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Homeopathic Materia Medica by Nash



Is useful for spasmodic cough, like whooping cough. It is continual, short, hawking through the day, so constant and frequent as to have merited the description given it of "MINUTE GUN" cough. This is during the day and there is not much whooping, but at night there is more whooping. The night paroxysms are sometimes very severe.


I have found CORAL. one of the very best remedies for post nasal catarrh, with MUCH DROPPING OF MUCUS into the throat. (NATRUM CARB.) I do not know any other remedy so efficacious in the majority of cases, and generally



prescribe it, unless I have strong indications for some other remedy. I seldom fail to hear a good report from it. CORAL. has also been found useful in CHANCRE. The ulcer is red (coral red), flat and exceedingly sensitive, sometimes painful. Chancroids or soft chancre, for which the old school cauterize, may find a swift and sure cure in CORAL.