aphorisms 105 – 107

Organon aphorism §105

THE SECOND POINT of the business of a true physician relates to ACQUIRING A KNOWLEDGE OF THE INSTRUMENTS INTENDED FOR THE CURE OF THE NATURAL DISEASES, investigating the pathogenetic power of the medicines, in order, when called on to cure, to be able to select from among them one, from the list of whose symptoms an artificial disease may be constructed, as similar as possible to the totality of the principal symptoms of the natural disease sought to be cured.

Organon aphorism §106

The whole pathogenetic effects of the several medicines must be known; that is to say, all the morbid symptoms and alterations in the health that each of them is specially capable of developing in the healthy individual must first have been observed as far as possible before we can hope to be able to find among them, and to select, suitable homeopathic remedies for most of the natural diseases.

Organon aphorism §107

If, in order to ascertain this, medicines be given to SICK persons, only, even though they be administered singly and alone, then little or nothing precise is seen of their true effects, as those peculiar alterations of the health to be expected from the medicine are mixed up with the symptoms of the disease and can seldom be distinctly observed.