Levels of Health

The concept of the “Levels of Health” was first introduced and published by Prof. George Vithoulkas in his highly respected textbook, “The Science of Homeopathy” – written in 1978. It was again mentioned in his subsequent book: “A New Model for Health and Disease”.  

Levels of Health”, by Professor George Vithoulkas was then published in 2010.  It is the first distinct report of the “Levels of Health”, and a great original contribution to both traditional medicine and homeopathy alike. The innovative development of the theory of the “Levels of Health” poses boundless significance in education for all medical communities under both modern and alternative umbrellas.

Levels of Health” provides examination and explanation of this theory from its development and application by Professor George Vithoulkas over the course of his 60+ years of world-wide conventional and proficient homeopathic practice and experience.  In this book, all the probable reactions an organism might experience in regard to levels of health after having been treated with the correct remedy are explained and evaluated.  This book serves as the practitioner’s guide and compass for the correct avenue to initial and continued treatment. 

Online Postagraduate Course on Levels of Health