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Master of Science in Homeopathy MSc

By the Aegean University.
You can read more on the official page of the University.

The submission procedure begins 01.06.2011 . Applications will be accepted until 02.09.2011.


The purpose of the MSc course is the transfer of theoretical and applicable knowledge in an interdisciplinary area of holistic alternative therapeutic systems and especially that of Classical Homeopathy, as well as the definition of its role in the area of Health. The MSc course aims to participate in the nurturing of this area seeking to achieve:

    a) the postgraduate specialisation of medical doctors and dentists which will lead to the gaining of the equivalent of the Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma in the theory and application of holistic alternative therapeutic systems and in particular in Classical Homeopathy

    b) the defence of doctoral dissertations in the general area of design theory and complex systems application and more specifically in the disciplinary area of holistic alternative therapeutic systems and Classical Homeopathy, along with subjects that are directly or indirectly relevant to Systems Theory / Systems Thinking and in general Theories of Complex systems (Autonomy, Self Organisation / Autopoietic, Adaptable systems) and Biosemiotics and its role in the theoretical underpinnings and applications of Classical Homeopathy and holistic alternative therapeutic systems

    c) The organisation of knowledge in the area of holistic alternative therapeutic systems and in particular in Classical Homeopathy at an academic level in Greece according to the specifications and guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Union. The expected consequence will be part of the more general recognition and structuring of, as well as the formal establishment of the knowledge content of Classical Homeopathy and its applications.

    d) The creation and application of an established recognised accredited programme for the better postgraduate education of scientific and research personnel for this knowledge area at an international level and in cooperation with higher education institutions both in Greece and abroad.

Scientific discipline

The basic building block of the scientific discipline of the postgraduate MSc is holistic theory, and by extension, interdisciplinarity. It includes knowledge areas such as Systems Theory / Systems Thinking Theories of Complex systems, Biosystems, Biosemiotics, etc. These components show the breadth of the interdisciplinary area within which a MSc course on holistic alternative therapeutic systems such as Classical Homeopathy should be based, and indicate the need for its establishment in a clear interdisciplinary space which exceeds the above mentioned areas and whose nucleus is the holistic nature of the systemic approach.


Admission criteria for the MSc

The postgraduate studies programme leading to the MSc accepts candidates who have a first degree in Medicine or Dentistry recognised by the Greek NARIC, as laid down in the conditions of Greek Law 2083/1992

All candidates should submit within the deadline their candidature to the Postgraduate Secretariat of the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering. The submission requires the following documentation.



  • a certified copy of the candidate's medical or dentistry degree
  • a certified copy of all grades awarded in degree examinations
  • a detailed CV
  • a photocopy of national identity card, or passport
  • Four (4) recent photographs

    In cases where the candidate's degree has been awarded by a University or Higher Education Institute outside of Greece, the relevant documentation certifying equivalence must also be submitted.