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U.K., Germany: The enlargement of knowledge of the Materia Medica is „self-evident” – however, I feel especially enriched by the lectures on the “philosophical superstructure” which allows a deeper access to homeopathy. Thank you, George! And of course a big thanks to the whole team!

K.E., Germany: Excellent, enriching and inspiring

M. W., Germany: Like always well organized, also the fact that we get the Follow-ups already beforehand. Interesting cases, many impulses for the daily practice and consolidation of the theory

B.P.K., Germany: The seminar was very good, the atmosphere and I found the team’s efforts towards us quite nice, friendly and in a calm manner, very mindful and respectful. Thank you very much for it!

H.F, Germany: The videos have always been cut short. I think that during case taking or follow-ups the patients themselves should speak a lot more themselves rather than always asking the family members.

M.K., Germany: I have been here for the first time and I am very impressed and thankful for the seminar. The atmosphere is very pleasant and there is a good opportunity to learn new things and to exchange experiences. However, I could not profit a lot from the Organon lectures as I did not bring along my Organon and because I could not ask any questions about it. Otherwise, everything was super, also the translations! Thank you very much! I would like to have space for asking questions.

J.B., Germany: For “long standing” homeopaths, such as me, there are too many repetitions, especially of the Organon. I really love to listen to George’s philosophical thoughts. The teachings could be improved by many more cases. I think it is very positive that George’s theories are always included in the case discussions. I am very thankful that George shares his great knowledge with us!

D.M., Germany: The cases were very instructive and the case analyses were very thoroughly explained with great care. This time, I appreciated very much the additional lectures on the theory behind homeopathy. A wonderful seminar.

R.B., Germany: Thank you very, very much for sharing your knowledge so generously with us! Every time I come to Alonissos I go home strengthened. It it always wonderful to be able to see you live!

N.B., Germany: Although I did not expect it, this course helped me a lot and was very useful. A great deal of knowledge, many different schools of thought, many suggestions and motivation.

Especially the case, which was taken on unexpectedly (Case 909).

I am looking forward to the coming year with new cases, interesting follow-ups and, of course, to seeing George Vithoulkas and Alonissos.

K.K., Germany: Everything was wonderful. Thank you!

H.W., Germany: I am currently undergoing the education at the DZVhÄ (German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians) and I am here for the first time. In my opinion, the combination of Organon, theoretical basic principles – interaction – live cases is well done and helpful. Wonderful atmosphere. Thank you very much, indeed!

A.G., Greece : I liked the course; it helped me come back to the straight way of doing things in homeopathy. I hope to be more humble in the future! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! One suggestion: I would love to have access to all the original cases & FUs of the case that we are going to attend in order to have all the complete picture of how a case is doing throughout the years! Thank you!

F.C., Romania: Very good course, as usual, very good organisation! I was very glad to meet you again; George is in fabulous state, a lot of knowledge and energy! Thank you!

S.F., Romania: Very good organisation! Very good cases, we learned so many things from them and their analysis! Thank you!

N.K., Russia: I admire George’s case takingand prescribing a remedy. Nobody can be compared with him! He is the best! I come here for 18 years, every year, because he is the best! I like his view of patients, his explanations and his love to people! Pray for his health and his wife! In general the atmosphere was more restrained than in the Advanced course. My best wishes for everybody who organised this course! Thank you!

P.M.S., Peru: The classes are very nice. I can understand many things and I am learning more and more every day. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

C.S., Romania: It was a very good level! George was the best like usually. The cases were very interesting and the discussions were instructive. The atmosphere was nice so I felt very good!

U.S., Germany: A very good course! Especially the lessons about the Organon and theory. I tried to work with VithoulkasCompass and I found the program quite improved. It was my fourth course in Alonissos and I found it that it was the best! Thank you!

E.W., Germany: For me it was the first time in Alonissos. It was very interesting, especially because I now have 3 years of Vithoulkas Education in Sternberg. On the other hand I am a bit in despair because I couldn’t find the remedies like George. The translation was really good, my compliments to the translators! I learned a lot in the course, it was very intensive and I wasn’t bored at all! Thank you!

M.G.J., Germany: As usual, good cases and analysis etc. Cases taking could be more. It is good to explain the procedure of case taking. That’s how we learn to most. Differential diagnosis is also an asset. George is a great inspiration in Homeopathy and healthy thoughts. Thank you!