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Comments of the Students for the International Course - 2013 PDF Print E-mail

S.H., Sweden: Good mixture with Jorgos Kavouras and George! Thank you for an excellent course!

G.K.F., Sweden: This trip gives me now inspiration for extra work for the Homeopathy! I want to thank Dr Jorgos Kavouras for the fantastic teaching. I have learnt so much. George Vithoulkas is an inspiration for me!

A.G., Greece: It is the 3rd year I come-each year I learn more-more pieces of the puzzle find their place. Sometimes it's like you 've read my mind and you answer to my questions before I ask. I thank you all and I hope we will meet again next year!

F.F., USA: The course helped me to see that I have been on the right path in my understanding of Classical Homeopathy. I was very relieved to see that George Vithoulkas was a real person with a big heart! I will go back to Connecticut inspired and energised to continue to treat patients and teach my students all that I have learned. Thank you

T.B., USA: Very good, loved Dr Kavouras lectures. 

A.G, Romania: Very good teaching. Prof.Vithoulkas is fantastic in prescribing the correct remedy and givew always the most logical explanations. All team is fantastic. We are so lucky to have you all. Thank you so much.

E.G., Romania: Thank you, Prof.Vithoulkas, so much for this course and for everything! All my respect, congratulations and God blessings to you that you teach us the Classical Homeopathy nowadays, in difficult environment, for sharing your huge experience and passion with us, from all over the world for being generous and dedicated. Thank you all.

J.K.B., Mexico: As always, the teachings of GV are a beautiful heritage for this new coming generation! I learned also a lot by J.Kavouras teachings.

J.N., Latvia:I had learned a lot of new remedies. I knew the big remedies mostly so I found it very useful to learn about the smaller too as in Materia Medica they don't mention many details. I was very impressed by how Prof.Vithoulkas sees the deep psychological state of the patients and their inner world, their nature and essence.

I.B., Israel:As usual it was very good, no waist of time, very intensive as I like enjoying it very much.

B.R, Israel: Very inspiring, very important, mind-expanding and contributing to the confidence in case taking and repertorizing. It is a big confirmation of the classical methodology, in which the symptoms points to the remedy.

K.S., Greece: It was my first experience with this course. George Vithoulkas is as always amazing but J.Kavouras, as well, was a very good teacher in a different way. I liked the part that the students are from all over the world and we hear different multicultural opinions!

D.H., USA: Great course as usual, I will see you next year!

A.A., Norway: I am very pleased with this course. Very informative. The best I have heard from Jorgos and I believe that this combination with Prof.G.Vithoulkas is the best solution I have seen so far. They have very good energy both of them.

J.M., Portugal: I liked the course very much. I think that the cases were very interesting and educational. I am always very inspired and motivated when I see Prof.Vithoulkas taking and analyzing cases, I always learn so much and I return home much more motivated to study more and try harder to become a better homeopath. Prof.Vithoulkas is a wonderful teacher. I liked the fact that Dr Kavouras presented and discussed the interaction between allopathy and homeopathy during the homeopathic treatment

C.C., USA: As always, excellent course. There is always something we can learn from Prof.Vithoulkas. I am looking forward to next year.

L.B.S., Norway: As always very inspiring-both the lectures given by George Vithoulkas and Jorgos. Interesting to hear GV's thoughts of the cases. I liked also that Jorgos Kavouras has the knowledge of allopathic and homeopathic treatment and he shared this!

J.V.D., UK: This course has been excellent from beginning to end and it has filled me with inspiration to want to learn more and more about homeopathy. It has been amazing to learn from the master (George) and really joyful to learn from Jorgos whom I also expect is something of a master too! The course has been packed full with information that you will not be able to learn anywhere else and I will be coming back again next year.

J.T., UK: The course has raised my awareness about the way to take a case. The system used by George. About Jorgos Kavouras it was most helpful to learn about potency. It was raised my awareness about the need to know the Materia Medica. I would like to come to Alonissos next year.

G.A., France: Always getting optimal amount of great knowledge so precious to go on the astonishing path of homeopathy. We get very important motion at every course. Thank you

C.B., UK: It is my second year. The information I absorb here is of the highest quality and I feel honoured to be able to attend. the consistent methodologies cement my knowledge base. I feel there are positive attributes to take back to my practice. The lectures given are full of compassion and love and this enriches the experience for me.