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Presented by Erik van Woensel and with the daily presence of George Vithoulkas

In this five days course George Vithoulkas and Erik Van Woensel will discuss in detail all aspects regarding the ‘Levels of Health’.

The classification of the levels of health is the result of observations made by George Vithoulkas on thousands of patients during fifty years of practical experience in the treatment of chronic and acute diseases.
It helps us to understand the patient’s general state of health and the condition of the defence mechanism at any moment in time. Therefore, it provides us with the opportunity to refine our work as homeopaths by intelligently evaluating the manifesting symptomatology before and after a prescription.

To illustrate this, several aspects that we are faced with during the practical application of homeopathy will be explained in the light of the insights given by the exposition of the levels of health. Case taking, analysis, prognosis, the use of the repertory, selection of remedy and potency, remedy reaction, follow up, etcetera will all be clarified by means of case examples. There will be paper cases, video cases and live cases.

Students will be invited to participate actively in the lessons. Cases treated in class will be handed out in printed form so that they can be studied beforehand. In this way students can enter the lessons well prepared and will be able to get full advantage from the teaching sessions.
Moreover, students will have the opportunity to ask questions that have arisen during the lessons or after reading the book Levels of Health, so that issues that have remained unclear can be clarified.

We are sure that this seminar will be of great help to anyone trying to apply homeopathy in a rewarding way, both to the practitioner and the patient, and that it will definitely show its value in daily practice.
The problem with the application of any therapeutic modality is that the elimination of a few symptoms is not equal to a curative process. It is our aim through this seminar to enlighten the thinking of the participants by giving insights in the principles that will reveal whether or not a patient is progressing towards a cure in a more precise way, so that it will become easier to achieve the objective of a cure in their patients.
We are confident that the information about the levels of health will be of great service to reach this goal.

Comments of the Students for "Levels of Health" Course - 2012

Erik Van Woensel

Erik Van Woensel has been studying homeopathy since 1978 and has been running a private practice since 1986. He has been teaching in several schools for homeopathy in the Netherlands for 18 years. He is director at the ‘Educational Centre for Homeopathy’ in the Netherlands where he has been giving international postgraduate courses and providing supervision since 1995. He is chairman of the foundation ‘Archive for Homeopathy’ that has as its goal the improvement of the reliability of the homeopathic materia medica and repertory. Erik Van Woensel is co-author of the book ‘Levels of Health’ with George Vithoulkas.

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