Classical homeopathy for anxiety and jealousy

Classical Homeopathy for Anxiety and Jealousy

Read about Lycopodium and Sepia full excerpts from George Vithoulkas' Classical Homeopathy for Jealousy & Anxiety

This book contains the proceedings of a Homeopathic Course given by George Vithoulkas and hosted by The School for Classical Homeopathy, Zurich in October 2001, together with subsequent additions from George Vithoulkas.

The 25 most important homeopathic remedies for anxiety and jealousy are succinctly described. In a Comparative Materia Medica, George Vithoulkas explains the most important differences between the homeopathic relevant remedies. We are invited to share in the Homeopathic Master's enormous wealth of experience. This book is enlivened and enriched by his vivacious style of lecturing, and his homeopathic and philosophical breadth of thought.

"Classical Homeopathy for Anxiety and Jealousy" is a major resource, providing the reader with a wealth of information and tips for use in their daily practice. The comprehensive index, the clarity of the format, together with the keynote symptoms of the remedies discussed during the homeopathic course combine to make this book a practicable and desirable reference work.

This book has also been translated to Spanish: Ansiedad y Celos - Homeopatia Clasica

Table of contents:

Anthracinum case

Chapter 1: Anxiety (pages 47-201)

Baryta Carbonica
Argentum nitricum
Arsenicum album
Calcarea carbonica
Cannabis indica
Helleborus niger
Kalium arsenicosum
Lycopodium (read full excerpt)
Natrium muriaticum
Nitricum acidum
Video case

Chapter 2: Jealousy (pages 202-272)

Nux vomica
Apis mellefica
Sepia (read full excerpt)
Calcarea sulphurica
Gallicum acidum
Questions and answers
List of remedies
Comparative Materia Medica