Homeopathic Materia Medica by Farrington


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From the order Hymenoptera, we derive APIS MELLIFICA, VESPA, CRABRO, FORMICA RUFA, and BOMBUS. The local effects of the poisons from these insects are well known. The skin becomes red and swollen, with burning pain ; finally even sloughing may ensue. In susceptible persons; or after the inception of considerable quantities of the poison, general symptoms may develop, such as fainting, prostration, chills, and coldness; great restlessness, or insensibility, and even death may result.

The stings of neuter and female ants (FORMICA, not TERMITES, which latter are neuropterous) contain a poison, the chief ingredient of which is called Formic acid. This highly irritating acid is also found in the glands attached to the hairs of stinging nettles, in some caterpillars and in old oil of turpentine.