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For full-blooded, plethoric persons.

Congestion, especially to base of brain, CHEST, SPINE AND STOMACH.

Violent pains attending inflammation.

Acute rheumatism, high fever, full, hard, rapid pulse, severe pains in joints and muscles (Bry., Salic, ac.) ; scanty, red urine.

Child trembles, jerks, threatened with convulsions; continual jerking or nodding of the head.

Nervous or sick headache; congestion from suppressed menses; intense, almost apoplectic, with violent nausea and vomiting.

Congestive apoplexy, hot head, bloodshot eyes, thick speech, SLOW FULL PULSE, HARD AS IRON.

Convulsions: dim vision; basilar meningitis; head retracted; child on verge of spasms.

Cerebro-spinal diseases; with spasms, dilated pupils, tetanic convulsions,' opisthotonos; COLD, CLAMMY PERSPIRATION.

Sunstroke, head full, throbbing of arteries, sensitive to sound; double or partial vision (Gels., Glon.).

Tongue: white or yellow with red streak down the middle; dry, moist, white or yellow coating, or no coating on either side; feels scalded (Sang.).

Pulse: suddenly increases and gradually decreases below normal; SLOW, SOFT, WEAK; irregular, intermittent (Dig., Tab.).

Veratrum viride should not be given simply to "bring down the pulse," or "control the heart's action," but like any other remedy for the totality of the symptoms.