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B.M., Romania: Very well organized, gives us a lot of new and realible information. The organizer's team did a very good job!

S.F., Romania: The course was very useful because of the good information which we received. We learn here the way of thinking of George Vithoulkas. The overall impression is very good; it was a pleasure to be here.

C.S, Romania: It was a very nice course, as usual. I am satisfied about the information, about the energy and about the organization. George is the best; I wish to thank him for his teachings and for his thoughts. We are blessing to have George with us. I prayed to God to keep him a long time in good health. We love George!!

Dr. S.N.,Germany: I enjoyed it very much!

L.T., Russia: Very important knowledge, which is needed in practice! Thanks a lot!

D.C., Russia: Super! George is the best! Of course, I will come next year and recommend and others to come also. Thank you very much! The organization is also very good! Thanks for Evgenia, Dimitris and all the others!

A.X., Greece: the best course i have ever attended. Congratulations to the organizing committee!

M.M., Romania: Perfect, maybe a little short. I would prefer to see George for 6 or 7 days.

D.U., Germany: Organon video was little bit boring, because of the first paragraphs which have the same information. George was great! I hope he will go on! Thank you.

M.B., Germany: Too less new cases. The Organon courses are very good! Materia Medica and a little bit of remedies would be fine between the cases.

T.P., Latvia: The course was wonderful, as usual, and a little bit better than before. We are growing with GV teaching every time, we see our mistakes, in Academy we have a time to stand and stare! My warmest wishes to GV, my best teacher in my life! Thanks to everybody who organized this course, for Fred,Kristian, Uta...

Dr. A.H., Austria: I find the FUs very interesting, to see the development of the cases. I am very impressed of George V. knowledge of people and the kind of talking that he is making with his patients.

I.B., Israel: Very good course in general. I have some remarks: 1. In case taking there was a lot noise in the hall 2. I prefer a case taking and then the Organon video

H.C., Canada: Excellently organized! I really liked the opportunity to hear last year's lectures on Organon by GV.

C.F., Germany: Very good seminar again. Especially the morning Organon video. I cannot think of anything that has to be improved. I 've felt really satisfied.

I.K., Russia: As always excellent!

M.B, Germany: Geroge was very interesting; full analysis; good questions in the follow-ups; wonderful motivation for a long study.

C.S., Germany: All was very interesting for me and I am looking forward for the next year.

D.H., USA: Very good!

L.T., Cyprus: Excellent! A unique opportunity to learn from a master homeopath!

S.H.N., Germany: Good and reliable organization, honest follow ups, interesting cases, friendly timetable.

B.B., Germany: George’s commitment is very impressive; altogether a very friendly atmosphere (only a few exceptions), first comers have to ask a lot about the whole procedure concerning the procedure; deposit (for earphones) was not clear;

Unfortunately, no repetition of the sections, which are not translated. A small break would be very helpful to allow everybody to catch up on the case.

As a matter of fact, I would like to have more space for discussing the choice of remedy; however, I am not yet in a position to ask more questions about it. Thanks.

U.S., Germany: This was my second supervision course and again, I have learned a lot. Thank you very much!

I especially liked the lessons on the Organon. I never get enough of George’s lessons. However, if by all means, I should state wishes: The course could of course be longer. I’d prefer a little bit more of theory and/or differential diagnosis. The lunch break was very long.

S.S., Germany: I do not find the video show so effective, as it is not possible to ask questions. Cases: Presentation of the case and case taking were good, Repertorisation by means of the program was too quick for me, as I do not have the program. No discussion possible. Organization: please give clear instructions as far as the procedure is concerned, especially passing on of information.

Cases themselves: very interesting, Mind symptoms were asked too less (importance), Differential diagnosis have been discussed too little.

Dr. S.U., Germany: I enjoyed it very much at the Academy and I felt very well there. I often missed the case history of the follow-ups in order to get a comprehensive picture. This was too superficial to me. For finding the correct remedy, I would have preferred more discussing of the choice of rubrics, the hierarchy and the differentiation of remedies. This was for new students not effective, especially if one is not familiar with the Vithoulkas Compass program. Altogether, only little discussion about details was possible.

L.A., Germany: The live cases and the discussion about the levels of health was once again a good repetition of this topic. It was a good idea to give explanations of the Organon to fill seminar space and time. Political topics would not have been so important; I would rather get some more secrets of your quick finding of remedies and thus differential diagnosis. Excellent job of the interpreters - big praise.

M.A., Austria: Vithoulkas Compass is a wonderful invention and a great enrichment for the whole homeopathic world. Thanks a million to George, who shares all his abundant knowledge.

E.K., Germany: Altogether very good. As due to the cancellation of the ferry I missed the first day, the following idea came into my mind: (About 10 people were affected by this transport problem): Perhaps it would be possible to repeat the videos of the first day during the lunch break, so that these people could catch up on the cases they missed involuntarily.

B.K., Germany: The seminar was very interesting and helpful.

D.M., Germany: The supervisions are done very well and they are continuously instructive, and you can thus put your knowledge into practice very well.

A.R., Germany: Videos shown during lunch break: please adapt them time wise better to the seminars: on Tuesday they were shown from 15.00-16.00, then again a break until 17.30; it would be better to show the video as from 16.00hrs., as the afternoon would not be torn as much. Otherwise, the seminar was super! Thanks to all of you!

V.F., Germany: Interesting cases, however the analyses have been too ready-made, too little differential diagnosis, too little comparison to other remedy pictures.

The analysis of the Organon by George Vithoulkas is certainly interesting, but at the moment not targeting for me. I would wish this kind of Organon teaching for our video course. Altogether, this seminar is an experience of a special kind for me.

B.J., Germany: Again a very instructive week and good organization! Compared to the last years, the only thing that I missed was the differential diagnoses of the remedies (if there is one after all). Many thanks to everybody! Until next time.

M.W., Germany: Very well organized, exciting cases. It was very good to get the repertorisation of the cases. Good mood, “like a big family”.

L.V.B., Switzerland: I am very happy to be able to enjoy the wise instructions by our master George Vithoulkas for the last couple of years. Every year, it is an eternity for me to be in Alonissos, and I don’t want to miss this wonderful present anymore. Many thanks to Prof. George Vithoulkas and to all people who make this seminar possible.

M.F., Germany: Very instructive and informative. The lectures on the Organon were exhausting but important. These lectures on the Organon are missing in the video courses. The cases were very interesting, even though the case analysis has not always been comprehensible. But that is why George V. is the master and we are his students …

M.M., Germany: Very interesting cases, super seminar. For me, it would be very good to get a detailed description of how to find the remedy (e.g. which symptoms are especially important in a given case) and longer explanations during the analysis. The follow-ups during the lunch break should either be given right after the morning session, after a small break, or shortly before the afternoon/evening lecture (otherwise the lunch break is completely torn).

B.K, Germany: Good organization – everyone is nice, friendly and helpful. I have the feeling to be “in a big family” – a good feeling. Everybody in the team makes a lot of efforts – very individual. Thanks for your efforts. May the seminar take place many times to come? The seminar with George Vithoulkas on the island of Alonissos is just something special! I see your commitment and appreciate it very much, regardless of what each of you is doing. THANKS!

R.H., Germany: Harmonious – Intensive – Informative looking back on 15 years which I can compare. I am looking forward to the coming year and I thank all the people who took care of a smooth performance.

Dr.E., Germany: A good mixture of theory and case analysis, well chosen cases with good guidance to a solution.

S.T., Germany: Again, I have learned a lot. Especially the live cases are highly instructive and comprehensible. It was super!

I.F., Germany: I always like to be here!! Unfortunately, there was not much of a chance to discuss the analysis of the cases this year.

P.T., Germany: The knowledge of Prof. Vithoulkas is very impressive, as well as the way to present it. I am very happy to have been able to come to Alonissos and to experience and see the person, who inspired me to study homeopathy many years ago.