Homeopathic Materia Medica by Dunham



SAVINE. An evergreen shrub of South Europe. The leaves and tops are used in medicine. Their properties depend on an essential oil, which dissolves in alcohol.


It was used by the ancients to stimulate indolent ulcers, to hasten the menses, and to cure chronic gout and rheumatism. Also to induce abortion.


It is described by allopathic writers as the most powerful emmenagogue of the materia medica, and also (!) as the best remedy for unduly abundant menstruation and threatened abortion! M. Aran says: "Strange as it may appear, this powerful emmenagogue has the power of suspending uterine haemorrhage!"


Time fails me to enter upon a more minute analysis of Sabina than that of the uterine system.


It produces copious and early menstruation. Likewise metrorrhagia, and it is characteristic that the flow is paroxysmal and of a very bright color. It is always attended by pains in the joints.


It produces leucorrhoea, with itching irritation.


Besides cases of uterine haemorrhage characterized thus, cases of threatened abortion have been cured by Sabina.


It is useful (symptoms corresponding) in protracted uterine haemorrhages at the "change of life,"