Students' Testimonials
IACH - Prof. G. Vithoulkas
Testimonials of the Students for the German Course - 2019

A. W. GERMANY: Apart from being the most beautiful place, here with such nice supporting people, I was especially touched by the depth of the homeopathic wisdom of Prof. Vithoulkas, also by his honesty. The variety of cases and his knowledge taught me a lot and I will go back home with much more hope for the health of this world and quite a lot to study. I am deeply grateful to him and the whole and very organized team. Thank you all. See you back on the island again.

M.T.R., Germany: I am very grateful for being able to be here in Alonissos for the third time. After having participated in the video training course from 2004 to 2008, it is a great gift for me to be able to be here. I thank you all for your work. I thank you, Prof. Vithoulkas, for spreading the homeopathic principles throughout the world. The seminar is extremely well organized. All members of the team are kind, friendly and open to all questions. There is a very kind atmosphere here and a very special energy. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to all of you, and to you, Mr. Vithoulkas, and I am looking forward to the seminar in 2020. Yours sincerely, M.T.R.

S.K., Germany: I have learned incredibly much, and will profit much from the teachings, and I am grateful to God for leading me to this place. My heartfelt thanks to Prof. Vithoulkas who is a magnificent teacher. Many thanks also to the translators who have done a terribly good job.

B.V. GERMANY: Thank you very much for everything which was taught in this course! And very especially I want to thank you for these 2 themes: 1 – human existence, the mission of the homeopath in our society; 2- the continuum of diseases. I am so full of thankful thoughts, that you have told us all these important things. I was so full of a lot of questions about such tasks and normally (in daily life) you don´t find someone to think together about these important things, you have to stay on your own with these themes and with the questions you have concerning life and concerning God. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us!!!

M.F.J. GERMANY: The course, the cases and the philosophical content was good as ever! It is also good to present the most difficult cases from other courses, like on Friday morning and afternoon. I will come back next year!

C.R. GERMANY: It had been my first course with George Vithoulkas and I am very thankful and very impressed. Especially his spiritual depth is touching me.

S.T., Germany: The seminar week was very enriching for me. I have been very touched by Prof. Vithoulkas’ teachings; I could learn a lot from his approach how to take a case. Being together with so many homeopaths has been very enriching for me. I would like to thank everybody for this unforgettable week and I am looking forward to seeing you again.

D.S. GERMANY: Very impressive, nice location. Friendly people. The cases are interesting, discussions about remedies, lovely people. Comment: I´d like to have more differentials to MM.

I.F. GERMANY: It´s always a pleasure and inspiration to hear the thoughts of George, his view of health and disease! It´s like a red line for my own practice. I am happy to be part of the homeopathic community.

E.M., Germany: To me, George Vithoulkas is the best teacher of homeopathy worldwide. I always learn something new from his experience. I am very obliged for this opportunity to study with him.

E.S., Germany: I experienced the seminar to be very demanding and enriching. The cases covered a wide spectrum and were analysed and discussed in depth. I am very grateful to the patients who come here to be treated and I admire their courage. I am especially thankful to George for his tireless commitment and his unwavering dedication to homeopathy and to his lively teaching. Many thanks also to the entire team for organizing and supporting the seminars. It is a wonderful place for studying, and I will gladly return.

H.U.B., Germany: Very interesting; very well organised; Friendly support by the team of the Academy; pleasant atmosphere in the classroom; international course with interesting conversations with the other participants; Many philosophical insights which cannot only be applied to homeopathy but also to modern medicine. New understanding for the mechanism of homeopathy; Excellent translation into German! Thank you very much!

E.B., Germany: It was very impressive for me to able to be in a live seminar by Prof. Vithoulkas. I have been touched very much by his charisma and by his knowledge. An excellent knowledge-conveying seminar held in a fantastic landscape. Super organisation, super simultaneous translation; it was a pity that this year the farewell party did not take place on Thursday (however this is understandable), because our return flight was on Friday.

W.K., Germany: It is wonderful that we can continue to study here with George. Thank you.

S.K., Germany: The course is very valuable for me. George Vithoulkas gives very deep insights and he is very sensitive in his way to discuss cases and extend our sight. The Organon sessions are also quite important, so they could even be more – and also the lessons about the “Chronic Diseases“ by Hahnemann. The work of the Academy is very important for the whole homeopathy. My deepest respect and gratitude for this! Thank you very much for everything.

V.W., Germany: I am very satisfied and I find everything I have experienced here very informative. Keep up the excellent work! Many thanks and I am looking forward to next year!

M.M.N., Germany: Everything was wonderful. Very interesting cases. Excellent organisation. Exciting as a mystery thriller. Please do continue your great work! THANK YOU.

D.D. SINGAPORE: Firstly, thank you very much Prof. George Vithoulkas for doing this year after year for the benefit of humanity. We are blessed to have teacher like him, who followed Dr. Hahnemann clearly and still continues spreading the genuine homeopathy through his lectures, writings and case presentation. Thank you for his General, Maria, and the team of IACH to work for this mission with him, for the benefit of homeopathy. Each year we learn new things, with much deeper knowledge. I am happy and fortunate to feel daily connected to all of you through homeopathy. Here, I wish to promise that I will give my 100% for Homeopathy. In whatever way I can, in my capacity.

M.R. SINGAPORE: The entire course was very enriching at many levels. Thank you, George. Can´t wait to be back to learn more.

O.S. UKRAINE: I love to recognize that during the time of studying at IACH, I am developing together with people from homeopathic society, thanks to the lecturers of Prof. Vithoulkas. It is not only homeopathic knowledge. It´s more. I´m studying the life, people´s behavior and I can apply it to my relations with family, colleagues, friends. As usual, it is very helpful to be able to follow Prof. Vithoulkas investigating the case and making the prescription. Thank to all the team of IACH for your efforts in spreading the science and uniting people from all over the world.

I.B. ISRAEL: It is always so pleasant to participate in this seminar. It was interesting, well organized. Vithoulkas gave so much of himself, felt joyful all along the time. I still have many questions that I didn´t dare to ask. The music that was playing (classic) was wonderful. The new Konstantis (Technical person) is very nice. The Organon lecture were very good. I would like to have more time for questions. Thanks a lot for having a reserved place. I appreciate it very much!

P.E. RUSSIA: Wonderful course! Prof. Vithoulkas. Big questions about miasms and ego. An interesting case study with a deep understanding of the problem. The music in the break is great!

S.G. Russia: Thanks for the structure and useful information in theory and practice.

T.S. INDIA: I enjoyed very much the course. Thank you.

D.H. USA: Great course!

E. ITALY: Thank you, I´m very satisfied.

E. RUSSIA: thank you for such successful seminar. We listen only George and it is the main thing for us. We received additional deeper knowledge. In such short period, we could learn and imagine if it could last for 3 weeks. Thank you very much! I am waiting for a new seminar.

N.S. RUSSIA: thank you for such successful seminar! In such short period of time, we could learn many important things, as if we were studying for 2-3 weeks. Especially, we listen only George, watch the videos of George and it is a happiness for us!!! It is much better than anything else. I would like listening only George!!!

K.S. LEBANON: I liked the course, as usual it was excellent.

K. I. RUSSIA: The best seminar, which I can recognize. For me, to listen George (live or video) is the best to improve my knowledge in homeopathy. Prof. George Vithoulkas, as a teacher, cannot be compared with anybody, no teacher ever can be compared to him. So, I dream that videos of George will be more in other seminars, as well. I wish to George to be healthy for many years. We love him very much!!!

S.S. SINGAPORE: It was a great experience to see live cases and the many talks by Prof. Vithoulkas regarding many aspects of life. His way of analyzing the cases, at many times were a new perspective of looking at what is expressed by the patients in a very different way, giving importance to the many emotional expressions in the person. It was also interesting to watch the analysis of Dr. Atul´s cases. An excellent learning experience motivating and interesting!

K.O. RUSSIA: Thank you very much for this seminar. For me, this seminar is something special, due a long lime to see Prof.´s efforts) also in video. We come here to listen George, on this beautiful island, to our beloved Teacher, George Vithoulkas, for studying as much as possible. Let´s ask God health to our beloved George, for many, many years!!

O.U., Russia: A very informative course. Intensive lessons and deep teachings. Great management (thanks to Maria). The Academy is the pillar of Homeopathy in modern times, especially in terms of protection of Homeopathy, scientific-and-research studies. Thanks to all the staff of the Academy.

E.I., Russia: What a happy opportunity for all of us - to visit the Academy and listen to and watch the Great Master! And the Academy`s team does its best in order for us to experience this. Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart!

O.L., Russia: Very good! So deep and so intensive course. It’s very nice, that you show us the previous follow-ups.

D.O., Russia: I am thankful to the Academy for organizing this wonderful course. I got nourished with wisdom of our beloved Teacher. We observed his deep and loving approach to the analysis of each case. He shows us how its logic, why the disease comes up, and how we should approach the proper cause of the disorder, step by step, patiently, sequentially. Maria, thank you very much for taking so much care of George. The Academy is full of beautiful and friendly atmosphere. The event management is of high-level. I am so happy the fortune has brought me here, to you. I wish health to George and all the team! May the Universe help you!

K.N., Russia: Impressive and deep information, crucial issues of vital importance, must-have not only for a medical doctor or a homeopath, but also for each thinking individual.

B.M., Russia: I like the course very much, especially because it’s always George, even if it’s only video. Thank you for nice music during the break. Please, give more explanations about following the case with low potencies intake; when the remedy should be stopped and restarted again. May be it could be shown by a particular case, then it might be more clear.

F.T., Russia: The arranging of everything is very nice. I like this useful and interesting course. The atmosphere is if you are surrounded by your beloved family. Thank you for you love and care. I`m grateful to all of you. I wish you health and success. Thank you!

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background-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul li:before { background-color: #fff; } .block-contacts ul li span { border-bottom-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul .active { color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul .active:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ol { border-top-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ol li { color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ol li i:after { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-feedback .message i, .block-feedback-2 .message i { color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found h3 { color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found .pic:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found .pic div:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found-2 .button { color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found-2 .button:hover { background: #bd2626; } .block-coming-soon li:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-coming-soon-2 li:after { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories a:hover, .widget-categories { color: #bd2626; } .widget-top-posts a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .widget-text hr { border-top-color: #bd2626; } .widget-text em { color: #bd2626; } .widget-archive a:hover, .widget-archive { color: #bd2626; } .widget-tags a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories-filter a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories-filter .active { color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories-filter .active span { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-price-filter .ui-slider-range { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-price-filter .ui-slider-handle { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-color-filter .active:before { border-color: #bd2626; } .widget-top-products .pic i { background-color: #bd2626; } .main-nav ul { background-color: #bd2626; }