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Homeopathic Materia Medica by Farrington



Curare acts on the periphery of the motor nerves, hence it produces paralysis of motion without any disturbance of sensation. When taken internally it causes violent symptoms, sudden vertigo associated with great weakness of the legs. Sooner or later this is followed by vomiting of bile. Some time ago I treated a man with cirrhotic liver. Every morning, at ten or eleven o'clock, he had an attack of bilious vomiting. This preceded a chill. Nothing seemed to stop it. But as he had this dizzy feeling just mentioned I finally gave him Curare 500, and that stopped the vomiting after it had lasted two or three weeks. The man lived two or three months after that.

Dr. Pitet, of Paris, recommends Curare for the dyspnoea of emphysema when the patient seems to be pretty far gone. He administers the drug in the 3d or 6th potency.

Closely allied to Nux vomica, and the class of remedies which we will take up next week, are certain remedies derived from the order JUGLANDACEAE.