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Materia Medica by Allen




Adapted to persons who suffer from chronic diseases; "the Aconite of chronic diseases."

Constitutions deficient in animal heat (Cal., Sil.).

Spare, dry, thin subjects; dark complexion; mild, cheerful disposition; hypochondriacs; dry, tettery, itching eruption, worse in winter (Petr.) ; intolerable, itching of whole body when getting warm in bed (Sulph.) ; scratches until bleeds, then becomes painful.

Time passes too slowly; an hour seems half a day (Cann. Ind.).

Inability to walk, except with the eyes open, and in the daytime; tottering and falling when closing eyes (Arg. n., Gels.).

Abnormal appetite; craving for starch, chalk, charcoal, cloves, coffee- or tea-grounds, acids and indigestible things (Cic, Psor.) ; POTATOES DISAGREE.

Chronic eructations for years; worse in evening.

All irritating things—salt, wine, vinegar, pepper— immediately produce cough.

Constipation: NO DESIRE FOR AND NO ABILITY TO PASS STOOL UNTIL THERE IS A LARGE ACCUMULATION (Melil.) ; great straining, must grasp the seat of closet tightly; stool hard, knotty, like laurel berries, covered with mucus; or soft, clayey, adhering to parts (Plat.).

Inactivity of rectum, EVEN SOFT STOOL REQUIRES GREAT STRAINING (Anac, Plat., Sil., Ver.).

Constipation: of nursing children, from artificial food; bottle-fed babies; of old people (Lye, Op.) ; of pregnancy, from inactive rectum (Sep.).

Diarrhoea when she urinates.

Has to strain at stool in order to urinate.

Leucorrhoea: acrid and profuse, running down to the heels (Syph.) ; worse during the daytime; > by cold bathing.

After menses: EXHAUSTED PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY, scarcely able to speak (Carbo an., Coc.).

Talking fatigues; faint and tired, must sit down.


Complementary: to, Bryonia.

Follows; Bry., Lach., Sulph.

Alumina is the chronic of Bryonia.

Similar: to, Bar. c, Con., in ailments of old people.


In cold air; during winter; while sitting; FROM EATING POTATOES; after eating soups; on alternate days; AT NEW AND FULL MOON.


Mild summer weather; from warm drinks; WHILE EATING ( Psor.) ; in wet weather (Caust.).

Alumina is one of the chief antidotes for lead poisoning; painter's colic; ailments from lead.