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Tissue Salts by Schussler

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Suppression of the Menses.

Kali mur
Sluggish liver; white coated tongue, and glandular inactivity.

Kali phos
Suppression of flow with depressed spirits, lassitude and debility, where chest difficulties appear as a result of suppression. Constant dull headache, cross and irritable, fidgety and cannot control herself.

Kali sulph
Scanty or suppressed menses, with weight and fulness of abdomen.

Natrum mur
In young girls, when the menses do not appear, or when scanty and at long intervals.

Calcarea phos
Amenorrhoea in anaemic patients.

Case of a young girl whose menses had not appeared for several months, and who began to have chest difficulties as a consequence thereof. Kali phos, dose night and morning. The menses soon reappeared, and in four weeks she had no more chest pains.
A girl, set. 22, who always had scanty menses, which, during the past year, had completely ceased, and caused head and eye troubles, received, May 12, 1887, Kali phos., six powders. After using it six days the menses reappeared with violent headache and lasted seven days, and her other troubles gradually disappeared. (Monatsblatter.)
Dr. George Royal reports a case of amenorrhoea with the following symptoms, cured with Kali phos. 3x: "Constant dull headache, drowsy all day, cross and snappish, cries easily, so fidgety she could not control herself."

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