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Can we afford to be so superficial?

by Prof. George Vithoulkas

A few days ago I received a new proving of Thiosinamine from the "North West College of Homeopathy" Manchester, England co-ordinated by Tony Grinney, in which I read the following unbelievable passage:

"Prover 105, who was getting placebo, (actually the provers were 9 and one placebo) produced a lot of symptoms which also seem to fit with the overall remedy picture. This at first hand seems unusual, but may be explained in that those involved in the proving were students from the college.

Sankaran has talked about "communal consciousness" and the students were known to each other and used to meet at college monthly, so there was a communal experience in which the provers and the supervisors were involved. It is possible in such a situation that despite the fact that 105 was given placebo, she may have developed symptoms of the proving by being part of the group and college community involved in the proving."!!!

It is unbelievable that in our times due to the new ideas by new teachers people have come to believe such trash.

In a proving you have the same or similar symptoms of those with verum with those with placebo, the logical conclusion should be that such symptoms do not belong to the remedy but rather to the environmental or circumstantial or to psychological conditions (hysteria, ecstasy, fear, anxiety etc.) but surely not to the remedy!

It is really pathetic that somebody managed to persuade quite a few of the poor novices in homeopathy that the symptoms of those with placebo can belong also to the proving of the remedy through a metaphysical medium!

The damage of such provings is double:

a. When serious people in medicine or health authorities are hearing such absurdities no body can blame them for resisting acceptance of homeopathy and distancing from us.

b. Every remedy, when proven in a proper way, is going to give a group of reliable symptoms. But if already exists a false proving with imaginary symptoms there is going to be a tremendous confusion to the students as to what are the actual symptoms that belong to the remedy.

I have copied some passages from the proving to show the absurdities:

"I feel I am getting lots of useful information from unexpected sources at the moment "

"I've been thinking about getting my hair cut professionally for the last two weeks and today a new patient, a very high class stylist and gave me some advice- although it wasn't asked for! It felt like a wonderful timing--a spur in the right direction."

"I noticed the sense of depression that I used to get briefly on cooking has not been there since taking the remedy"

"Quite excited at the thought of going away for the weekend"

"Feeling very happy and contented and grounded, and noticing others being more frazzled than usual." ( 00:XX:XX ) This quotation in the bracket means that the prover felt this sensation in no time, immediately after taking the remedy!!

In the proving they claim that the Theme is "waiting patiently" or "wasted time": here is prover 104 "Two patients haven't shown this morning, so I've had two hours of waiting for them with no time to get on with anything else. That's wasted time"

"I feel I have been waiting for something dramatic to happen with the proving but it is not and I need to reconcile myself"

How can such reactions be noted down as proving symptoms, only God knows.

The bulk of the "recorded symptoms" is of a similar quality and obviously belong to the circumstances and the psychological state of the provers at that moment.

When such events are announced with a "Press Release" as if they were important events for homeopathy, then it is time that some critical voices that remained silent until now, are vehemently raised.