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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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Ferrum phos
Gums sore, red, hot and inflamed. Redness, dryness or heat of the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Kali mur
Aphthae, thrush, white ulcers in the mouths of little children or nursing mothers. Canker, ulcers of the mouth. Gumboils, soft swelling before matters form, excoriation of the mouth. Great fcetor from the mouth. The mouth is red and swollen, thick, watery secretions. Gums puffed, white or yellow in color. Gums bleed easily. Mucous patches. Syphilitic ulceration of gums. True gangrene of the mouth.

Kali phos
Cancrum oris, with mortification of the cheek, with ashy-gray ulcers, foetid breath. Stomatitis, gums bleed easily when there exists a red line or seam on the edges; water-canker, gangrenous canker. Hydroa, sore crusts and pimples on lips. Gums spongy and receding. Saliva profuse, thick and salty. Inflammation of the tongue when excessive dryness occurs or exhaustion sets in. Edges of tongue red and sore.

Natrum mur
Thrush with flow of saliva, salivation. Blisters like pearls around mouth. Lips swollen; eruptions on chin. Gumboil with throbbing and boring pains.

Kali sulph
Dryness and desquamation of the lower lip, it peels off in flakes.


Calcarea phos
Gums painful and inflamed in teething children. Pale appearance of the gums, sign of anaemia. Upper lip swollen and painful.

Calcarea fluor
Gumboil, hard swellings on the jaws or gums. Indurations. Cold sores at corners of mouth.

Natrum phos
This remedy has few equals for ulceration of the buccal mucous membrane. "Canker sores" of the lips and cheeks yield to this remedy in the 3x or 6x attenuation where Borax, Antim., Baptisia, Kali chlor., etc., have failed to cure. (S. J. of H.)

Calcarea sulph
Inside of lips sore, raw sores on lips. Gums bleed on brushing teeth.

At a meeting of medical men at Schaffhausen, Professor Dr. Rapp said: "In my opinion the greatest merits of Dr. Schussler's method lie in the introduction of Kali phos. and Magnes. phos. In ordinary stomatitis, with swelling of the gums, deposit on the teeth and foul breath, Kali phos. has given very satisfactory proofs of its value."

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