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A Memorable Rendezvous with Prof. George Vithoulkas


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The Special Vithoulkas Webinar, became extra special when more than 720 people from 62 countries participated with full energy and enthusiasm. 

The dates 6th and 7th February 2021 will always be remembered not only for the glorious teachings of Professor Vithoulkas but also for the simultaneous translation of the webinar in six different languages.

More than 60 years of his insightful experience became alive when different groundbreaking theories of Professor Vithoulkas were presented and clarified at every step of the webinar.

Dr Seema Mahesh, the Research Head of IACH started the webinar with an excellent presentation on the two scientific and invaluable contributions of Prof. Vithoulkas—“ Levels of health” and “The Continuum of a Unified Theory of Diseases”.

Dr Latika Jaggi further presented the very important and intriguing videos of Professor Vithoulkas entitled as Clarification on levels of health; Explanation of homoeopathic remedy on subatomic level and ‘Law of Similars’ – A Universal Law .

Dr Atul Jaggi continued the webinar with his outstanding case presentation of a Psoriasis case, exemplifying Theories of Professor Vithoulkas and showcasing the power of classical Homeopathy. He also discussed about acute diseases and genus epidemicus, presenting Prof. Vithoulkas’s opinion and insight on this topic of current interest. 

Dr Mahesh Mallappa’s exceptional presentation of two severe pathological cases left everyone in awe. He elucidated why knowledge of Theory is so important, and why this fact has always been stressed by Prof Vithoulkas.

Dr Viraj Shah the E-learning administrator of IACH,  splendidly put forward the structure of the 2 years E-learning Program of International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, and replied to the queries of participants whereby emphasizing the importance and benefits of the course.

The spotlight of the webinar was when Prof. Vithoulkas came Live on both the days to answer the questions of the participants. To take advantage from his immense experience and wisdom, the participants responded with multitude of Questions, ranging from varied topics. Prof Vithoulkas tried to answer as many of them, mesmerizing the audience by his depth of understanding of the Human Being and the Science of Homeopathy.  

This Webinar was envisioned by Ms Maria Chorianopolou, the Director of the Academy, whose selfless and tireless efforts, fulfilled the dreams of so many homeopaths to learn directly from Prof. Vithoulkas.

Finally and most importantly the hard work of translators, their assistants and the cooperation of administrative and technical team brought the webinar to its great success and acclamation.

There was an instantaneous and positive feedback from all the participants requesting to continue with such webinars, as they found it very effective and enriching.

This rejuvenating rendezvous with the master will always remain in our hearts and minds.