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F.C. Sweden: I have loved it! Erik and George are inspiring and have made me hungry to learn more. I realise how little I know and understand that this is Homeopathy, a life long study and I must try harder. The quality, detail and the depth of experience given to us during this course, I believe, to be unmatched in the world today. I will be back!

A.D., Germany: I appreciate both teachers, Erik and George. It was my first course for the Levels of Health! I enjoy Erik's teachings, the theory and the examples. For the next time, it will be nice to combine the targets of both teachers, eg talk about level of health, how a patient from the live case moved through the levels, how to use the different strategies finding the remedies. etc. Overall, I like to stay here for studying!

A.S., Russia: It was very good!

N.M., Russia: Very nice course! Thanks to Erik and George!

G.N., Russia: Verey interesting, very useful!

L.D., Bulgary: Very good and inspiring course! I received answers of many questions, that bother me. Hope to be able to come again!

N.N., Bulgary: The course is very helpful and so interesting for me. I am very greatful to Prof. Vithoulkas and Erik for the patience to answer all our questions! I am impressed by their devotion to homeopathy and their desire to share the knowledge! Thank you!

N. E., Bulgary: I am so grateful for this seminar! I am amazed by the depth of the knowledge about human beings, diseases and the "Science of Homeopathy" which I see and feel during the lectures of Prof.Vithoulkas and Erik. I discovered quite late the Homeopathy in my life, but it made me see the life in a different look. I am fully please with the course!

M.M., Germany: You have made this course really good! The mix of the patient anamnesis, the questions of the students and the theory is really good for learning! Homeopathy will be clearer for me after this course. Thank you very much.

G.G., Greece-Cyprus: It was really an honour that I met Prof. George Vithoulkas. The course was really good at all levels-quality of teaching and of the hospitality. Thank you for the knowledge and the hospitality that you offered to us!

I.G., Greece: The course was very nice as always! Erik is a very good teacher, his teachings are very analytic and he insists on details!  I would prefer to have a time limit for answering the questions! prog.Vithoulkas is very inspired. It is so wonderful to see his love and passion for Homeopathy! I thank you both!

L.S., UK: Erik says that to deal with the induvidual nature of Homeopathy we need to be creative and flexible without violating the rules. With his thorough, logical and step by step teaching, he reinforces those rules and shows us methods for applying them. Then we are treated to pearls of wisdom from George Vithoulkas followed by observing him apply his creativity and years of experience to complex cass. A truly excellent combination. Thank you both. 

S.S., India: Fantastic! It is for me a dream come true, to study directly from Prof.Vithoulkas in persona. He is teaching me for years (through his books, his video program, VES). Apart from that, it would be nice to have the FUs of all the cases we have seen in order to understand, evaluate the techniques we used, levels of health we thought etc. Thank you all for conducting this seminar and giving us the opportunity to attend and learn!

J.M., Spain: l liked it! I think that it clears the questions that we might have! Thank you for the teachings!

H.V., Greece: It was amazing! Erik, methodically, drives you to the main and real symptoms of the case. His method is very instructive! Prof. Vithoulkas always  enlightens us and makes us wiser. He is so unique!

N.F., Russia: Very good!

E.C., Russia: Very good! The course gives more ligth to Levels of Health, you understand more the subject of Levels of Health!

G.C., Russia: I like it very much. It helps me to expand my knowledge in homeopathy.

Ι.Η., Austria: This is the third time that I attend the Levels of Health course. It is getting really good now. Very well explained step by step, the difficulty of the cases is increasing, from time to time and I like that we do have some time for homework( we can prepare, having our own thoughts)

D.S., India: In the first place, let me begin by saying that the course covers a very wide area of studies and is very informative. Personally speaking, I think that an absolut beginner would, perhaps, not be benefited much by this course as much of the theory is likely to be beyond his understanding. However, for all the other students, this course has so many things to offer. Firstly, it teaches how to apply theory properly in practice. Secondly, by explaining the theory so methodically and systematically it becomes more easily to understand it. 

N.K., Russia: I have been coming to George for 17 years, not only perceive knowledge, but also to get spiritual inspiration for my work. Thank you, George!Thank you Erik! We can always ask him any homeopathic question, to ask about a particular patient. Erik adds a lot to the information given by George, this is where the feeling of satisfaction from  the seminar apperas. I wanted to pay spaecial attention to the work of all academy collaborators- such a tremendous and useful work.

I.B., Israel: It is a fantastic course necessary to every homeopath. It shows how much I have to learn more and more. I hope to come next year again. 

S.A., Canada: Seeing Prof. George Vithoulkas taking live cases, analysing them, and selecting the remedy for them was an excellent learning experience for me. Moreover, his special talks in which he explained certain important sections of The Science of Homeopathy were very illuminating. Also, the way Erik van Woensel explained the theoretical part of the Levels of Health and presented cases pertaining to different levels of health was superb. One thing which impressed me a lot was that I could ask questions not only about Levels of Health but about anything relating to homeopathy. Last but not the least, the course was taught in a serene environment and all the staff of the Academy was extremely cooperative. All in all it was an excellent course to attend and I strongly recommend it to every serious student of classical homeopathy.