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A lecture given at the end of the four year course in the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Alonissos

By Prof. George Vithoulkas

Today I am going to share with you some thoughts that have come out of my experience concerning the necessity for an inner preparation of a homeopath working with classical homeopathy.

What does it mean when an individual decides to go to a homeopath and what are the implications and the objective of such a consultation?

It means that the individual is suffering and that you are willing to try to relieve his suffering.

So we have a situation which has two sides. An outer side: the patient has come to you and he is sitting in your consulting room. And also an inner side: the expectation of the patient that he will get well and your expectation that you will cure him.

The necessity for a double preparation:

So actually this consultation has the necessity for a double preparation, on the part of the physician, an outer and an inner preparation.

The outer preparation started when you went to a school, you learned a certain therapeutic method and then you felt confident to open a clinic or a practice. You furnished it well, trying to create a nice atmosphere so that the patients should feel comfortable. This outward preparation may impress the patient positively.

These are important and necessary things, but to what extend do they really matter in the phenomenon of healing? It matters of course how much study you have done, how much preparation you put in, in order to meet the challenge but where is the homeopath who can say that he is thoroughly prepared to meet the great challenge: to cure every case that comes to his office? For all those who know how difficult it is to find the indicated remedy, this objective is something much beyond simply the intellectual capacity of any physician. Even with the best preparation still you may fail.

The importance of the inner preparation of a homeopath

So on the one hand you have to face a very difficult task, on the other hand you were able to deliver some cures where nobody else could do it so far for the patient. That fame is why the new patient is in front of you. This fact has a lot of implications for the inner state (mental, emotional and spiritual) of the homeopath.

Since the finding of the correct remedy is a difficult process and one that contains a high degree of uncertainty, several questions are raised, like: can you promise to the patient that you will cure him? Can you be certain that the remedy you have chosen is the correct one? Are you going to confess to the patient your uncertainty or the vulnerability of the system you are practicing?

You realize soon, once you start practicing, that what you are requested to accomplish is not only bordering to the impossible but has a high degree of uncertainty, with several parameters attached to it. (medical, social, legal, ethical and philosophical).

What should then be the right frame of mind and feelings of a physician who wants to undertake such a difficult task: to bring about cures, on a regular basis, which border almost on the miraculous?

What should be his spiritual preparation in order to take up such a colossal task without risking his mental balance, without getting drunk with the glory of successes and without falling in to the abyss of despair by his failure?

The serious homeopath is prepared to meet real challenging cases, with severe pathology and deep suffering, not simple common colds and bruises. People will come to you to be relieved of their deep and distressing chronic ailments.

I am sure many of you will reach this state of fame. So the more famous you become, the more difficult the cases will come to you to be treated; actually these will be cases which have been given up entirely by all other therapies, physicians and practitioners. So you can imagine the expectations of such a patient. He has gone in vain from one doctor to another and eventually has found out that Dr. So and So is the best. You realize the expectations of the patients that they need a promising word on the first consultation, they need to hear that you can cure them irrespective of their deep pathology. So, if you are the famous Dr. So and So how do you feel? It is a very challenging situation if you look at it from an esoteric point of view. On the one hand you know that it is highly uncertain the finding of the right remedy, on the other hand you have accomplished some exceptional cures that brought you the fame and also this last patient. That is why your own inner preparation is of the greatest importance in order to meet this inner challenge. Do you feel, "I am the greatest and I am going to cure everybody"? If you do, then prepare for a big unpleasant surprise. Do you feel insecure and in order not to loose your patients you promise to every one the impossible? Do you feel that is not your responsibility the outcome and you are totally detached? Can you tell the whole truth every time to every body? How uncertain it is whether you can help them? Are you going to encourage them to continue when they are in distress or in an aggravation period? Are you going to keep cool when things look dangerous for the patient? Are you going to get rid of every patient that looks even a little bit dangerous? All of these questions need to have an answer and also need an inner strength and an all around preparation of a high order on the part of the homeopath in order to face and answer them correctly.

It does not matter what you show outwardly; the outside preparation is different and definitely much easier to deceive. You can decide that you want to look wise, or exceptional and you dress accordingly and also you take an air of superiority. You may like to show off to the patient. All this is really immaterial in connection with your objective which to cure the patient. What matters is your inner preparation. You can bluff nobody on your inner preparation. I can tell you that if you have prepared well spiritually, you can be in a little room which is just big enough to have two chairs, but the atmosphere of this little room is filled with warmth and love that gives confidence to the patient. You think that if you have a large, impressive room will give confidence to people? You are wrong. What will give confidence is your inner preparation.

The secret of a correct inner preparation.

What I mean by the inner preparation is simply this: an inner process that has led you to the realisation that you must stay detached from all your successes, even if people around you say that you are the greatest. This is the great secret.

I am not talking today about your outer preparation that should has included a lot of study, great enthusiasm and constant one pointedness that drives you all the time to learn. If the desire to help the other persons is missing - if you do not really care what happens to your patient, and you cover up some symptoms in a superficial way, muddle the case, or pretend that you have done something special for this patient while you know you accomplished nothing– you can forget about steady success in classical homeopathy. For a time you will be successful, then you will become very tired, tired of thinking and analysing every case, tired of listening to patients. But if you really have the desire to heal them, it is a great experience to see them come back and say they are not suffering any more. Every healer is filled with energy and with satisfaction when he gets this feedback.

But here lies the most dangerous trap: If you have such a good feedback and admiration from the patients and you start thinking of yourself as been an accomplished homeopath, or that you are very good, or the best, then you are in for trouble.
The trouble may come as a desire to drink alcohol or to take drugs or to smoke a lot, it is immaterial, the sure thing is that it will come. Give the correct prescription and forget immediately the good effect that was reported to you. Concentrate only on your failures. Because you have to remember that on the next case you may fail! And then you will become depressed and disappointed. Why? Because you had a great idea about yourself, about your knowledge and ability, and you thought that what you succeeded in doing the day before, you can do it every day. If your inner spiritual preparation does not succeed in reducing your inflated ego, if your preparation has not brought you to the state of been humble and in awe in front of this amazing phenomenon of healing, you are going to regret it soon. You will soon start loosing the information and the ability to cure most of your cases.

In conclusion let me say that the desire to heal and the enthusiasm to learn should be there all the time. The idea that "I am prepared enough and can do it every time" should be totally eliminated from your mind.

There should almost be a kind of 'fear' when you take even the simplest case. The almost 'mystical' question to yourself should be: Will I be able to bring about again, with this new case, that phenomenon of healing which borders almost to the impossible?

The homeopath who feels, "Now I know enough", automatically starts loosing the knowledge. It is like an internal flame that was there before but now with this egotistic attitude the flame starts fading away.

There is a time when you will feel "secure" with your knowledge, and that is the time when you start loosing it.

There are a lot of homeopaths to whom this happened, but they do not know it, despite the fact that they had the flame in the beginning and were successful prescribers, but later on became only mediocre doctors and...bad teachers of course. As a result of this state, they are searching "easy ways" that lead both, teacher and students, to delusions.

I do not suggest that you show your humbleness or your insecurity to the patient, on the contrary, if you do, it will be a mistake. But if you have real interest in curing your patient, he will perceive it immediately and that will be enough to spark his confidence to you in spite of your inner uncertainty.

Curing the patient with one little pill with infinitesimal small dose is really a strange phenomenon.

This success has happened because you were given the information and the ability to do it and you have applied yourself and studied and learned the science properly, so that with one little pill you have changed the life of the patient. But because of its dimensions and implications, this phenomenon has to be understood and handled properly the doctor in order not to destroy the one who uses this science.

The homeopathic interview is a crucial meeting point and a very important one in the life not only of the patient but also of the physician. It is almost a love affair, a meeting of two beings at the right time at the right place for the right purpose: to bring out the real "good" which is in both. If you have the desire to cure your patient then the spark will become a flame and burn the disease and bring about that which is miraculous, but at the same time will give you a deep satisfaction that you dedicated your life in to studying  something worth awhile and at the end you will feel like Hahnemann that you did not wasted your life.

Forget about hugging the patient and comforting her and telling her how nice she is and how much you love her / him, and all the rest niceties. This does not work, this is only for augmenting the placebo effect but will never bring about the miracle of a real deep cure. You can say kind words, when you feel, to a person who is suffering from real distress, but also you should stay detached.

Therefore, a homeopath should be a master of his own feelings. Also, you must remember that, when the patient comes back and praises you to the limits, you should not listen and enjoy the admiration and compliments from the patient because your ego will start inflating and your knowledge and wisdom will start declining. You have to remain detached. If you can maintain this attitude then the phenomenon of healing will continue happening.

You will be lost if you identify with the situation of the patient. Your job is to bring about that phenomenon of healing and if you identify with the suffering of the patient, you cannot do it any more, you are paralyzed, you cannot see the case objectively.

I am sure most of you know how difficult it is to cure a person who will not give you all the information or will give you partial information because they think the details are not important and of no concern to you. They suffer with a duodenal ulcer but will not reveal that they are extremely angry or even violent. Then it becomes very difficult or impossible to cure such a person. Another patient comes and opens up and gives you all the information you need. What is the difference in their inner state? In the second case the patient is admitting with humbleness that he has all these problems and confesses them with ease. His ego has been put aside. The homeopath then has the knowledge to relieve a person who has given all the necessary information. The patient, when he first comes for a consultation will not know exactly what to do, but by the interest and attention you will show him, you help will him to bring out what is happening on his mental emotional levels as well (to describe all his fears, anxieties, anger, depression etc.) and then you are able to come to a conclusion for the right remedy. When the patient brings out what is inside him, when he reveals the dark side of him that bothers him and causes suffering, you are able to find the correct remedy. Then the miracle takes place. It is a blessed synchronicity, no less important than life itself.

This is the meaning and the purpose of a homeopathic consultation.