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J.P.D.R., Chile: Amazing, fantastic, enlighten, marvellous! I feel I have been upgraded, by  enchanting masters that have transmited a difficult knowledge in a simple mind-blowing way. Erik besides being a marvellous person is a very inspiring professor and speaks so humbly with such great magnanimous knowledge that it makes easy to understand any homeopathic challenge. George with his charisma and wisdom not only enlighten the whole room but also our brains and souls. He is overwhelming us with his tremendous intuitive way of transferring his experience. All cases have been very instructive and open our minds to a better, greater, uplifting way to see, read and learn from every challenge. They have given us the tools to become better homeopaths by giving us on how to study homeopathy.

S.W., Germany:Erik's teachings are very valuable. He provides a lot of knowledge very well and structured. He knows the answers for all our questions. Prof.Vithoulkas’ teachings are a great source of knowledge and very inspiring. I love listening to him and his kind way of taking a case. His explanations are easy to follow and remember. Thanks the secretaries for their great support.

E.H.,Sweden:I really liked the course and I will recommend other people that I know to come to Alonissos. I prefered Prof.Vithoulkas's live cases and Erik's papercases.It was really interesting and a very good way to learn about how to think when you a patient. I could follow the discussion on my level and I think that even if you are a Homeopath several years you can get something "out" of these courses. The questions and theory part were interesting but not as exciting as the cases. For an experienced Homeopath it might be quite boring but for me that I study only for one year it was very useful. 

N.P., Germany:I participate in the E-learning course and I wanted to take part in the live courses too. I enjoyed it so much to be here and to have the honor to meet Prof.Vithoulkas. The live cases were very impressive. The lessons with Erik were well structured and I took a lot of useful information from them. The only thing that I think it was quite difficult was the way up to the remedy. At the moment I cannot get there, maybe in the future! Thank you for everything. The whole team is so friendly and timid.

M.G., Sweden: It's superb to get the methodology, which is described and educated by Erik. It is also a good opportunity to get answers to all the different type of questions. The answers given by Erik are so based on knowledge. But I think they did both Erik and Prof.Vithoulas set so much time for questions. I would prefer more cases by GV, or Erik or any other shilled, experienced Homeopath.

J.W., Sweden:  The combination of Prof.Vithoulkas teachings and Erik's structured methods to find the correct remedy was the main reason why I chose this course. I appreciate Prof.Vithoulkas's teachings because of his vast experience.  I would like to elaborate more on the theory of Homeopathy because I find it essential to understand it properly. I appreciate Erik's teachings because he is very structured and he provides a useful tool for finding remedies. 

V.W., Sweden:The cases have been interesting. I like to hear both the live cases by Prof.Vithoulkas and also to learn the way Erik works the cases. It is so valuable. Thank you both. The question and answers part was too long. The time is so precious when we are here. It is not good if the students feel that subjects are repeated too many times. I would also like to mention the work done by the secretaries and others. The courses are always well organised and everyone is so helpful. Thank you all.

I.K., Russia:It gives you very helpful information and it doesn't refer only to the beginners. I like the way of thinking of Erik, he explains everything in a very correct way. What George gives, it is always really useful for practice and for the life.

L.E., Egypt:A unique experience and an exceptional journey into the core of the human existence. A profound and rewarding course. My deep love and respect to Prof.Vithoulkas.My visit to the Academy was worth every minute.

M.M., Netherlands:I think this is a good course. The method is well explained and this is very helpful wih the homeopathic rules. The cases are good to see, because of the good picture of a remedy and because of recognizing your own patient and the way of repertorizing. Well done!

C.G., Austria:Erik is a very clear teacher! I like to hear his comments. On this way the basic get clearer and clearer and it gets easier to find a remedy. Also it is very motivating, that there are students from all over the world.

J.V., UK:The course was excellent and covered a lot of aspects that an E-learning student needs: especially, the real cases, the Q&A and the open dialogue around issues of concern. Thank you so much for the unique experience and knowledge!

G.E.A., Egypt: I was overwhelmed with the course. I had an opportunity to grasp and understand many of my questions. I feel with the E-learning that I am really studying Homeopathy with a natural and systematic way. George is an incredible person that gives you a vast amount of information but you always want to listen to him more and more. Erik is very systematic and convincing. I feel very lucky to have been able to get the chance to attend this course.

A.F., Austria: The lessons with Erik are perfect and very helpful. So the combination between Erik and Prof.Vithoulkas makes it even more worth to come back again. So I will return home with much more knowledge. I am looking forward to coming back next year.

H.V.D.B, Netherlands: I enjoyed the lessons of both teachers. The knowledge they pass to the students will help me in my practice  and will benefit my patients. I hope to come back next year!

F.R., USA: I have enjoyed meeting people from around the world. I have found the information to be overwhelming. The staff has been wonderfully helpful and courteous. The educational level of teaching excels my expectations. I wasn't prepared for scuh a comprehensive format. I don't feel on the same level as other students, but there was no pressure. What I see is that all we can do is to move forward, continue and comprehend. For this, I believe the course met my goals.

I.H., Latvia: This is a fantastic chance to feel the spirit of Homeopathy. This Academy, George and Erik make me feel happy in the mental, emotional and physical level.

I.B., Croatia:As always a great course! Always useful, always new and inspiring. I will certainly share my experience with my E-learning colleagues and students in Croatia who plan to come next year to Alonissos!

N.E., Egypt: As being new in Homeopathy and to the E-learning course I found this course very important and essential, it clarifies a lot of things. It is a very good start for those who are willing to be good homeopaths.

A.C.B., Italy:It is a beautiful experience,. I came here because I believe that every day I can learn more and more. I love my work and homeopathy I want always to increase my knowledge for the cure of my little patients. Prof.Vithoulkas and Erik Van Woensel transmit their knowledge by using easy, simple words and a lot of examples. Prof.Vithoulkas is very close to his students. I consider this a wonderful gift for all of us.

M.G., Sweden:I have nothing to complain about. It was my first time here and I feel that I will come back to this school again. It is a lovely place to study on. If I can, I want to take my family with me next year! I even feel that I want to study Homeopathy through your E-learning course.

R.E., Egypt:I enjoyed the course, I enjoyed the harmonious interaction with so many Homeopaths from all over the world. I learnt a lot from Erik and his methodology that he chooses for the remedies. Finally I met Prof Vithoulkas, it was a dream for me to meet him and listen to his lectures. He is a great teacher and a sweet and charismatic person.

K.G., Germany:Even though, I am not an E-learning student, I learned a lot. Erik is a very good teacher and his structured approach is unique. He was able to answer all the questions satisfactory. I am really content!