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After the launching of the groundbreaking E-learning program by IACH the Vithoulkas Compass is the latest effort of Professor George Vithoulkas to help the professional homeopaths.

The Vithoulkas Compass: a sophisticated software program to assist the homeopaths in finding the correct remedy.

Homeopathy is the alternative that is spreading worldwide and is spreading fast. We need to improve our tools and especially to increase the effectiveness in treating acute and chronic cases. Out of my deep concern for the future of homeopathy I have assisted in the creation of this software program, which I believe will help spreading the science of homeopathy by making it more effective.

In the last 3 years I have been working closely with a team of talented people to prepare a tool that will decisively help the serious homeopath in taking a complete case, and selecting the correct remedy. It is a tool that imitates my thinking process and makes my expertise available to those homeopaths who are really concerned about the health of their patients and tries to provide assistance for finding the best possible remedy.

This tool is ready and its performance is remarkable, according to the comments of a lot of users. I strongly believe that it will significantly elevate the level of practice of the homeopaths who will use it.

It is accessible through the internet at and combines accuracy in finding the correct remedy along with the possibility for differential analysis.

As an internet service one can use it from anywhere at only a modest cost. And there is more to it: through the constant analysis of cases entered, it will help in materializing my idea of the “confirmed repertory” and ultimately act as a central repository for “reliable and confirmed” homeopathic symptoms.

In the recent past I have provided for the profession the now well-known E-learning program of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy that gives the basic information for a thorough learning of classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy. Yet the finding of the correct remedy is many times a difficult task, not only for the beginner homeopath but for the expert as well. That is where this new tool will facilitate enormously, in the struggle of the homeopath for perfection.
I am sure that the combination of these two programs will give you the power to elevate your practice to a whole new level while helping the spreading of classical homeopathy that nowadays is being challenged.

I suggest that you experience Vithoulkas Compass and judge for yourself the results it can bring to your practice. I am confident that you will be positively surprised.

Best Regards,
Professor George Vithoulkas
Alonissos June 2012