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The definition of an ideal state of health according to Prof. George Vithoulkas


Definition of Health

The person who is really healthy on all three levels of his being physical emotional and mental has:

  • Freedom from pain on the physical level with a feeling of well being,
  • Freedom from passions on the emotional level with a state of dynamic calmness
  • Freedom from egotism and selfishness on the mental level while the person feels unity with Truth or God or the world of ideas.


This is a 26 minute-long video from one of Prof Vithoulkas' live courses at Alonissos, where describes in detail the new definition of health

You can find more videos by prof G. Vithoulkas on our Homeopathy Video Courses page.

There is a possibility that a person will be healthy on one level while on another level can be extremely sick.

The fact is that there has never been given in medical Universities the definition of health. This matter is of extreme importance for a medical doctor who is supposed to take a sick person from illness and disease towards health. If we could define correctly what is health then and only then we can know whether after a specific treatment we take a person from a diseased state to a healthier state.

For instance according to this definition a person who takes cortizon for an inflamation of one of his joints and after that treatment develops depression has not been better really but actually is worse as his emotional level is affected (anxiety depression irritability). Or if his mental state is afected with confusion loss of memory etc in spite of the fact that the paininflamation goes away. On the contrary we must admit that we have done a diservice to such a person and led him from a relative suprficial problem to a deeper and more serioous health hazard.


Measure of health

The Measure of health is according to the creativity of the person. But a creativity that is useful for the person himself but also to an equal degree for the society.


For the reader who wants to know more about these matters should read my books 'Homeopathy Medicine of the Millenium' or 'A New Model of Health and Disease' both available from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.