Students' Testimonials
IACH - Prof. G. Vithoulkas
Testimonials of the Students for Difficult Cases Course 2016

S. K. N. India: Really, it was a dream to attend this course, as many of our friends had this course the last few years. It is a wonderful course and I was inspired by Professor’s Vithoulkas cases, who is a legend in Homeopathy. It helped me a lot in gaining confidence and also to study more. Thank you.

S. R. India: The course was marvelous. Doctors from 31 countries participate in lectures with translators and that shows the global acceptance of the course. For me personally it is a dream which came true. Although I am following Professor Vithoulkas since 1993. Professor’s “Level of Health” had fascinated me so much that every day I devote some time to read him. Thank you all.

B.J.P. India: The course is an excellent platform to learn classical Homeopathy in the fullest and perfect way. Professor Vithoulkas has changed the concept of tackling sickness with the concepts he shares in the class. The live case taking, the analysis and the case perceiving are always eye-openness to the understanding of Organon, Materia Medica and Homeopathy. Professor Vithoulkas through his concepts in the books “New Model” and “Levels of Health” has changed the whole scenario of present sickness. The class was an excellent avenue to the closest one can be to the Professor and his teachings. I believe from the bottom of my heart that Professor’ s teachings are the greatest gifts to us, the homoeopaths of the century and he will continue to change the sickness of the human case and bring them to better health in the best possible way through the correct homoeopathy.

S. K. C. India: The most basic rule of Homeopathy is “ Treat the man in disease, not the disease in man”. So first you have to understand the man. Professor Vithoulkas understand the man very well and that make it easy for the student. I think this part is explained very little in the past and this made Homeopathy difficult to the student. This is an excellent course and I can’t comment more than this.

S. K. C. India: I am a Medical Doctor practicing for eight years by allopathic methods.  I have heard about the Homeopathy and try to understand it.  When I saw the video of professor Vithoulkas on YouTube, I realized that he is the genius man who understands Homeopathy by heart and who live the Homeopathy. Then I joined the E-learning and I start giving results within two months. This is an excellent course of Homeopathy. Everyone and every government should apply it in their life and countries. It is a great contribution to the mankind. Greetings to Mr. Vithoulkas who make Homeopathy an easy subject.

G. A. Romania: This is my first time attending this seminar. It was so great, so much to learn that I could not imagine. Thanks God for Professor Vithoulkas. The way he takes and analyses a case is unique. He gives us so much knowledge and practical things in approaching and I follow up even a difficult case.  Homeopathy always can help every case. Dr. Adul is a very well trained homeopath. His cases presented and were very useful for me and very difficult. Many thanks to him.  I am grateful to Maria, Penny, Stella, Mahi, Dimitris who are very dedicated to Homeopathy and have worked hard for us.

C. P. Brazil: This course it is a dream. I love all the parts. Professor Vithoulkas is a great visionary who changed my mind and my thinking form. For Brazilian’s an incredible amount of money is necessary to get on the island. It would be interesting to have a 20 days’ course, to deepen.

I. S. Germany – Greece: My impression is very positive.

S.T. Japan: Great, wonderful, peaceful.

V. M. Slovenia: On short, professional and excellent.

B. D. K. India: This course is a millstone in my life as I never think to attend such a marvelous course. There are so many reasons for that. The course gives me a realistic approach of a care taking. It taught me don’t to rely on words of Materia Medica, but feel the essence of the remedy to match patients’ symptoms. Previously I had no patience to see results of the given remedy but now onwards my concept is cleared due Sir’ s view to see case. I felt during the course period the depth of homeopathy –as how to read patient’s mind- as it is very important. Now it is much more clear to me that homeopathy is very equivalent and more strong rather than other modern medicine. Thanks, and regards.

P. Y. L. India: For the evaluation of such type of education, is needed throughout the world. I thank God who send me from India for such a scientific practice of Homeopathy course. Quality of education is tremendous good. Every doctor should study all over his life. I won the required qualifications for my practice and this is an achievement. The doctors who came in this Classical Academy of Homeopathy will improve themselves. I really have no words about. I had attended so many conferences in India but the lecturers have presented their cases, showing us videos of their patients and in the end told us about the remedy that gives the cure. I think that their way of thinking is the fault. I always remember this course and of course Professor Vithoulkas. He is a god gifted person who can elaborate the cases in a versatile way. By comparing remedies increases our knowledge. Concluding, in the world of Homeopathy he is a legend. He really shoes us what is Homeopathy. I really got impressed and I am a great fan of him. I will attend all of his E-learning courses to improve myself. Thanks.

A. K. India: The cases were really different way to learn and I am satisfied and glad to attend this course. Thank you.

T. B. UK – Egypt: It was an outstanding course and I always want to attend. Helps me to widen my horizons and my way of thinking. This course made me insightful and I believe that has changed all my way of thinking. Thank you for including me in your course.

D. T. India: Over all the course is well planned. Professor George Vithoulkas presented fantastic cases. For cases, such as polycystic ovaries and uterine fibroids largely patients in India come to homeopathy to avoid surgery. So, Professor’s Vithoulkas guidance in this type of cases will be very valuable.

G. C. Romania: I feel very grateful for the opportunity to meet, to hear and to walk with Professor George Vithoulkas. Many interesting Cases with deep analysis and comparisons. The course helped me to I feel that things are going from good to better and become clearer in my mind. Thank you a lot. See you next year.

T. S. India: Professor’s Vithoulkas teaching is the energy pill we need to keep ourselves very enthused through our most difficult (homeopathic) decision (and remedy matching). Dr. Atul Jaggi’s cases were very informative. His classes were very well conducted.  Manfred’s choice of cases was very good. Each case had great educational value. Even his videos were nice. Thank you for the wonderful course.

A. W. Germany: It was my first time in Alonnisos and I am very impressed by the wonderful atmosphere in the Academy. Seeing all these cases and discussing about the right remedy enriched me tremendously. Professor Vithoulkas is very direct and outspoken and he is a great present to me to be able to learn from his enormous knowledge. I am eager to coming back next year. Thank you so much.

C. A. UK: As always, I thoroughly enjoy the live contacting and analysis given by Professor George Vithoulkas, particularly when we have a complex case with deep pathology. One of the highlights were seeing a case previously taken by GV and then seeing his thinking behind his live questioning. I like the way he explained this to us in more details – it gives us some extra insight into the case thinking of the analysis, as well as his observational skills. Case presented by Atul were excellent, clear and very logical, I liked the way he presented his cases. My only critique would be his first pace. I like seeing cases which allow us to see the full effect of the remedy with its results, often in the homeopathic community the full picture is not truly presented – and we only see the ideas and the theories. This is what makes coming to the Academy do worthwhile, since 2010 as we can observe the whole process through “live case thinking”. Thank you once again.

I. C. Germany: In Case 1013 was the first time for me when the Patient’s medical history stopped in between to give explanations about differential diagnosis. Thank you for that, I enjoyed it very much. It was a fulfilling time. The process will go on.

M. A. B. Romania: I would like to see more explanations in RCMH case, what happened when after GV prescribed a remedy and the patient went home. Thank you. I appreciate very much the way Dr. Atul presented his cases, very didactic.

M. I. Romania: It is impressive to see, listen and learn the way of thinking and solving difficult cases by Professor George Vithoulkas. Happiness and enchantment infused my brain during the short but dense being on Alonnisos. The gained knowledge will for sure improve towards my patients’ cases. Thank you, Professor George, for all of what you have done to teach and spread the Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

A. G. Greece: I liked the course very much. Of course, Professor Vithoulkas is a master with a very deep understanding of human nature, which he approaches with humility and genuine love. It is always precious to spent time with him. Dr. Atul Jaggi, was also excellent, very precise and with a deep understanding of the theory, which he was able to demonstrate how it is applied in praxis.  I also appreciated very much the selection of cases presented by Manfred Braig and particularly like the case where Professor Vithoulkas himself analyzing the way he was taking the case, while watching the video. This was very educational and maybe this mode of teaching could be included in future teaching of Professor Vithoulkas. Thank you all very much.

C. M. P. Malaysia: It was my second time attending the course, I found out that I gained more from the courses after understand the theory from the E-Learning course. Dr. Atul Jaggi’s lectures are very impressive and helpful to understand the depth of the theory of Professor George Vithoulkas. I am very deeply touched and inspired by Professor. It is not only that he always wants to help the patients, to teach the students, but his compassion and wisdom are so great that at the same time, he always concerns about the humanity and the world and he is working to find out more scientific rules for benefits of students and Homeopathy.

S. A. UAE: I really enjoyed the analysis of Case 1013, where George Vithoulkas displays the case and does the analysis step by step. He makes it much easier to follow his exact thought pieces, and I believe it will allow, for more time, to ask questions at the case. (I am referring to the original case and follow up of 1013 presented by Manfred). A demonstration of Compass should occur for students who are interested on the first day in order to give them time to sign up and have access to the cases taken in the course.  In all seminars, this should be an open session for general questions and discussion because not all the questions were asked during the case taking due to limited time.

S. K. C. India: Par excellence!

S. K. India: This is very informative. I understood from this course that how to select the remedy, where to focus during the case taking. How to reconform the key rate symptoms and how to set the totality of symptoms. I have upgraded my knowledge of Homeopathy and I am relay thankful for Dr. George Vithoulkas for giving us such a knowledge. Really thank you Sir.

S. F. UK: Very interesting course. Excellent analysis of cases, which was very enjoyable and informative. Thank you.

I. B. Israel: The lessons with Atul were excellent and the way of taking cases according to strategies were very very good. It is always good to arrive here and being in touch with this infinite knowledge.

R. S. India: Excellent! As usual I learned so much from George concerning Materia Medica. Dr. Jaggi was very very good!

A. N. Romania: Although this course is for more advanced than my level of knowledge in Homeopathy, has changed completely my opinion on how you should treat and investigate patients. It was quite a life learning lesson.

C. S. Sweden: Dr. Atul Jaggi was very good. Clear and well-structured cases. It was good that he connected the theory in describing the cases. I would like to hear more from him the next time that I will come. Many interesting case overall. It is always a joy to listen Professor Vithoulkas.

T. A. Sweden: This course was one of the best that I have experienced in the Academy. We had very interesting live cases with Professor George Vithoulkas, through which was shown how our Master manages the case taking and finding the correct remedy. I appreciated also very much our new Indian teacher Atul. He showed us very good cases. I have learned a lot. Thank you very very much. God, bless you. With love.

T. Z. P. Slovenia: I am so happy for the opportunity to be here in Alonnisos in the Academy of Classical Homeopathy and attend Professor Vithoulkas. Professor’s classes are a donation of God. He was precisely listening the patient, listening by the heart, working with the heart. Thank you for all your warm energy that you are sharing with us.

P. C. Mexico – Canada: I loved it. It was so different for me. Professor Vithoulkas has more than a spiritual approach. He is looking at symptoms but in deeper levels.

B. L. Australia: The way the cases were disserted is the most impressive. While we were studying elsewhere, we did differential remedies but never so deeply or so clearly.

R. S. S. India: Faith is necessary to experience the blessing of God. The same principle applies to Homeopathy. My sincere thanks to Professor George Vithoulkas for conducting this course of deep understanding with depth knowledge of difficult cases. He enlightened the soul with enthusiasm, Homeopathy apart, the able guidance, teaching and counselling done by honored Homeopath. Professor George Vithoulkas helped a lot in this transformation. “Professor” is just an additional feature to the personality of Professor George Vithoulkas. He is a great human, serving humanity through this novel professor. It is not a Prof-student relation but a family. Thank you all.

P. B. P. India: It is the best of all available education in Homeopathy world. I would like to be here every year. Being with Professor Vithoulkas is just like having Dr. Hahnemann witnessing live interaction with. I consider myself lucky to be here in IACH.

J. M. C. Portugal: It took 50 years to decide what I should have decided since even. To be a health practitioner. And then I found Homeopathy, the beautiful world of unknown but with amazing results and evidence. It took 56 years to find IACH and Professor Vithoulkas and all his stuff. I am so happy and thankful and I absolutely loved to be here. The course was fantastic and was an open eye and mind for myself. I am definitely much more master of myself, so I can help others much more and in an effective way. Thank you all. I will return soon and I will start the E-learning program right away. With love.

A. H. Germany: Great and really advanced course with good teachers besides George. The cases were really interesting and well organized in a good atmosphere. I liked very much the first case day, the whole day! I am happy to be here. Thank you for everything.

T. P. Latvia: The course was wonderful. Many additional knowledge from new teacher, Atul Jaggi. First time for the past 10 years I see a wise young teacher in Academy who has his own experience and follows strictly homeopathic rules. He is very honesty. Manfred was a good moderator of GV cases. Professor’s Vithoulkas cases were so difficult but so nice and excellent explanation. I am really satisfied for this course. Many thanks to Maria, Penny, Stella.

M. P. India: The course is excellent, enjoyable and knowledgeable. It is a pathway of light in this darkness for Homeopaths who are aware of the subject, clinical position, Materia Medica. We felt sad because we were not able to find the right teacher and the right person to guide us. We learned so many important things in this course, approaching how to select the remedy by collecting key symptoms. We found the right Homeopathy in Alonnisos under Professor’s Vithoulkas guide.

S. S. Singapore: The difficult cases came reinforced through learning and challenged our minds to think in a right way. Atul Jaggi’s lessons were very good and effective. His patience in teaching was so good. Manfred had shared some wonderful and relevant videos with us. A big thank you for that. Thank you all very much.

S. S. Romania: Extraordinary and instructive!

C. B. France: Very good, 10/10. My only suggestion is to show the videos in the first consultation when there is a follow up, so we can notice the changes.

O. C. Turkey: I am new in the field of Homeopathy and I have just graduated from the 3 years Medical University Certificate Program of Homeopathy. Βy still not having my own patients and the experience, this course was very useful for me. I have learned so many things which were needed. Everything was good.

A. M. Canada: I always enjoy George’s teaching. His cherish way of precision and analyzing and explaining the case comes as a real gift. Thank you, George.

A. G. Romania: Extraordinary course. High level of Homeopathic educational training. Professor Vithoulkas gives true lessons, not only of Homeopathy and medicine but life as well. He is a true inspiration. Thank you very much to Professor George Vithoulkas and all his staff.

R. H. UK: Learning about hierarchy of Health, it became more helpful for me to make it possible to ''read'' the patient when you first see them and be guided by the case itself. Working the Live Case, it has been like an adventure. Seeing the case and the problems and then finding a solution, has been the most interesting part. Going through rubrics and justified remedies, by reasoning out through knowledge of Materia Medica has been interesting, instructive and important. Working on old cases is another excellent way to deepen one's in understanding of taking a case and solving it. Listening to a great Master like George Vithoulkas is a privilege. Generally, I feel that the course is well structured, many thanks to all!













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} .block-skills-2 i:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-skills-2 .bar { border-color: #bd2626; background-color: #bd2626; } .block-capabilities h3 { color: #bd2626; } .block-capabilities-2 h3 { color: #bd2626; } .block-recent-posts .info { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-recent-posts-2:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-recent-posts-2 li .button { color: #bd2626; } .block-recent-posts-2 li .button:hover { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-recent-posts-2 .button-more { color: #bd2626; } .block-recent-posts-2 .button-more:hover { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-featured-posts .pic:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-blog-list .link { background: #bd2626; } .block-blog-list .date:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-blog-list .date-alt { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-blog-list .zoom { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-blog-grid .link { background: #bd2626; } .block-blog-grid .date:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-blog-grid .pic:hover .date { color: #bd2626; } .block-blog-grid .zoom { color: #bd2626; } .block-blog-details .date:before, .block-blog-details .reply:before, .block-blog-details .type:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-blog-details .date-alt { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-blog-details .share a:before { border-color: #bd2626; background: #bd2626; } .block-blog-details .share a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .block-blog-details .about:before { background: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-toolbar .view a:hover { border-color: #bd2626; color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-toolbar .view .active, .block-catalog-toolbar .view .active:hover { border-color: #bd2626; background: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-toolbar .direction { border-color: #bd2626; background: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-toolbar .direction:hover { color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-grid .pic:before { background: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-grid .badge { background: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-grid .price { color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-grid .owl-prev, .block-catalog-grid .owl-next { border-color: #bd2626; background: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-grid .owl-prev:hover, .block-catalog-grid .owl-next:hover { color: #bd2626;; } .block-catalog-list .pic:after { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-list .badge:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-list .price { color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-list .owl-prev, .block-catalog-list .owl-next { border-color: #bd2626; background-color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-list .owl-prev:hover, .block-catalog-list .owl-next:hover { color: #bd2626;; } .block-product-details .price { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-details .button-alt { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-details-2 .button-alt { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-details-2 .share a:before { background-color: #bd2626; box-shadow: 0 0 0 2px #bd2626; } .block-product-details-2 .share a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-info .owl-prev, .block-product-info .owl-next { border-color: #bd2626; background-color: #bd2626; } .block-product-info .owl-prev:hover, .block-product-info .owl-next:hover { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-tabs .head .active { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-tabs .head .active:before { border-top-color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart th { border-top-color: #bd2626; color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart .price { color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart .remove { border-color: #bd2626; background-color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart .remove:hover { color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart .quantity a { color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart .empty td { border-bottom-color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart-totals dd { color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart-totals .button-alt { color: #bd2626; } .block-checkout-order td:last-child { color: #bd2626; } .block-checkout-payment label { color: #bd2626; } .block-welcome .icons i:after { border-color: #bd2626; background: #bd2626; } .block-welcome .icons a:hover i { color: #bd2626; } .block-pasteboard:before { background: #bd2626; } .block-pasteboard .icons a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .block-map-3 .block-head { color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul li:after, .block-contacts ul li:before { border-color: #bd2626; background-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul li:before { background-color: #fff; } .block-contacts ul li span { border-bottom-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul .active { color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul .active:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ol { border-top-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ol li { color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ol li i:after { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-feedback .message i, .block-feedback-2 .message i { color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found h3 { color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found .pic:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found .pic div:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found-2 .button { color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found-2 .button:hover { background: #bd2626; } .block-coming-soon li:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-coming-soon-2 li:after { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories a:hover, .widget-categories { color: #bd2626; } .widget-top-posts a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .widget-text hr { border-top-color: #bd2626; } .widget-text em { color: #bd2626; } .widget-archive a:hover, .widget-archive { color: #bd2626; } .widget-tags a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories-filter a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories-filter .active { color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories-filter .active span { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-price-filter .ui-slider-range { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-price-filter .ui-slider-handle { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-color-filter .active:before { border-color: #bd2626; } .widget-top-products .pic i { background-color: #bd2626; } .main-nav ul { background-color: #bd2626; }