Homeopathic Materia Medica by Farrington



ASAFOETIDA is a gum having a decided odor of an alliaceous kind. It is especially useful in two classes of disease: First, in nervous diseases developing a perfect type of hysteria; it acts upon the muscular fibres, producing a reverse peristaltic action in the oesophagus and intestines. Thus, it causes a sensation as though a ball started in the stomach and rose into the throat; this being provoked by overeating, by motion, or by anything that can excite the nerves. It produces a bursting feeling, upwards, as though everything in the abdomen was coming out at the mouth. This is common in colic from hysteria, after belching of wind of a strong rancid taste, and is associated with an empty gone feeling in the stomach at 11 A.M.

The second action of Asafoetida is upon the bones. It produces periosteal inflammations, resulting in ulcers, especially upon the shin bones. A characteristic of these ulcers is an intolerance of all dressings. All the parts around it wince under the application of even charpie.

We find Asafoetida curing hysteria arising from the sudden suppression of discharges.

Asafoetida produces inflammations of the eye. Thus it may be indicated in iritis after the abuse of mercury, especially when it is of syphilitic origin, with burning, throbbing pains, and soreness of the bones around the eyes. The nearest remedy here is AURUM, which has relief by warmth. Asafoetida has relief from pressure on the eyeball itself, which Aurum has not.