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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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Kali phos
Affection of the sciatic nerve which extends down the back of the thigh to the knee, dragging pain, torpor, stiffness, great restlessness and pain, nervous exhaustion, lack of motor stimulus, moving gently for a time gives relief, neurasthenic type.

Natrum sulph
Sciatica when symptoms of constitutional gout exist. Pain in hip joint, worse when rising from a seat or moving in bed.

Magnesia phos
Sciatica with excruciating, spasmodic pains, relieved by heat.


Natrum mur
Tensive pain in the right hip joint and knee, of a remittent character, painful contraction of hamstrings, limb emaciated and painful to touch, pains renewed or increased in a recumbent posture, even in daytime, more toward noon, relieved by heat. Chronic cases after quinine.

Sciatica, chronic cases. Pain worse on motion. Pain in hips. On walking calves feel too short.

Calcarea phos
Crawling and tingling with the pain. Attacks return in cold weather. Tearing, shooting in hip bone.

Mr. B. has been suffering for seven months with sciatica in left leg; the pain was very severe and fast undermining his health; he had been treated by a very skillful physician all this time, and almost every known remedy was tried, until the physician himself gave up the case and said that he could do nothing more. I was called, found patient suffering with a dull, tensive pain, extending the whole length of the sciatic nerve of the left leg, worse on slightest motion; prepared a small powder of Kali phos. 6x, in half a glass of water, and gave a teaspoonful every ten minutes for an hour, when the pain was much better; patient then slept until morning. Next night the pain returned; gave same remedy, but with no results. The next night gave Kali phos", and very soon the pain was relieved; continued Kali phos.v every two hours, a small powder dry for a week, and then four times a day for a month; once during that time he had a slight attack, which was soon stopped by putting one of the powders in a half glass of water, and giving a teaspoonful every ten minutes for awhile. A year has passed and there has been no return of the trouble. (G. H. Martin, M. D.)
A lady who had to be brought home from camp-meeting, I found suffering with an intense pain down the sciatic nerve. There were some fever and extreme soreness to the touch or movement. She would cry out with pain from the slightest movement. Tongue was coated greenish-yellow. Gave Ferrum phos."" and Natrum sulph."0 in water alternately. The next day she could move without much pain, and was able to shift herself from one side of the bed to the other. The third day she was able! to sit up, and was soon convalescent. (E. H. H.)
Sciatica cured by Magnesia phos. A man who had been washing sheep had sciatica and could not lie down. All the sleep he got was in a chair, and hot applications to the right sciatic nerve alone relieved. Magnesia phos. 30x cured him without much trouble. (H. P. Holmes.)

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