International And European Organisations

Professor George Vithoulkas has spoken in prominent global organisations such as the World Health Organization, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.

Presented below are some samples of his historical influence with the abovenamed organizations.  These are but a few of the many speeches, presentations and articles from the archives of Professor George Vithoulkas’ exemplary and illustrious career.

World Health Organization

In 1980, George Vithoulkas was invited by the World Health Organization to write the first article on homeopathy for the book, Traditional Medicine, published by WHO, as well as the main article in the round table discussion for WHO’s scientific magazine, the World Health Forum journal.
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European Parliament

In 1996, he was invited by the European Parliament to explain the position of homeopathy and after his presentation the European Parliament voted in favour for homeopathy.

Council of Europe

On 11th June, 1999, George Vithoulkas was requested by the Council of Europe to make a day- long presentation on homeopathic medicine (as part of their evaluation of alternative therapeutic methods) before the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee. The text that was published thereafter mentions his receipt of the Alternative Nobel Prize and refers to his categorization of the various alternative methods.
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