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Comments of the Students for the Complete Course - 2013 PDF Print E-mail

A.D., Czech Republic: I am really satisfied with every part of the course and I appreciate very much the possibility to come here. Thanks to everybody here!

O.L., Romania: The course is the best I have ever attended until now. It changed my homeopathic thinking and also my life. Thank you.

D.U., Romania: Wonderful recordings of Prof.Vithoulkas, good clarification of Dr Kavouras. The atmosphere in the class was serious, but relaxed, very good. The cases might give some frustration to the beginners.

C.L., Romania: Very good impression about the course, as usual; very high standards of knowledge and teaching. Very interesting and complete live cases; very good explanation of theory, cases, practical applications. A very structured course, good atmosphere inside the classroom.

F.C., Romania: I was really impressed about the quality of the course.

J.I.F., Romania: I liked it. For me is the best course of homeopathy till now. I understood many things. Whatever I have learned step by step here it will help me in my practice. I hope I will understand more and more things of this science. I am very glad that I met George Vithoulkas and Jorgos Kavouras. It was an honour! Thank you very much for your effort!

L.G, Romania: The course is very interesting. Too much information but very structured. Many of the theory aspects become logical and clear. This information opened my mind. The cases were very instructive. I am impressed by Prof.Vithoulkas' and Dr Kavouras' teachings. I feel very lucky being around them. Thank you all!

C.S., Romania: Very useful information. Practical, clear and logical with many examples of clinical cases. I liked very much the way of teaching of Dr Kavouras and Prof. Vithoulkas with very good explanations on the theory and practice.

C.S., Romania: It is a great pleasure for me to here every year. I like very much George. He is my master in Homeopathy. Jorgos Kavouras was very good this year. He is a really good moderator.

L.M, Romania: It was a very good course. I am happy when I am here. Very structured, a lot of knowledge. Both Materia Medica and Theory were very easy to understand. I think for me it was the best way to start studying Homeopathy

G.P., Greece: The course was very good. Prof.G.Vithoulkas teaching and taking-case is exceptional. Dr Kavouras is a very good teacher. This year he was better than last year. He is devoted and knowledgeable and I feel lucky that I attended this course. I would like to be taught more on Repertorizing. In my opinion, this is a very important part of taking a case in homeopathic practice and it should have been taught at least in the 3rd year of the Complete Course. Also there was no lecture on complementary remedies, something also quite important.

N.E.P., Bulgaria: The Complete Course was very important for me. I learned a lot of new things about Levels of Health, Remedies, and Acute and Chronic diseases. Our teacher Dr Kavouras is the best teacher. Prof.Vithoulkas is the greatest Homeopath, unique human being, scientist with a brilliant mind and I am happy that I had the possibility to be taught by them! God bless him and the Academy and all the teachers! Thank you!

V.P.B, Bulgaria: I am very happy to attend Complete Course. It will be very helpful for my practice as a Homeopath. It will help my system of work and it will help me to arrange my knowledge.

S.D., Italy: Very good course. I like the clear explanations of Dr Kavouras and the video cases of Prof.Vithoulkas. In my opinion, in the third year there are fewer remedies than in 2nd year. I also think that some "philosophical" videos of Prof.Vithoulkas are too long. I would prefer to spend more time in remedies, differential diagnosis and chronic diseases. Thank you!

P.K., Germany: The course was great. Everything fits. Well organized. Good lectures Prof.Vithoulkas while case-taking is amazing. For sure I will be back next year. Thank you very much for everything.

A.P., Romania: The best course in my life as student in medicine: a very good intensive method, theory-materia medica-Organon-clinical cases-questions and answers part. Dr Jorgos Kavouras is an excellent teacher who feels when it is the time to change the subject, when it is time for questions and more explanation. I learnt a lot from the analysis of live cases by Prof.G.Vithoulkas. Thank you.

D.L., Romania: Very useful information. I love the feeling that my practice will be improved after the courses here.

C.S., Canada: Excellent course-everyone is very helpful and hospitable to us at the Academy. This year Jorgos is presenting an excellent format; just enough for our tired brains! very good knowledge, delivery and Q&As. The new schedule of hours is also very good and helps us to adjust to the climate. Everything is perfect - I feel blessed and very thankful for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much George, Jorgos and the excellent staff at the Academy. I truly appreciate everything you all do for us. Thank you.

 F.A., Italy: Easy giving knowledge-instructive-enjoyable. This course helped me a lot. So I will start to cure my patients by using this new knowledge.

M.B, Romania: This course was wonderful from the beginning until the end. Prof.Vithoulkas amazes us every time he teaches with his wisdom, his intelligence, his charm. It is an honour to be around him. I cannot imagine a better combination between George's knowledge and students than Prof.Kavouras' clarity and passion for Homeopathy. Thank God that helped me get here!