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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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See also Women, Diseases of.

Kali mur
Discharge of milky-white, non-irritating mucus, mild, profuse. Excellent in long-standing cases.

Kali phos
Leucorrhoea, scalding and acrid, yellowish, blistering, orange colored.

Kali sulph
Leucorrhoea, discharge of yellow, greenish, slimy or watery secretions.

Natrum mur
Leucorrhoea, a watery, scalding, irritating discharge, smarting after or between the periods. Greenish, after walking, in the morning, with headache, colic, itching of vulva, and bearing-down pressure. After topical application of nitrate of silver.

Natrum phos
Leucorrhoea, discharge creamy or honey-colored, or acid and watery, discharges from the uterus sour-smelling, acrid.

Natrum sulph
Leucorrhoea, acrid, corrosive, inflames part.

Calcarea phos
Leucorrhoea, as a constitutional tonic and intercurrent with the chief remedy; a discharge of albuminous mucus. Leucorrhoea worse after menses, looks like white of egg, with feeling of weakness in sexual organs, worse after stool and urination. Parts pulsate with voluptuous feelings. Patient takes cold readily.

Leucorrhoea instead of the menses, preceded by colicky pains, also during micturition and following obstinate constipation. Deficiency of animal heat. Especially for oversensitive, weakly women, whose constitutions are imperfectly nourished owing to deficient or imperfect assimilation.

M. M., a young lady, art. 17, consulted me on account of an obstinate acrid leucorrhoea. I tried the whole series of remedies indicated for such cases. All were without effect, so that I could not but wonder at the patience and perseverance of the patient, whom I saw once a week. In this case Schussler again helped me out of the dilemma. Kali mur. effected a quick and permanent cure. (Dr. S., from Schussler.)


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