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Comments of the Students for the Russian Course - 2013 PDF Print E-mail

E.F., Russia: I am so glad to be here, to join this course, to see how the difficult cases are observed. Don't have a big experience yet. Everything is very useful, interesting. Thank you

N.P., Russia: The course helped me to understand a lot of details, very useful information about a lot of remedies. 

E.Y., Russia: Thank you very much! Very good course! We get valuable knowledge from the great masters. I wish you health and long years of George and prosperity of Homeopathy in the world! Thank you

G.A., France: So precious tools, theoretical tools and sustile details and strategies, thinking of George and Erik which give us more and more important meanings to handle our cases and get the sense of pshysiopathology and well being from homeopathic point of view.

N.S., Russia: I understand more and more of this course every year.

E.M., Russia: This course is very important, interesting cases and much useful information. Thank you very much.

P.H., Czech Republic: Excellent, as usual! Thank you for a chance to learn the best homeopathy!

A.S., Switzerland: Excellent impression - especially Vithoulkas' part and live cases

S.T., Singapore: Excellent!

M.R., Singapore: This particular session of classes were highly useful and truly of advanced level. The remedy reaction session and the Levels of Health with Erik was very useful and it pleased me a lot. The cases seen by GV were very enlightening and the explanations given regarding the series of remedies and there were very clean easily understanding. Looking forward to meeting you next year!

T.K., Ukraine: First of all, we are happy that Prof.Vithoulkas feels well and smiles. God bless him! As always we have recieved lots of news and useful information and perspectives to study and work. 

N.K., Ukraine: Many many thanks to the Academy for the fondamental teaching of theory of Homeopathy by Erik Van Woensel. As usual, I was amazed by the deep understanding of phylosophy of life and Homeopathy in Prof.Vithoulkas introduction.

Y.S., Greece: Perfect!

T.P., Latvia: Excellent, amazing and friendly! As usual, interesting cases and analysis. Thank you teacher, Erik and all the Academy for the organization of the course. 

L.S., Russia: I am very glad to listen to GV. the course is very intersting. There are very intersting and useful information. Thank you very much for the organisation

E.Z., Estonia: I enjoy this course for 11 years. Thanks a lot for studying and getting new information

N.N., Russia: Thanks a lot for the knowledge which you gave us in such a clear way.

N.T., Ukraine: It is vey important taht the analysis of the cases was done in details and in dynamics!

L.M., Russia: Very high level of teaching. Thank you!

T.P., Russia: Everything was remarkable!

G.S., Russia: It is a great pity that all good things eventually end! The course is very good, it allows to go into the matters in depth, to have a new vision of things! Thanks a lot to George Vithoulkas, to Erik, to Irina, to Galina to all people who organised the seminar, to the secretaries of the Academy, to Dimitris and to Machi 

I.K., Russia: Fantastic, enriching course as always! We go away with new knowledge as Homeopathy is infinite as space. the coiurse was fantastic - it is a combination of George's genious with superb methodology of Erik Van Woensel! Thank you very much!

L.R., Russia: For me as a beginner in Homeopathy, the seminar was very profitable. I liked Erik's precise manner of the presentation immensely. Once again impressed by GV's profound understanding of human nature.