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BIRD FLU - The homeopathic point of view

    Do we really understand the problem?

    We have to pose a series of questions:

    Step 1
  • Do we understand what happened when the pandemic of 1918 broke out?
  • Do we understand why there hasn’t been a similar pandemic since?
  • Were there coincidences or environmental conditions that allowed such a pandemic to appear in 1918 that we are not aware of?
  • Were there any global weather or other conditions conducive to the appearance of the 1918 pandemic?

    Only if we understand the mechanism and the whys of such pandemics can we take the right precautionary measures.
    At the moment we must accept our inability to perceive the real cause or complexity of this matter. It is not wise just to try desperately and in a hurry to produce a new vaccination, thinking that this will be the solution.

    Step 2
  • Do we understand why new mutations of viruses constantly appear?
  • Do we realise what our share is in contributing to this dangerous situation of constant mutations?

    So far 15 types of flu viruses have been identified and one of the most virulent appears to be H5N1 which was discovered in 1997.


  • Do we understand the complex processes that take place before the stem of a virus has been matured so that we can identify it?
  • Do we know whether at this very moment new viruses are breeding in our protein structures that will be manifested in the next few months or years and only then will be identified?


    The only thing we can be sure of is that we have interfered with strong chemical drugs in the complex chain of the immune system of living organisms to such a degree that we have created havoc in the immune system of living organisms.

    Step 3

  • Is it true that for years chickens and turkeys in mass production poultry farms have been over medicated?
  • Is it true that viruses and all microbes, bacteria, fungi and in general all disease producing agents are able to mutate under certain conditions?
  • Is it true that these mutations take place under pressure upon the immune system from chemical drugs?
  • Is it true that there have been many instances of epidemics in poultry farms with thousands of poultry deaths where carcases were often disposed of in the open?

    To all these questions the answer is a clear: YES.

    The wrong lines of thinking

    There are many research papers showing that something was wrong with the suppositions so far that if we killed the virus or the bacteria with chemical drugs everything would be alright.
    There is research that proves that this idea may have been wrong, but what has been done with this information?
    Instead of stopping and trying to find a possible answer we continued along the wrong lines of thinking. We tried to kill the viruses and the bacteria instead of strengthening the immune system of these organisms.

    Unless such questions are answered we will be groping in the dark, if not in a chaos, of ideas and hypotheses and we will be taking superficial measures that may actually make the situation worse instead of improving it. Today’s hysteria may reach unimaginable proportions where there may be a call for all the birds of the planet to be killed in order that humans will survive. What we do not realise is that humans will disappear first as the viruses are stronger and more useful for the continuation of life on earth!

    Some revealing facts

    In order to solve such a problem as a pandemic originating from poultry we have to go back to the hygiene practices of poultry farms and discover how such measures were applied and in particular what kind of drugs were used and how these medications interfered and modified the immune system of the farm chicken.

    We must understand why a type of medication that was originally so effective eventually became almost ineffective or harmful. Why did we constantly need newer types of medication in order to counteract disease in these farms?


    Many voices were raised supporting the alternatives like ecological farms which treated animals with more natural means and with homeopathy, but governments and authorities did not pay these the attention they deserved.

    We have to give answers to the fact that in recent years when the mass production poultry farms were selling their newly hatched chickens and turkeys to the villagers almost all of these young birds died within a period of 20 days once in their possession.

    The reason is that the young birds were kept under heavy medication but once the villagers took possession of them and discontinued the medication, the poor organisms of these young chickens and turkeys collapsed entirely and almost all of them died very soon. The syndrome is not different than the HIV in humans; chickens are dying from a kind of Auto-Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

    This is why in recent years the villagers decided to breed their own chickens, incubating and hatching eggs and even keeping them inside their houses to keep them warm. A whole industry has developed with small family hatching machines. These chickens were remaining alive and healthy for many years without any medication.

    With the information we have so far we can reach several conclusions

    1. That a pandemic will not appear even if there are sporadically infected cases unless the global and planetary conditions are conducive. We do not know when this will happen. If this was otherwise we would have a pandemic every year.
    2. In any case, influenza epidemics still appear every year but are always limited in number and places.
    3. If the pandemic does come it will affect mostly the young and the healthy and primarily those living in the East. So far these people have not been heavily vaccinated with the multitude of vaccinations that the western population has been subjected to. It may seem strange but it is the lowering of the level of health that gives protection.
    (For more information on the effect of vaccination see the book «Science of Homeopathy»)
    4. By deteriorating their own health through repeated vaccinations and chemical drugs the western population is eventually protected from developing acute diseases with high fever of whatever type. (for more information on this matter see the book A New Model for Health and Disease)
    5. Even if a pandemic does break out it will not affect a large proportion of the western population because most of them have already damaged their health on a very deep level. Such sick westerners will actually act as a buffer to the spread of the disease.
    6. If the source of mutations is produced within the poultry farms, then the first measure should be to improve the health of these farms, treating them with more natural means. As homeopathy’s main objective is to improve the immune system in living organisms then it is going to be the appropriate medicine to use.
    7. It is our strong belief that if homeopathy is generally adapted in the animal farms it will prove to have more superior results than any type of antiviral medicine existing until now.