Interview with ‘Arguments and Facts’ a Moscow weekly paper

The future wars will not be with arms but with chemical substances and drugs through which whole races could be easily eliminated with massive inoculations.

A.You have recently visited for the first time Russia and we know you had contacts with medical Universities and the Health Ministry,can we ask what was the purpose of your visit ?

Interview with ‘Arguments and Facts’ a Moscow weekly paper

The future wars will not be with arms but with chemical substances and drugs

The future wars will not be with arms but with chemical substances and drugs through which whole races could be easily eliminated with massive inoculations.

A.You have recently visited for the first time Russia and we know you had contacts with medical Universities and the Health Ministry,can we ask what was the purpose of your visit ?

GV.The purpose of my visits to all countries has always been one and the same: to show the importance of homeopathic therapeutics for our modern societies and to stress the point that the world urgently need the large scale application of homeopathy. The world needs a therapeutic system that is natural in order to counteract the damage done by artificial chemical drugs

A.Why urgently?

GV.Because we witness today a fast degeneration of the human organisms in spite of the fact that we claim to have a very modern, sophisticated and effective system of medicine, I mean the allopathic or conventional system of medicine.

A:What is the cause of degeneration according to you ?

GV.There are multiple reasons, but especially an unwise over-use of chemical drugs, like tranquilizers, antibiotics, cortisone, hormones,etc.
The second reason is the use of multiple vaccinations and the third is the use of pleasure/recreation drugs like LSD, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc. in a massive way. All these chemicals that are pumped into the human organism the last fifty years, after the second world war, together with the anxiety and insecurities of the competitive societies that capitalism has produced, are the main reasons that we witness today such an explosion of chronic diseases

A:What type of diseases do you mean?

Diseases like multiple sclerosis, amyatrophic lateral sclerosis, myopathy, myasthenie, muscular dystrophy and in general degenerative neuromuscular diseases, the widely spread allergic conditions, like asthma, intolerance to foods etc., diabetes melitus, cancer and a host of other new diseases, together with such a tremendous outburst in mental – emotional disorders, like phobias, anxiety neurosis, panic attacks, states of manic depressions, schizophrenias, epilepsy etc.
All such severe, incurable chronic conditions practically did not exist in third world countries like in South American countries or Asian countries, China, Arab countries, etc. Such countries were spared from the side effects of the drugs because they could not afford having in abundance these modern chemical drugs and the multiple vaccinations. But I can predict that as soon as they apply the same kind of medical drugs , these countries will soon witness similar diseases in their population.

A.You have treated many patients from different countries, different races, which of these countries, races, have the best health, what is the general health of Russian people according to your experience ?

GV. It is perhaps very strange for you to hear that my experience shows that the USA people in general have the worst possible health on average, followed by the English people and the western European countries. German people are of late becoming aware of these problems and turn in masses to more natural ways of treatment, and especially towards homeopathy.

Today, most of the inhabitants of these countries live on drugs, they sleep with one pill and wake up with another, they reduce their fears anxieties and insecurities with tranquilizers and the most unfortunate of them live on cortisone or other hormones. Children are born with the effect of hormones that their mothers? took to speed up labor, hormones are given to stop the mother?s milk. Children are obliged to take tens of vaccinations in the first years of their life, and later on most of them turn to narcotics. As a result of such practices, in the second or the third generation we witness a widely spread degeneration of the health of the population expressed with severe chronic disorders.

I can predict that the demise of the great empire of today which is the United States of America will come, not from its outside enemies but from the inner state of health of the American people.

I can also foresee that the future wars will not be with ammunition but with drugs that will be able to eliminate whole nations, whole races.

A.What is the reason that homeopathy, which is as you say such an effective method of treatment and without side-effects has not been adapted more widely and by more countries

GV. This is a very good question and has two answers:
The first reason is that Homeopathy finds its greatest resistance in those countries that have strong pharmaceutical industries. On the contrary it is widely adapted in those countries with no allopathic pharmaceutical industries Such countries are India, Pakistan and most of the countries in S.America.
The second reason is that good classical homeopathy is very difficult in its learning ,in its mastering. It is the most difficult system of medicine that requires a lot of time, energy and dedication on the part of the doctor in order to master it.
A good education in homeopathy requires 5 to 7 years of studying.
Homeopathy takes care of the whole organism as an integral system and treats at the same time the mental the emotional and the physical disorders of the organism.
It is a medical system that sees the human beings not as machines that all need the same medicine for the same disease, but as an individual organism that needs individual attention in its therapeutic approach.

I take this opportunity to say a few things concerning homeopathy in Russia. I believe that Russia has a golden opportunity at this moment to use homeopathy to its total advantage.

1. Homeopathic medicine is cheap and can be produced entirely within Russia. No need for any imports. If homeopathy is really spread and widely taught in the medical schools, Russia can reduce the import of chemical conventional drugs to one tenth of what might be needed in 5 or ten years and at the same time keep the population much more healthy than most of the other countries that are using chemical drugs.

2.At this moment the conventional medicine in Russia is not yet under the total control of European or American pharmaceutical industries and therefore the resistance to the introduction of homeopathic treatment will not be so great.

3.Chemical drugs are responsible for a major degeneration of the human organisms with their side-effects. Russian people have so far avoided the ingestion of such drugs in a massive way , as happened in the USA and Europe, and therefore their general state of health has remained on average in a better condition than their American of European counterparts.

A: Do you believe that governments should interfere with directives on health policies or the whole issue should be left to the descretion of the people who must themselves seek the right treatment like the Germans.

GV.I do believe that “Health issues” will be of major importance for the existence or the continuation of a nation or a race. Crucial decisions on such issues, on governmental levels, will have to be taken very soon.
Only these races-nations will remain in the face of this planet that they will follow correct health policies.
In the way health policies are applied at the moment, in USA for instance, will lead soon to the collapse of the health of the American people.
America’ health policies, unknowingly, and with all good intention, has set up a time bomb that will explode soon, when the majority of American people will find themselves to be not functional anymore and in a terrible state of health in the immediate next generation .

Imagine what will happen, even today, if all the tons of chemical drugs that are produced daily by the pharmaceutical industry, and are pumped in to the organisms of those sick people in order to keep them running, will suddenly be discontinued or withheld. People will run amok in the streets in a crazy state, in panic , killing themselves and each other from pain and despair. This scenario will take place in any case, not in to a very far future, when the present medical drugs will no more be effective, as the sick organisms will need more and more stimulation in order to sustain a kind of minimum balance.An intervention from the governments will be imperative.
Russia should not follow the same model, should not fall in to the same trap, in allowing a massive drugging of its population and therefore endangering its future.
Homeopathy presents one of the most effective and at the same time most natural ways of combating diseases , let Russia take advantage of it before it is too late.

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