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(XIPHOSURA) (Horse-foot-King-crab) Limulus was introduced by C. Hering and partially proved by him and Lippe. Hering was surprised to see the blood of the Kingcrab that he dissected, blue, which on investigation, was found to contain copper as he had surmised and which he thought lid prove to be another medicine for Cholera. Further provings are necessary to establish this, though symptoms so far served make this probable. Hering's fertile mind always lead him to pioneer paths into practical therapeutics. Bodily and mental exhaustion; drowsiness AFTER SEA BATHING. Gastro-enteric symptoms. Painful fulness of whole right side body. lead. Mental depression. Difficult to remember names, refused with heat of face, rush of blood to face, worse when meditating. Pain behind left eye-ball.

Fluent coryza. Sneezing worse drinking water. Constant nasal dropping. Pressure above nose and behind eyes.

Colic with heat. Cramp-like pain with watery stools. Abdomen hot and constricted. Piles, constriction of anus.

Husky voice. dyspnoea after drinking water. Oppression of chest.

Crural neuralgia. Soles of feet ache, feel numb. Pain in right hip-joint. Heels sore.

ITCHING SPOTS AND VESICLES on face and HANDS. Burning in palms. Relationship. Compare: ASTERIAS; HOMARUS; CUPRUM.

Sixth potency.