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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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Calcarea fluor
Varicose veins, varicose ulceration of the veins (as a lotion also). Sharp piercing pains, patients can not be on their feet. The chief remedy for varicose veins. Dr. Porter recommends this remedy in varicose veins about the vulva, and in distention of the ovarian and sub-ovarian plexus of veins. Differentiating Silicea from Calcarea fluor., he finds that the latter medicine has a greater affinity for muscular tissue, and has relief from cold, while Silicea is worse from cold. He quotes several symptoms from Farrington, indicating the fluoride of lime in affections of the lower tissues. Little vesicles form around scars; lacerations of the cervix, with a considerable amount of scar-tissue.

Ferrum phos
Varicocele with pain in testicles. This is a powerful vein remedy, though its action on the arteries is its prime sphere. It has cured a small aneurism and the great indication for it is throbbing. Varicose veins in young persons.

Young man, set. 18, complained of daily pain in left testicle, incapacitating him for work. Examination showed a varicocele, well developed, probably caused by constant heavy lifting. After five weeks' use of Ferrum phos., daily one dose, cured. (Dr. Mayer, Stuttgart.)
A physician of Bogota, S. A., relates a case of varicose ulcers of some standing, both on legs and arms. Calc. fluor. 6x was given night and morning. Healed in fifteen days.

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