Students' Testimonials
IACH - Prof. G. Vithoulkas
Testimonials of the Students for the Advanced Course - 2015

Dra. Ma. G. Mo. D., Mexico: It has been a lovely experience, It exceeded all my expectations in general, to share a space with Professor Vithoulkas is so exciting and a dream came true. I hope I will be back. Thank you all!!

S.C., Croatia: The course is greatly designed for both advanced and the relative beginners. This is exactly what I needed after completing the E-learning course, to get the boarder picture, to fill in the gaps and get further clarification on different topics. Also to get in contact with more experienced homeopaths with different backgrounds and cultural set-ups. My understanding of homeopathy here became more and more live and gives me much more confidence to start practicing it. My particular fear was about treating chronic cases at the lower levels of health, resulting in strong aggravations but now the way on how to approach those became clearer and the way of using different potencies as well. I enjoyed equally both Erik's and GV's lectures and I was benefited greatly also I was inspired to come again. The environment is perfect as supports the learning, the people and the staff were very helpful all well organized, wonderful atmosphere. Thank you for enriching my knowledge and for the experience of homeopathy.

I.B., Israel: Very very good, always learning something new! To be near Vithoulkas is a great inspiration. I was very impressed by seeing what the E-learning does. Erik is a wonderful teacher!

Dra. A. V. R. V., México: I consider this is a complete course and professional and above all is practical and easy to understand. I think is very important to increase the number of cases presented by Erik Van Woensel since his way of working is interesting but would get more advantage in live. Also I consider there is a lack of repertorization classes. Personally I liked a lot VithoulkasCompass repertory, it is easy and practical but I need to familiarize with rubrics. Thanks a lot!! God bless you all for your valuable work for all of us who had the opportunity to come and receive this little peace of heaven of such rewarding teachings.

A.F., Austria: The course was very well organized! A very warm, friendly and amazing course! It is amazing how George is still able to surprise us every year with new information. Erik is a great teacher who gives us the best lessons ever. This really is the highest level of Homeopathy. I am now sure that I have to attend the E-learning. Maria and Penny were very helpful!

A.K., Russia: Thanks to Erik V.W. for giving honest, useful detailed information. Thanks so much to GV for his fantastic deep knowledge of Homeopathy, human's soul, nature and for giving this information to us. Thanks for a very kind atmosphere in the Academy.

B.F., Spain: Very well organized in general! Everything seemed to fit in perfect! Great dedication from all organizers! The only problem I had was that the internet connection failed quite a bit and made it hard to stay in the VithoulkasCompass. Went out and could not get in on general occasions. I learnt so much in such a short time! I am ready to start the E-learning and get back into Homeopathy! Thank you very much for all your effort. Hope to come back next year!

P.B., Croatia: The course was a wonderful experience. It was a great pleasure to listen to Prof.Vithoulkas live. He is truly the best homeopath and teacher. I hope to be here again next year.

F.M., Austria: Erik made me feel like "I can do this". So for a long time I am looking for that. I have to learn structure and clarity. I will start the E-learning as fast as possible. I am very happy for this!

Dr R.B.P, Nepal: Excellent! A dream came true! Learning from Prof. Vithoulkas and also by Erik was inspiring for going deeper and harder to Homeopathy. I wish to be here again and again.

L. C. I., Spain: To me this has been a superior level course focused in real cases and live patients, like Erik's case with all the evolution removing layers to demonstrate importance of homeopathy to help people's health, reaching fears and all levels. I was also excited sharing with professionals from all over the world. My congratulations to Professor Vithoulkas for the way of transmit his wisdom with all his love.  I would like to I thank also Jorge Carlos for his fantastic translation and to all the team of the academy for all their help and comprehension.  I desire to come back next year to the Spanish course. Thank you. My love for everybody.

M. R. P., Spain: I just want to thank to Professor Vithoulkas and all his team because I can learn so much and by how well they treat us and most important to me is the goal, is the love that Professor transmit through homeopathy. I think this is the only mission we have as humans if we want to live in health and to die in peace. My most sincere appreciation.

I. K., Spain: Very well organized course. The best professors, high level of teaching! Even though there were a lot of people I felt like home, very familiar. Thank you also to VithoulkasCompass team, very kind and always willing to help.

A.I.N, Portugal: This is the third time I'm here and every time I love it more and more. Particularly, this year I found the teachings more accurate and profound. The energy of the people who work in the Academy is wonderful and very high. I felt myself very happy and very grateful to Maria and George for the rare friendship to me. I felt so good that it was hard to go back home. I felt I have learned a lot. Lots of things to study and think deeper. Thanks very much from the bottom of my heart.

Flora Isabel C. A., Costa Rica: The course fulfilled all my expectations. The presence of many nationalities gave us the opportunity to interact with so many cultures and thoughts. Erik's classes very important to handle cases and gave us different methodologies for the case. Most important for me are Professor Vithoulkas teachings enriching and strengthens us with his thoughts and his special way of being so ethical and with an energy that makes us grow more and more as human beings. Thank you Professor Vithoulkas.

Dra. A. A. E. R., Mexico: It is very good. I liked it a lot.

Dra. C. C. C., México. Very interesting to listening and to know people from other countries, their culture, experiences, life style, the way Professor Vithoulkas takes the case with live patients is a wonderful experience and to know him personally was really exciting!!

Dr. G. P. P., México: It is very good course because it takes us step by step, surprising us and teaching us wit new cases each time. The formality of standards in homeopathic medicine is something never given and to me as homeopath is something extraordinary. Thank you. 

G.P., Serbia: I was delighted to be in a course with Prof.Vithoulkas and to be directly inspired by his great passion for Classical Homeopathy. His clear mind gave us the right instructions for understanding the process of healing and complete the right approach to the patient. I loved the lecture of Erik very much and I am sure it will help me a lot to improve my results. Thank you for the welcoming atmosphere

L. H. R., Spain: I loved this course; it has been compelling to learn so many technical details with Erik. To drink from the wisdom of Professor Vithoulkas. To listen to the practical master Jorge Carlos giving Levels of Health. I follow all classes but Organon, which cost me a little more. Thank you.

R. R. R., Spain: I started few months ago with E- learning and the course has helped me to understand better the possibilities of homeopathy. I consider essential this course to complete the formation that we receive at distance. It is a pleasure to be present at the teachings of Professor Vithoulkas. I thank you for the good organization of the course. 

M.A.P.S., Spain: It is a course of high level of knowledge of homeopathy. The possibility to share with students of so many countries has excited me deeply. This is my first time and surely won't be the last. Thanks to all the team that makes possible this transmission of life and love for the profession.

Dr. D. U. R., México: Excellent! This course enriched my knowledge and clarified many doubts; I realized what I am lacking of and what I need to study more.

A. G. A., Spain: I found it very good, I would have liked a little philosophy; Erik's work is very good and the development of the cases. The classroom was very hot therefore I was sleepy. Thank you for everything and I hope to come back.

F. C. M., Spain: Exceptional!! The development of the course was very good. I thank you. It has been an honor for me to be attended once again for Professor Vithoulkas. I have no words... I will be forever grateful for all your great work.

Dra. M. S. Q. de T., Bolivia: The course was rich in knowledge, experience and impressions. It was punctual, well organized, nice people well educated, excellent academic. Professor Vithoulkas shined as all professors, also the E-learning staff, the VithoulkasCompass staff was present all the time available for everybody.

V.W., Sweden: The teaching is excellent. Prof. Vithoulkas with all the experience and the enthusiasm. Erik's teaching step by step he shows us how to handle a case-this combination is the best. I also appreciate very much to see Dr Mahesh presenting very impressive cases. To meet so many people form different cultures was great! Dr Bhatia and Dr Rajesh from Nepal had interesting presentations. A very nice group all together. I would have liked to do more Organon, the language is difficult so to get the explanations is valuable. The team at the Academy always does a fantastic job. Penny and all the others are so helpful and supportive. Maria is doing such a great job, so positive, connecting people and very creative in advertising Homeopathy. Thank you all so much.

M.B., India: I enjoyed the course very much. It was well organized and structured. Erik's in depth case analysis was very insightful and George's live cases were the best way to learn Homeopathy! Excellent!

P.M., Perú: It is a course that gives us extensive knowledge in homeopathy. It gives us also a good methodology in the repertorization of a case and levels of health theory, as well as basis for classical homeopathy in clinical practice. I am very satisfied, and leave the course full of knowledge to study more and more with the hope to come every year to continue with more autonomy to be a good homeopath.

N. C., Spain: -All teachers were perfect. Thank you.

Dra. I. Z. de D., Bolivia: This course fulfilled my expectations, I left astonished with Professor Vithoulkas expertise. For us was difficult the time zone change in order to be in our best to absorb all the knowledge. I am grateful for everything. This course gave me the opportunity to have a better knowledge.

A. L. L., México: I enjoyed a lot this course with Professor Vithoulkas teachings. My purpose now is to begin with the E-learning. I am very motivated to learn and to listen Professor Vithoulkas. I want to offer a good homeopathy to my patients. Thank you.

Dr. S. A. S., México: I have been very happy in this course which is unique in his content, didactic and comprehensive; with my regular experience I can value a lot George Vithoulkas teachings, I read his first book back in the 60 and now that this opportunity arises here we are my wife and I. We have already been subscribed to VithoulkasCompass and E-learning. I have been here 3 times.

M. de L. C. R., México: I would like to see more and more cases. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

J. A. C., México: Excellent course, as always high quality, interesting cases. I learned a lot. I am very satisfied. It was worth. 

M. C., Spain: Very good and interesting. I want to come again next year.

G. A. G., Spain: - It has been a real discord for me. I am about to finish a homeopathy post-grade and I can say categorically that I have no idea at all what real homeopathy was. I thank to God that allowed me to come to Alonissos to discover a way full of true and love and with many efforts I could help my patients. Thanks to Professor Vithoulkas for all that he gives and because he continues helping people to be better every time

H.S., Germany: The course was very well organized! The teachers were able to make it comprehensive to students to all levels, although it was an advanced course. Receiving this level of teaching from Prof. Vithoulkas and Erik is challenging and demanding. But every time I come here I go home as a better Homeopath. May we all pray that Prof.Vithoulkas can go on passing on his tremendous knowledge and experience to us. Many thanks to Maria, Penny, Christos, Panos, Giannis and Dimitris. You are a fantastic team. The IACH is a meeting place for homeopaths from all over the world where we can share our experience and progress together on the path of healing. I am delighted that I can be a part of this.

G.R., Spain: This course in general was very positive; I highlight the intensity and content of all course and professors. I also learned a lot with classmates’ questions. I than a lot to Professor Vithoulkas and all his staff.

H.V.B., Netherlands: This was my 5th course in Alonissos. The course was inspiring again. It is great to have the opportunity to see the case taking of Prof. Vithoulkas. I learned a lot of the extensive and elaborate analysis of the paper cases of Erik. I really enjoyed the course. There is always room for improvement. I would like it if all students had a nametag with name and country, the other presentations were also interesting but I would prefer to begin earlier so the lessons start on time.

F. I. M. C., Costa Rica: The organization was very excellent. The topics interesting, the methodology allowed us to assimilate content. I learned new strategies that will help me a lot. I am so happy; to come to Alonissos was a God's gift. I learned to use VithoulkasCompass, All the staff excellent. I congratulate you all. Thank you!  

S. G. N., Chile: Magisterial Erik's classes!! Many thanks to Professor Vithoulkas for make us live a fuller life. I love you all. Thank you!!

K.H., Costa Rica: The whole course has been of great advantage. The live cases with Professor Vithoulkas with great value, I have learned so much. Many thanks.

R. F. G., Spain: I am so happy for coming to this course. It is my first time and the methodology of study that I have seen is very useful in follow-ups of difficult cases since this is frequent in consultation. To see cases with so many years of evolution proves theory. I congratulate to Professor Vithoulkas for finding a methodology so good and positive. Thank you a lot.

J.L.G.C., México: Excellent content and follow-ups. Congratulations to the organization of the e-learning program.  

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background: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-grid .owl-prev:hover, .block-catalog-grid .owl-next:hover { color: #bd2626;; } .block-catalog-list .pic:after { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-list .badge:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-list .price { color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-list .owl-prev, .block-catalog-list .owl-next { border-color: #bd2626; background-color: #bd2626; } .block-catalog-list .owl-prev:hover, .block-catalog-list .owl-next:hover { color: #bd2626;; } .block-product-details .price { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-details .button-alt { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-details-2 .button-alt { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-details-2 .share a:before { background-color: #bd2626; box-shadow: 0 0 0 2px #bd2626; } .block-product-details-2 .share a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-info .owl-prev, .block-product-info .owl-next { border-color: #bd2626; background-color: #bd2626; } .block-product-info .owl-prev:hover, .block-product-info .owl-next:hover { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-tabs .head .active { color: #bd2626; } .block-product-tabs .head .active:before { border-top-color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart th { border-top-color: #bd2626; color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart .price { color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart .remove { border-color: #bd2626; background-color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart .remove:hover { color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart .quantity a { color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart .empty td { border-bottom-color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart-totals dd { color: #bd2626; } .block-shopping-cart-totals .button-alt { color: #bd2626; } .block-checkout-order td:last-child { color: #bd2626; } .block-checkout-payment label { color: #bd2626; } .block-welcome .icons i:after { border-color: #bd2626; background: #bd2626; } .block-welcome .icons a:hover i { color: #bd2626; } .block-pasteboard:before { background: #bd2626; } .block-pasteboard .icons a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .block-map-3 .block-head { color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul li:after, .block-contacts ul li:before { border-color: #bd2626; background-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul li:before { background-color: #fff; } .block-contacts ul li span { border-bottom-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul .active { color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ul .active:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ol { border-top-color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ol li { color: #bd2626; } .block-contacts ol li i:after { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-feedback .message i, .block-feedback-2 .message i { color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found h3 { color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found .pic:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found .pic div:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found-2 .button { color: #bd2626; } .block-not-found-2 .button:hover { background: #bd2626; } .block-coming-soon li:before { background-color: #bd2626; } .block-coming-soon-2 li:after { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories a:hover, .widget-categories { color: #bd2626; } .widget-top-posts a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .widget-text hr { border-top-color: #bd2626; } .widget-text em { color: #bd2626; } .widget-archive a:hover, .widget-archive { color: #bd2626; } .widget-tags a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories-filter a:hover { color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories-filter .active { color: #bd2626; } .widget-categories-filter .active span { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-price-filter .ui-slider-range { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-price-filter .ui-slider-handle { background-color: #bd2626; } .widget-color-filter .active:before { border-color: #bd2626; } .widget-top-products .pic i { background-color: #bd2626; } .main-nav ul { background-color: #bd2626; }