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R.F., Germany: The seminar was well organized, thank you very much to all who contributed to its good success. As always, great translation. I would have wished to see more new cases, but it is interesting to see the cases that have been treated by George since many years. But the best thing are George’s “essences”, like for example “if you do something with dedication, you get help”. George’s wisdom and love for homeopathy is impressive and for me motivating and inspiring again and again.

B. P.K., Germany: The organization was good. Having the doors open on the first day is better than standing in line and pushing and shoving. I would like to keep the hours with George Vithoulkas the way they are. In the mornings Organon or a mix with presentation of cases of his students is okay for me. The atmosphere was very nice. Thank you for all your efforts. Thank you also for letting us participate in the updates about Fred. Thank you!

A.C., Germany: It would be better to present more cases. Next year: Levels of Health instead of Organon?

H.K., Germany: Even after the fifth time I’m still deeply inspired and impressed by George Vithoulkas’ clarity and his great wealth of knowledge which he knows to transmit wonderfully. Great praise to the organisers. Always friendly, patient and willing to help. I’ll gladly come again.

D.M., Germany: The cases were very interesting, highly instructive, wonderfully analyzed and repertorized. Besides, this time I found the theory very interesting, because one always has unanswered questions. With all my heart I say thank you.

W.B., Germany: It was a bit sad that we had fairly few cases. Hearing Vithoulkas is great, please keep it that way. “Organon” was partially very good, it would be nice though to edit the videos and cut out unnecessary parts (Strauss-Kahn, discussion of publication of timetable of lessons). Otherwise is was great again, thank you! The times where we could ask George questions were super.

C.E., Germany: I experienced many very interesting interviews with new patients and follow-ups, a great homeopath who exuded vivaciousness and a sharp mind in spite of the flu. I was here for the first time, but definitely this was not my last! A small “bitter pill” to swallow: in the follow-up of the patient who received Ignatia as prescription I missed the necessary empathy for the patient and her deep seated problem. I wish that George Vithoulkas won’t let himself be discouraged by the current destructive forces everywhere on earth. Instead I wish him to trust that things will take a good turn, because that’s what we are working towards.

M.S., Germany: As always, the course was very well organized. Organon wasn’t interesting for me, because I don’t find it important, on the contrary. I’ve already dealt with the Organon so much and so intensely in my life, that now I preferred to be lazy until 11:30. Two cases per day with George are of course very little, but for me it’s not so tragic. All in all, nice as always (I’ve been coming since 2010).

C.H., Germany: I liked the seminar very much. Despite the fact that there were too many theoretical parts. I’d like to see more cases (for my personal situation, to get more practice). Finding one or two acute cases to introduce to the class would be fine…

L.V.B, Switzerland: I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for their high level of commitment, the wonderful organization and the love and care. But every year it is an especially great honor to be able to partake in the instructive lessons by our ingenious master George Vithoulkas. Loving thanks to all.

C.S., Germany: I especially liked this seminar. The mixture of Organon-interpretation by George Vithoulkas and the continuation of the cases were excellently organized. I’ve gained many new insights and am looking forward to participating in this seminar again in 2014. I’d also enjoy hearing the presentation of new cases by colleagues.

A.K., Russia: Thank you for the fine organization.Very interesting cases. 

A.C., UK: The course was excellent. and well organised. I feel I leave Alonissos a better person with clearer views on many areas of Homeopathy. Thank you for everything, I feel grateful previledged that I can receive such high level of teaching.

A.K.S., Sweden: It was my first seminar in Alonissos, and I  am still taking in all impressions. The course was well organized, I enjoyed very much George's lectures on philosophy etc, I had some difficuylty and misunderstandings when the students were asking questions.

P.A., Russia: The course was very useful. The whole Russian group wishes to George Vithoulkas all the best, we hope he will be able to continue share his knowledge with us for many years. Erik Van Woensel gave us an impressive lecture including many practical advices. We are very grateful to all of the staff who supports the Academy. Many thanks!

S.R., Germany: Question hour in the morning was really good.Organon videos were a bit difficult. Instead of these videos I would oprefer to have George or another teacher to teach. The cases were really interesting. I would suggest to offer a form for the handouts in order to have more structured and clearer handouts.

M.T., Austria: I am very thankful to be able to stay here this week. For me it is a  great experience to see George working. Most of all I like his lovely and honest character and the perfect way doing homeopathy! As well I met a lot of nice and interesting people and it gives hope for our true classical Homeopathy.

O.C., Romania: It was an excellent course with lots of understandings, that I am sure that they will improve my practice!

A.X. Greece: Excellent organization, content of the course, everything! My suggestions are: more  live cases, more time for dialogue with Prof.Vithoulkas, more time for different opinios to be heard!

J.C.B.,Mexico: As always, it is a great teaching with high standards of education, and enjoyable experience George's teachings!

C.B., France: For the people who have already been taught Organon, this repetition is useless even though it is good to listen to it again. I would prefer more live cases in the mornigns. Too much time for questions!

C.S., Germany: Instead of Organon videos I would prefer other videos like for example videos form other courses or old cases, which are interesting. The reports of the Live Cases were too long, too many unimportant information. Overall, the courses of G. Vithoulkas were great as every year!

M.G., Germany: Dear George, thanks for your teachings! At the beginning, it was a bit slow. i expected more live cases. The "questions and answers" part was good. The cases and follow ups are excellent examples of how to handle a case. Very useful for one's own practice. I am looking forward to attending next year's course with lots of cases. Thank you for the inspiring thoughts.

C.F., Germany: Third time here and still enjoying every single minute. See you next year!

A.O., Germany: George's lessons were very good! I liked them a lot and I will come again next year for sure! Also thank you to the secretaries for their friendly help at any time!

L.S., Germany: It was the first time and I really appreciated it! Thank you

N.A., Russia: It was a very nice course!