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Finally, with the kind support of Prof. George Vithoulkas, the IACH and one of the biggest publishing houses in Bulgaria, KIBEA, we are glad to inform you that the book Levels of Health is already available in Bulgarian language

Professor George Vithoulkas briefly mentions the idea of Levels of Health in his major work, The Science of Homeopathy, published in 1977. After nearly 60 years of experience and diligent observation in homeopathic practice, he now presents a comprehensively developed practical theory for application in everyday practice.

The book presents a truly innovative theory based on an extremely important and neglected component in homeopathic prescribing – the Levels of Health for which all homeopathic doctors and practitioners can only be grateful.

The full e-learning program of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, led by Prof. George Vithoulkas, is available at: You can attend the course Levels of Health with subtitles in Bulgarian at: