally unbalanced person has a psychological crisis after some period of wrong doing and goes to a priest or to a psychiatrist to confide or to confess about his misdeeds.

From time to time a heroic voice from a man within these secret organizations is raised to expose and to denounce such practices, -usually risking his own life, – revealing to us the appalling practices, the insane decisions and the murderous actions that are taken and carried out in these basements of human consciousness; the madness that prevails in such organizations in the depths of our societies and yet nobody seems to be able to do anything about it.

They bring to our conscious planetary level, through their confessions, the awareness of what is really happening on these dark and secret levels of the subconsciousness of the planet.

2. Then the second group of collective negative activity on these levels are the mafias of the different countries and ethnic groups, dealing with organized crime, illegal drugs, arms trafficking etch etch. ; all these activities are taking place in the dark subconscious levels of our societies. Everybody knows the type of people that will join such societies; there is no need for characterizations; everybody knows the effect that such organizations exercise in our every day life, in our conscious levels, you only have to see the news, and the TV films to get an idea of their influence.

3. The third group which is the strongest, is the group of the super rich that take important but covert decisions on world economy and they too are geared not by altruistic sentiments but by greed and power.

4. All other activities that we call the underground world.

These groups of people form what I call the core of our dark planetary subconscious. It is dark, it is negative and is very powerful, because they have the means to project and to impose their will.

These are the centers that breed all the evil which grows in the depths of the subconscious of the nations and eventually surface and influence our daily lives. through the control of the media.

It is most interesting for one to see, for instance, how these secret services through their reports to the Governmental- Decision Centers, influence and guide decisions and actions of the various Governments.

Let us see now how the next level of planetary consciousness is formed and how is influenced by the subconscious level.

The degree of consciousness of the government people together with that of the scientists, the opinion leaders, the media people- and down to the last civilian when considered collectively, they form the everyday planetary consciousness of our times.

Every one of us participates in the formation of this consciousness; every one is responsible more or less, since we have the freedom of choice; we choose to do the right or the wrong. When we choose to sabotage our partner in order to take his job, when we choose to ignore the suffering of the people next to us and pursue only our own pleasures; when we choose to step over dead bodies in order to become supremely rich; we are contributing in reformatting and reshaping by these everyday actions the consciousness of our planet.

No one is exempt from the responsibility for having created hell on earth.

Why? Because we are all involved in such or similar practices one way or another. We are one; we are part of a large body where the subconscious levels influence our conscious everyday lives.

The formation of a planetary hyper-consciousness that will transcend the present situation

Our hope as a planet will be that a sufficient number of evolved individuals attain a high degree of consciousness, so high as to reach the critical point that will be needed to cause a total transformation, a radical change, a quantum jump in the general consciousness, and as a consequence form a planetary hyper consciousness that will transcend totally the present situation.

I believe that such a changed state of consciousness is rapidly forming at this moment in spite of outwards appearances to the contrary.

There are individuals who work in silence towards this goal.

Until now we knew that there were basically five areas of activity of the human mind, and individuals could specialize in one of them.

These areas were:

1. the scientific

2. the artistic

3. the philosophical

4. the religious

5. the mystical, transcendental

Our hope is that enough individuals are realizing and unifying within themselves all these qualities of the human potentials.

Even as recently as thirty years ago, each of those groups involved in different disciplines were in confrontation with each other, each one believing to have the highest truth. Scientists would not sit down and discuss with religious people let alone the mystics. Religious people were in confrontation with the philosophers or scientists, artists were the most receptive of all of the groups, but few took them seriously etch etc. Finding people with all these qualities unified was sporadic and even then it was very difficult to recognize them due to the confusing “noise’ that was and still is created by the media which is promoting mostly the superfluous the aggressive the hypocritical and the immoral.

In our times there seems to be an obvious change A trend is developing towards an acceptance of one another. We are even heading towards a unification of all these activities within the same individual. The new type of individual, the New Man/Woman will be the one who loves music and theater but at the same time is devoted to the inquiry of her/his science, but also to the inquiry of the broader issues of life (philosophy side), who will not only believe in God (religion side) but also will seek to be in real communion with Him (mystical side).

This type of individual forms at the moment an undercurrent trend, not too obvious, but one that is nevertheless emerging fast and strong. The important thing is that this new individual is emerging organically, as a natural reaction to the evils of today, without been organized by anybody or any country but guided only by conscience.

Such people, if they are scientists they will be able to appreciate art, they will not deny the value of religion, or philosophy and will try to be in direct communion with God. Yet will understand the value of function for every body else who is activated in a different field of human endeavor.

At this moment we are still in the beginnings of such a new type of human beings; still there is a need for a lot of steps to be taken in order to become Whole Human Beings and not fanatics of one type or another.

All these centuries we had been separating, disconnecting the different functions of the human mind and as a result we have created a schizophrenic world fighting with each other, for space, for money, for ideas, for religion. Fighting to impose on others what we thought to be right.

Today?s governments, are not autonomous but influenced by the reports of the secret services who in their turn are driven and guided by the financially powerful. These governments are formed by ambitious but aggressive individuals that are living in the intoxication of ephemeral success.

They are actually in confusion, and in their drive to stay in power they succumb to pressures and loose even their relatively low degree of consciousness, they loose their share in the participation of Truth.

After this loss, they cannotany more be the leaders, though may still be thinking they are, they are the slaves of their ambition.

Fortunately the realleadership which is emerging, is understanding the need for a unified attitude. Is understanding the need for the scientist or the healer to be a man of God, likewise the man of God to appreciate the role of science philosophy and art.

I am sure you all understand that I am talking about globalization, but an entirely different type from the one promoted by the media and the financial leaders of our times.

I am sure that you noticed that I left out of the human activities the commercial and the business one or rather that which is amassing financial power for selfish means. I consider this tendency of the human psyche as an evil one in its very core, a tendency that will be reduced more and more and finally eliminated, as humanity will be advancing to a higher state of consciousness.

What I am saying is that the planet is preparing for a globalization of justice, of freedom, of equality, of tolerance for the roots and tradition of all people, a globalization of well meaning for each other, of equal opportunities, a globalization of real spiritual awareness and well being.

I am sure you are thinking that this is a utopia, but I can foresee that a lot of real leaders are preparing silently the new epoch for the real Human Beings.

Apart from these leaders there is already a widely spread awareness amongst millions of people that are fed up with atrocities, immorality, and criminality and are giving all their efforts and energy in this quest for True values and real happiness. The world actually is preparing for a major transition from the present state of consciousness to a quantum jump that will transcend this state of affairs.

Today what is promoted by globalization is exactly the opposite of such ideas. Is the en slavery of most of the people to the very few and powerful of the planet, that are seeking to turn us in to brainless customers. Their idea is that we should not have roots, we should no have morals, or traditions, that we should all go through a mince meat machine and come out as equally poor, equally stupid, equally obedient, where justice is enforced by the powerful few, freedom will be allowed as long as does not contrast their interests, and we will all be allowed to retain only the need and the greed to buy more and more material products that they have thought are good for us.. Any country?s government that will show the least resistance to such plans of globalization will be coined as fascists, racists or dictators and will be annihilated in the name of ”morality and order” by either insidious means of subtle but threatening diplomacy or by aggression and war, while the real aggressors and suppressors will remain free to continue their actually ”immoral work”. The important thing for them is to sell the already prepared last version of machines of destruction -which is the depleted uranium at this moment – spreading awe and fear to those who will still dare resist the injustice, the hardness, the criminality -see what they did in Iraq and in Kossovo- of the super powers of our times forgetting that we all are children of the same God.

If the decisions were left entirely to these dark levels of activities, the destruction of the human race would be only a matter of time, and not a very long one. But as I said I hope that the emergence of the New Human Beings could not be stopped from manifesting peace and health to the planet.

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