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I.S., Romania: The level of this course is very high. It was more than I expected. The manner of teaching was very accurate with many practical examples. The answers given by Prof.Vithoulkas and Prof.J.Kavouras were very clear. I am very pleasured that I participated in this course. Thank you very much!

S.C.N., Romania: I've got the answers to all my questions I had in mind. You clarified many situations, about my cases. The course was very structured, complete, as it was promised.

V.M., Romania: The course is fine and good for me. I am in the beginning of Homeopathy and I am happy to be here! I wish to meet you next year more healthy and happy!

A.U., Austria: It is a very pleasure to be at the Academy! Prof.Vithoulkas explains a lot and I could listen to him in an endless way. Someone can learn a lot! Thank you!

F.M., Romania: I am real a beginner! The course was fantastic! I started to understand for the first time the human being. I learned a lot. Prof.Vithoulkas is a master. I wish to come next year and continue to study. The most important thing is that I started to understand myself!

B.K., Austria: Cases analysis, super amazing! Thank you George!

K.S., Austria: Dear George, it's a pleasure for me to be a student of your Academy! Maybe I will come next year and learn more!

S.R., USA: Excellent material! Excellent teacher!

J.D., Czech Republic: I like this course very much! The best for me is to see how George is taking the cases. But the theory is also very interesting too and very important for me! Thank you very much for this course.

S.R, Romania: I feel very glad and honored to hear and study with Prof.Kavouras and Prof.Vithoulkas, great teachers, amazing teaching. Your classes have been very clear and useful for me. Thank you very much. I will look forward to be back next year!

C.V.S., Romania: I was very impressed by Prof. Vithoulkas and Prof.Kavouras. I feel it changed completely my medical teaching way. The classes are a blessing for the medical spirit and I will participate in all the classes in Romania or in Greece.

Z.S., Romania: I am very happy that my first experience with homeopathy was through Prof.Vithoulkas and Prof.Kavouras. It was a revealing experience for me and I learned a lot for myself. I feel like I start a new chapter in my life. I am grateful for everything you share with us and I hope some day to do the same. Thank you very much for this amazing experience.

A.K., Romania: I am excited about all the knowledge you share with us. I know that I am in the best place to learn about Homeopathy. I consider all the lessons were excellent and the most effective to learn the remedies and to understand how the immune system is working. All the live cases and the explanations of Prof.Vithoulkas are of tremendous values and I appreciate all the most valuable experience with us.

I.K., Latvia: I enjoyed the course. I like Dr Kavouras' exercises-they were amazing-I like the video course and the explanation by Dr Kavouras. I liked the procedure how Prof.Vithoulkas found the remedy. Thank you very much for this course.

D.F., Romania: For me, this course was one of the most beautiful and profound experience of my life. It confirmed to me the feeling that a healing medicine is a holistic and integrative one, but this truth was put on a scientific base. I admire the genius of Prof.Vithoulkas and how deep and clear is the model of levels of health. I appreciate very much the teaching style of Prof. Kavouras and the way of how he challenged us and kept us on fire. I am grateful to all staff of the Academy who made possible this course.

C.C, Romania: I loved very much the course, even if I have seen it on video in Romania. I must confess that I 've been thinking to have 1-2 days off to go to the sea but truly I didn't want to take one minute off the lesson! I also want to say that if the class is good, that is because the Romanian Professors who made the course of Competence in Homeopathy in Romania (and other countries also) have already studied with Prof.Vithoulkas and Prof. Kavouras. So the level of the class is somehow related to their knowledge they gave us before. I am thankful that I have discovered this clear and scientific homeopathy and I hope it will finally help me to overcome all my fears of not harming people and to prescribe correctly. And I am also very enchanted of all the information beyond Materia Medica and the humans beyond all this.

L.L., Romania: For me this course was a chance to remember so many things that I 've read and clarify so many questions. Prof. George Vithoulkas has given us in every evening, lessons about homeopathy, about life and most of all about how to help ourselves to achieve a better level of health. Thank you Professor. Prof.Kavouras help us to understand the difficult points of the lessons. Thank you.

G.P., Romania: The structure of the course is very good. It is very useful for us the alternation between theory, materia medica and cases. The live cases and the algorithm of diagnosis, discussions of cases are very interesting and important for us. The way of teaching is very nice. God bless you with health, power and happiness! Thank you!

R.P., Romania: The course reconfirmed me that the homeopathy is the best method of treatment. After this course, I see more clearly how we can manage a case. Thank you very much because you bring me again the hope I can help people because I also observed that allopathic treatment doesn't cure, it can damage sometimes. I am grateful because you bring me again the hope we can make something to open the eyes of the authorities to stop the damage. This is possible if we are good doctors and if we are a lot. So we can make something to preserve the equilibrium and harmony of the nature.

V.V., Romania: It was a very nice and complete course of homeopathy. It is very important for all doctors in the world. Thank you Prof.George Vithoulkas and Prof. Jorgos Kavouras. Thank you for all the staff of the Academy in Alonissos.

C.A., Romania: For a long time I was in a confusion how to take a homeopathic case but now after this course everything seems much more clear. Prof. Vithoulkas and Jorgos Kavouras helped me develop my spirit of observation and attention. I am very thankful and grateful to both of them. Prof. Kavouras knows how to make someone attentive and has very good and clear explanations. Homeopathy made me to accept the people as they are and try to understand them better in order to help them.

N.M., Romania: Homeopathy in Alonissos is the greatest medical experience I have ever lived since now. I rediscovered medicine in another way, another perspective more natural and logical. I was surprised by the cases presented, they were very interesting and at the same time very constructive. Some of them were a little difficult cases and as a beginner I was scared but then I thought that it was very important to see how Prof. Vithoulkas thinks about the case. I love the classes with full of information, very good explained and it is unbelievable that in a short time we discovered and received such a lot information. At the end I would like to thank and give all my appreciation to both of my professors, Prof.Vithoulkas and Prof.J.Kavouras, they were brilliant!

C.K., Romania: First of all, I want to thank for everything. When I decided to participate in the course I couldn't imagine that it is possible to learn so much in such a short time. This course changed my point of view in many ways. For me as a beginner it was very easy to follow, even if it was in English. Most of all I liked the cases because there I could practice what we have learned day by day and at the same time to teach myself. I liked the "step by step" learning with a part of theory and a part of practice by the cases. I want to thank GV for this pleasurable art of Homeopathy and his experience that he shared with us about life about the cases etc. I am very impressed by the way of thinking! I am one of the beginners and I am glad that I decided to practice Homeopathy in the dental cabinet and not allopathic medicine. Finally I want to say that I had two exceptional weeks with special people who impressed me and from whom I learned a lot. Thank you a lot.

M.F., Romania: I am very happy for the chance which has been given to be able to attend the course. Everything was very interesting full and very good information presented beautifully and in academic way. Both Professors made me love Homeopathy more and become interested about it. I want to thank our wonderful teachers and I am looking forward being here next year.

M.B., Romania: I have no words to comment all is happening here. My mind has opened to Homeopathy, it is an unexpected bioenergy, high levels of energy on this island. A lot of energy also by the teachers. The courses are well organized, they are excellent! And the translation was also very clear and the place is perfect and everything! I liked the especially the information about divinity, energy relationships and spiritual evolution! Thank you very much! You both are the best teachers in my life! You both and the team who made all this possible happen in such a high level.

F.A., Romania: This course really opened my mind. The explanation for this is maybe quiet simple: the wonderful location, the extraordinary way of teaching by very competent Professors, a lot of information that I never heard. From our educational point of view I think that these two weeks are equivalent to two years of learning in a University. I liked that these courses were very interactive, that our opinions were always respected and the feedback from us was immediately integrated in the lessons. You could maximize our capacities of learning by stimulating constantly different parts of our fields of interests. Only appreciation and admiration for your performance.

C.M.S., Romania: Although I have attended the Complete Course last year, I strongly felt that I have to come again and again to the Academy, where I think it is the best place where Homeopathy is taught clear a and professionally. Prof.Vithoulkas, as always, was in great shape and shared with all his love his knowledge and personal experience. No doubt that Dr Jorgos Kavouras is one of the best homeopaths, but in the course he also proved that he was also a great teacher. Information was given with professionalism with patience with a love for sharing. He also managed to make us a compact group. He taught us how to think, to learn even to breath together. Dr.J.Kavouras managed to read my mind but also my heart. I am full of love, appreciation and gratitude. A big thanks to you because you showed us in detail, step by step how the Professor thinks when he is taking a case. I find that Prof.Vithoulkas together with Prof.Kavouras is the most inspiring couple to teach Homeopathy.

C.H.B., Romania: I have started the Complete Course of Homeopathy on tapes in Romania in 2003 but I didn't understand all and I wasn't prepared for all this knowledge. I began to practice Homeopathy in the last years so I decided that it is the first time to come and hear and see from the best again the hall information. This time I understood better the theory and the remedies. Thank you Prof.Vithoulkas; and thank you Prof.Kavouras because you explained again and step by step the tape each time you thought that is more difficult to understand. The cases were educational and it was a real pleasure to assist at the interview and analysis of each one. Thank you for all.

O.L., Romania: It is the fifth time that I come in Alonissos at the Academy and only I am starting to ask myself questions, profound questions as a teacher. I ask myself what exactly is the connection between the performance of the teacher and the dynamic of the group of students. Is there a spirit of a group? A harmony of the group which influences? It is a fact that this year, more than in the years before Prof.G.Vithoulkas was in a great shape! The way he explained in details how he thinks and how he finds the similimumwas magnificent but also profound.The clearness , the logic of the explanation, the professional way of Prof.Kavouras to explain what Prof. Vithoulkas was teaching on the videos was extraordinary. I hope he will keep his professionalism and also his humility. If we wish Homeopathy to remain healthy and able to heal in this extremely sick world the teachers, George and Jorgos should remain the harmony we all need.

Z.G., Romania: This course was a reconfirmation, on impulse and a great joy. It reconfirmed me that the human being is a very complex creation, more complex than the conventional medicine claims to be. It gave me courage and the impulse to step on the homeopathic path and overwhelmed my soul with a big joy, it made me full. I 've learned from both teachers that you have to be a good student all your life, to always be honest with yourself and with those whom you treat, those whom you teach and above all those how to think in homeopathy and how to feel the remedy, how to give your knowledge and experience to all those who are willing to learn. Prof.Kavouras had clarified, organized and consolidated the things I knew and he is an example of dedication. Thank you for guiding my steps in Homeopathy! I hope to be able to see each other next year!

L.B.C., Romania: I felt like a newborn when I entered in the Homeopathy world. I didn't practice homeopathy until now. In my opinion, both professors had a very good impact on me. Prof. Kavouras succeeded to present very systematically both theory and Materia Medica. The lectures were very informative, he perceived the energy of the class and also successfully maintained the energy of the participants. He is a very good teacher. Prof. G.Vithoulkas: emotions, peace in heart wisdom, joy when I first saw him. For me, this way of teaching was a lesson of Homeopathy as well as a lesson of life. The lectures are very beneficial helping me find my priorities in life and also my future orientations in my profession. It is a pleasure for mind and soul to be able to listen to him and share from his huge experience in Homeopathy.

J.K., Romania: It was a very good course. In a short time we learned a lot of things. I hope to come next year with more homeopathic experience. Thanks for all!

C.V., Romania: Very good impression! Thank you very much! This course was an essential impulse for me! Thank you again.

O.S., Romania: I have attended this video course in Romania a few years ago, so it was a very good moment to repeat Materia Medica, to go more deep in the symptoms of remedies. It was also a very great pleasure to listen to the theory that I perceived as amazing for the first time and now I understand it better. Besides these, it was the presence of Dr Vithoulkas with his interesting comments and his big experience which succeeded to fix in our minds the acquiring knowledge by giving us examples, jokes cases that he had and answered in a very clear manner. Also, I am very thankful to Prof.Vithoulkas for his wisdom and understanding of life and because he succeeded to make us more open to feel the life and the important things.

M.B., Romania: I think this is the best place to learn Homeopathy and I feel very lucky and grateful because I had the chance to start learning here. I believe here we are taught the real Homeopathy and also the true medicine, which takes into account also the mental and emotional parts of human being. I always believed that teachers play a great part in such evolving process and I am sure we have the best teachers here. I enjoyed very much the way in which Prof.Vithoulkas explains takes into account the complexity of an organism and also the fact that he shares with us his ideas and the way in which we should take a case. I want to thank him for his dedication, joy and wisdom. I also like the way in which doctor Kavouras explains and extends the ideas presented. The facts that he puts passion in his teaching and I think he is the best person that could explain what the professor teaches us because he never gave up learning from him. I deeply agree and believe in the idea that both of them expressed to us: Never stop learning! I want to thank them from my bottom of my heart!

S.P., Romania: I am glad I could be here where I can learn the clearest Homeopathy. The course was very well structured. Prof.J.Kavouras is a teacher who knows how to approach students who knows very well how to explain. Thank you for everything and see you next year!
P.K., Austria: Well-perfect organization and kind staff make it comfortable for listening and following the lectures. Thank you very much!

A.B., Romania: The course is very interesting for my practice in Homeopathy. Materia Medica is present essential and keynote about homeopathic remedies. Very interesting is live cases and the mode of anamnesis of the homeopathy. Congratulations to all the work of Prof. George Vithoulkas and Prof.Jorgos Kavouras.

C.K., Romania: I hope that in the future we find healthy treatments in our cabinet. We learned a lot and we learned what is important in life. I really enjoyed the lessons. I learned a lot about life.

H.W., Australia: I found the teacher enthusiastic and passionate for this field of medicine. I shall take this information in Australia. I now have a deeper insight into the magic and science of homeopathy. Looking forward for the next adventure year. The stories and insights were very informative. Thank you for your knowledge.

A.M., Romania: I love everything about this course. I feel that we gave and received a lot of love and understanding. I learned things about Homeopathy and about life. Thank you.

C.S., Romania: I think that the teaching method of the course is excellent. Diverse topics, jokes and the relaxation technique made me focus all the time! This theory is new for me. It is everything I have learnt so far... Thank you for everything!

N.P., Romania: A very good course. For the first time in my life I didn't get bored with the studying. I would appreciate if we would have take a test with the first remedies we learnt. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the greatest teacher in Homeopathy and from one of his best students who is also a very good teacher!

D.V.C, Romania: I enjoyed very much the teaching of the theory accompanied by good explanations of Prof.Vithoulkas-they made very clear some points in which I was confused before. The live cases are the best way to learn how to take a case, thank you Prof.Vithoulkas for sharing with us the magic way of taking a case. Nobody before taught us like this. If it was possible to have more live cases it would be fantastic!

T.S., Romania: I want to thank God and you for this course! It was the most interesting course with the best teachers. I discovered the true method of the treatment and I hopefully will help many people to get well. I finally understood what healthy mind. In healthy body I found the answer to many questions. I understand what is being fully human and consciousness is and how it works. Much information in a short time. I look forward to returning next year. Congratulations to the organizers. God be with all of us!

I.H, Austria: I am attending this complete course for the second time now because I really appreciate the way Jorgos Kavouras is teaching. There are not many who teach Homeopathy in such a clear and consistent way. Also I appreciate very much how he follows George Vithoulkas' ideas so many years now. This is a very lively teaching, it is very good how he combines GV theory with latest experiences, research etc.

M.M., Romania: It was a very good experience, a very good course that changed me and I feel now that I am a better person with more positive energy and how to cure in a better way people. I admire the life experience, the wisdom of Prof.Vithoulkas and the energy, the clarity of teaching, the sensibility of Prof. Kavouras, it was a good combination. I liked the short stories, the jokes, the way was prepared the course, it was the best way to keep our attention. I hope to return next year more clever, with better English. Thank you all who made this happened.

T.T., Romania: I followed your courses with great emotion and with tears in my eyes. Your honesty impressed me a lot. I wish you to have a good health, also to your family to have a long, long life and God bless you.

C.B., Romania: I am very beginner. This course is my first contact with Homeopathy. I learnt a lot in this 2 weeks and now I know this is my way. My standards are very high now because you are the "masters".

V.R., Romania: This course has given me a new prospective on life and on our health. The information was preserved very clearly and structured and scientifically substantiated. I am very pleased that I managed to get here and cannot wait to return next year. My wish is to see Prof. Vithoulkas more often to learn from him, to learn to think as he does.

D.C., Romania: I like very much the conclusion that Prof.Kavouras is making at the final of every remedy Materia Medica. The homeopathic stories are very interesting and have the role of preserving the information. The discussions on the cases are very important, that determines the way of finding the correct remedy. Thank you very much.

O.B., Romania: Very good explanations that you cannot end in any book. It is easy to understand a FU. It is a pleasure to attend it. I hardly wait to listen more a more lectures. Congratulations for this wonderful seminar!

C.T., Romania: Course is very informative, interactive and primary. This help us as practitioners to understand what is important in life what it really means to be healthy. For me it is the only course that I managed to stay focused for an hour and a half. Congratulations and respect to the teachers because what they do is of the highest level in health.

C.B., Romania: It was very good, I am thankful for all the information that I received. I was impressed by the desire to teach us and receive correct information. Thank you.

A.M., Romania: Very eye - opening. Maybe more than 2 remedies per day is a little much for my memory but I understand that the need for compressing the course. But I hope the course and the other courses will continue like this for a long time in the future. The course makes me feel like I have finally come home after a search in the darkness.

M.D., Romania: Everything was OK. I like the course and I think the teacher was OK. Now I understand more about Homeopathy and Materia Medica - almost are clear!

D.D., Romania: The course is clear, dynamic and artistic. I enjoy a lot the course but mostly the fact that beyond the Homeopathic knowledge it gives many spiritual messages. Still I don't feel the heart of the group but probably is will appear in the last of the course or the next courses. Dr Kavouras' message helps a lot and brings joy and light. Beyond the homeopathic teachings Prof.Vithoulkas is a person who taught us to understand and to be human. If we leave this island being full of love then the course achieved its goal. We will come back again! Thank you.

A.N., Romania: The course is very well organized and the Academy is a place full of peace understanding and love for mankind. It is a miracle for me that after 20 years of teaching wondering on the meanders of medicine and hoping now I touched this ground. I am grateful and pleased that this course is happening in my life. I pray for long life to the course and his builder and for all his colleagues to have the power and the wisdom to influence people and rulers in a good way. Thank you Prof.Vithoulkas and Prof. Kavouras!

C.D., Romania: An exceptional course, very clear and helpful. The presentation of Dr Kavouras has something special in it, and he is obviously very good on what he is doing. He doesn't let you fall asleep even if it is pretty hot in the classroom. I thank Prof.Vithoulkas for what he is doing and for being open and communicative. He is very kind because he wants to share his lifetime experience with us.

Dr. F.M, Austria: Dr Kavouras is a passionate and wonderful teacher. The theory is very clear, I thank you very much for this. I have got a deeper understanding about Homeopathy, how it works. This will influence my further dreams. I know much more on what I do. The live cases are showed in a wonderful way and especially I like the philosophical explanations. Homeopathy is an aim, it fills your life! I thank God for this and all the persons that spend their lives to Homeopathy and make this method useful for us.

F.V., Romania: The lessons are very good, with good explanations. I learned a lot of things about health and our life and how we can cure the people with Homeopathy. For me is very, very interesting and I am astonished about this part of medicine. So the lessons are very instructive for us, very useful.