Homeopathic Materia Medica by Farrington



Hydrocyanic acid acts upon the cerebro-spinal nervous system, and particularly upon the medulla and upper portion of the spinal cord. It produces convulsions which are very much like those of the fully-developed epileptic attack. Dr. Hughes, of Brighton, England, recommends it as a specific for epilepsy. This, of course, it is not. To cure this disease, you will have to take into consideration the symptoms of each case, and prescribe accordingly.

Hydrocyanic acid also produces a tetanus which resembles very much that produced by Nux vomica. The body is stiffened and thrown back, cramp in the nape of the neck like CICUTA; breathing comes in paroxysms, the jaws are set, there is foaming at the mouth, but the face is flushed.

It is also useful in convulsions during severe attacks of illness, when the face is blue, and the prostration is very great. There are gasping breathing, clutching at the heart, and livid color of the surface of the body.

You may also give Hydrocyanic acid for very severe cases of prostration, with approaching paralysis of the brain and lungs, and when there is gurgling from the throat to the stomach when swallowing.

In cholera, Hydrocyanic acid is to be placed by the side of CAMPHOR, being indicated in marked collapse with sudden cessation of all discharges, as vomiting and purging.

In scarlatina it is indicated in almost hopeless cases of a malignant type, in which the rash is livid from the very beginning. The feet are almost always cold.


Hydrocyanic acid may be given for the cough of heart disease when it is reflex from organic changes in the heart. It may also be used for the dry tickling cough of consumptives.

You may prefer LAUROCERASUS, for the dry, teasing cough of consumptives, worse at night. You may also give it for cough with expectoration which contains little specks of blood scattered through it.