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Levels of Health Thai edition has gotten a great welcome from Thais, at the moment the team has already sold almost 400 copies of the book within a month. 1st print 1,000 Copies. Homeopaths, university students (Majored in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine) and people who are interested had eagerly order the book, and also had requested to have the book” The Science of Homeopathy” in Thai Edition as well.

Here are names of the people behind this great success of the Thai Edition.

Miss Chiachanok Bunyavijak , IACH Thai Co-Ordinator, Head of the project.

Translators and editors team.

Miss Chiachanok Bunyavijak , IACH Thai ( She is the heart of this project)
Prof. Dr Amorn Premkamon , President of Homeopathic Association of Thailand, IACH 1, IACH Diploma.( Prof. Amorn had made big contribution in translation the book.)

Ass. Prof. Dr Chutima Mangkornkarn, Endodontics, IACH 3 Certificate.( Dr Chutima was the main Editor for the book, she has read the words in the Thai edition word by word and compare to the English Edition (every word) in order to made the translation in Thai Edition to be exact meaning as the English Edition. She also helped scouting for the printer for the book.

Miss Patcharee Youngcharoen, IACH Thai Co-Ordinator, IACH 3 . (Helped in terms of Editing the contents with Dr Chutima and Miss Chidchanok, oversee the project together with Chichanok)

Miss Pichanantha Watcharapha, IACH 3

Miss Manthana Chatupuchapornpong, IACH 1

Miss Sutthiluk Sirisawad, IACH 3 Certificate

Miss Sirirat Pawawongsak, IACH 2 (She had offered her place for keeping the printed books and send to Miss Touch-chakorn for shipping the book as per requested from her group and people who had placed the orders)

Miss Touch-chakorn Worajitwannakul, IACH. She had pay an important roles in pre-order and shipping processes for the book. She had form a “Homeo Hahay group” (meanings Happy Homeopathy) for people who are interested in Homeopathy for sharing knowledge and where to get remedies, book and homeopathic products. She is a great supporter for this project.
There are requests for “The Science of Homeopathy” in Thai version, we might have to form another team in doing the translation again.
Prepared by Miss Patcharee Youngcharoen, February 21,2021.