Copyright policy

The material on this site is copyrighted by Prof. George Vithoulkas.

Note: Prof Vithoulkas' biography information and photograph can be freely used, without prior notice.

We get a lot of letters from people asking if they can link to pages on, mirror them, do translations, etc. Here is our policy:


  • You may freely link to any portion of this site that you wish.
  • You may freely copy up to five (5) pages of your choice to your website, without contacting us - however it is required that you:
  • 1) add two (2) clickable links to each page/article copied. One link pointing to must be placed at the very top of the article/page that you copied, along with the title. The second clickable link should be placed at the bottom of each page you copied, and must pointing to the exact article/page on the website.

    2) The article/page should be copied as is, that means, in its original form. You are not allowed to alter any words/content of the article.

    3) You must time-stamp the page you copied (ie include the date you copied the article), so that if it falls behind the evolving version on readers will have some warning.


  • You may not redistribute static copies (print copies) without Prof. George Vithoulkas' express permission.
  • If you want to do a translation, go ahead, we give permission, as long as you include the two links as described above, and you send us an email to check out the articles.
  • However, if in a specific page on it is stated that you can not copy that page, then you may not copy it or translate it. These pages have been clearly marked as such at the top or bottom of the page.
  • If your site includes Astrology or Pornography, you may NOT copy any of pages.