Materia Medica by Allen




For women and children with light hair and eyes, who suffer severely during menstruation and pregnancy; unmarried and childless women.

Adapted to book-worms; sensitive, romantic girls with irregular menstruation; rakes, onanists and persons debilitated by sexual excesses.

Nausea or vomiting from riding in carriage, boat or railroad car (Arn., Nux m.), OR EVEN LOOKING AT A BOAT IN MOTION; sea-sickness; car-sickness.

Headache: in nape and occiput; extending to the spine; as if tightly bound by cord; with nausea, as if at sea; at each menstrual period; < lying on back of head.

Sick-headache from carriage, boat or train riding.

Diseases peculiar to drunkards.

Loss of appetite, with metallic taste (Mer.).

TIME PASSES TOO QUICKLY (too slowly, Arg. n., Can. I.).

Great lassitude of the whole body; it requires exertion to stand firmly; feels too weak to talk loudly.

Bad effects: from loss of sleep, MENTAL EXCITEMENT AND NIGHT WATCHING; feel weak if they lose but one hour's sleep; convulsions after loss of sleep; of anger and grief.

Trembling of arms and legs; from excitement, exertion of pain.

Vertigo, as if intoxicated upon rising in bed; or by motion of the carriage (Bry.).

Sensation: in abdomen of cutting and rubbing on every movement, as of sharp stones; of hollowness in head and other parts (Ign.).

During the effort to menstruate she is so weak she IS SCARCELY ABLE TO STAND from weakness of lower limbs (Alum., Carbo an.) ; after each period haemorrhoids.

Leucorrhcea in place of menses, or between periods (Iod., Xan.) ; like the washings of meat; like serum, ichorous, bloody; during pregnancy.

Cannot bear contradiction; easily offended; every trifle makes him angry; speaks hastily (Anac).

When fever assumes a slow, "sneaking," nervous form, with vertigo; with disposition to anger.


Compare: Ign. and Nux, in chorea and paralytic symptoms; Ant. t, in sweat of affected parts.

Has cured umbilical hernia with obstinate constipation, after Nux failed.


Eating, drinking, sleeping, smoking, talking; carriage riding, motion or swing of ship; rising up during pregnancy.